5 Free Pinterest Image Tools For Creating Punch-Worthy Pins

Boost Likes, Re-pins And Comments With These Pinterest Image Tools

Pinterest image tools

Punch-worthy pins need a little bit of creativity.

Creating punch-worthy pins on Pinterest is easier when you have the right Pinterest image tools. Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe. With over 150 million active monthly users, it’s growing rapidly. The visual content based site provides entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses large and small with a global reach.

Pinterest is all about visual impact. If the content you pin is not accompanied by eye-catching, jaw-dropping, amazing, “I have to click on that!” images, then even the best possible content goes unnoticed.

So what Pinterest image tools can you use so that people will notice, share and re-pin to drive traffic back to your website? There are several ways create images for Pinterest to ensure that that your graphics engage your readers.

How To Create Your Own Pin On Pinterest

Pinterest is about vision, beauty and the words. Using images on Pinterest is a necessity – without images there is no Pinterest. But if you want people to look at, share, and re-pin your pins, you’ll need to look at everything in a new visual way.

One way to do this is to employ freelancers to create imagery for you. This can get expensive, and time-consuming. You have to communicate back-and-forth with your graphic designer several times before a single image is created. Then of course, you may not approve of the final product. Your designer has to go back to the drawing board, and the process starts all over.

You can also create images for Pinterest yourself.

You can spend countless hours browsing the web for imagery that is copyright-free. Most entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners don’t have the time available for this task. Since experts recommend you should be pinning at least 5 times a day, each and every day, you could literally go without sleep, and use up every minute of the day chasing down engaging images.

Or, if you’re smart, you can simply use one of the following 5 free Pinterest tools that are guaranteed to drive engagement, boost your followers and traffic, and get re-pinned over and over.

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5 Free Pinterest Image Tools

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular Pinterest image tools. The site boasts more than 10 million users, and it is easy to sign up through Facebook, Google or with your email. Once you use Canva, you’ll see it’s easy to use and a versatile graphic design tool.

Some of the templates they offer do require a small investment, usually $1. However, the majority of the tools and templates on the site are free. You have literally thousands of options and a simple to use interface, which will help you create images for Pinterest quickly and easily.

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a great tool for editing any existing photos you have. You can also create graphics and images from scratch. Design templates are provided, and all you have to do to get started is hover over the “Design” button a the top of the PicMonkey home page and choose from one of the blank canvas size options. Then you simply follow the on-screen prompts, and in a couple of minutes, voilĂ , your image is created.

Ensure that you take the time to link your image pins to the right sales pages, blog posts, or email opt-in form. In this way it will encourage those who click to either purchase what you are recommending or take an action you want, such as signing up for your email list. A call to action on your image is important and it doesn’t have to be direct as in “click here.” It can be implied with an image and the words combined with the image. The point is that it needs to be obvious what you want the viewer to do.

3. WordSwag

WordSwag is a really unique image creator. It turns text into photos and graphics. This means you can add marketing messages, tips, short how-to lists and other text-based messages to your graphics. The process is simple and quick. First write out a short piece of text. Make it catchy and memorable. Then choose from several different fonts and formatting choices.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to create text-based graphics, inspirational quotes and memorable messages that people will love to re-pin on Pinterest. You can also combine standard graphics and photographs with text.

4. Pinstamatic

The Pinstamatic image creator is easy to use and can churn out a lot of simple, basic images rather quickly. It has an easy to understand interface, and after only a few minutes on the site for the first time, you can create an image you will be proud to use with your content. By the way, Pinstamatic markets itself as “The Pinterest Tool”, and it is hard to argue with that claim. For ease of use, number of options and integration with Pinterest and other social media networks, this is a great image and graphics creating tool.

5. Quozio

Quozio is a Pinterest quote maker. Go to Quozio.com and enter your text. Then press “Go”. It’s that simple to create a text-based image, and if you don’t like the result, you can browse other templates. Remember to use readable fonts. Some fonts don’t translate well from a larger size image to a smaller size image and can’t be read across browsers and mobile devices. The message that the combination of your image and words makes is important. It might take a few times to get it right so that the image and words resonate in one glance.

Create Professional Looking Graphics (in Under 2 Minutes)

If you want punch-worthy pins, it will take a little bit of creativity to think outside the box in terms of your promotions. You’ll now need to be visual. Think of these pins as a display advertisement in a paper. You need the image to be clear, the words to make sense and pull at the emotions of your audience so that they want what you have.

Designing graphics for your social media pages, sales pages, lead capture pages, ebooks, reports or web banners can be challenging. If you’re not an experienced graphic designer this usually means spending hours trying to learn how to use graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or even hiring a designer to do it for you. But now you can create your own professional graphics with Graphix Creator – all in under 2 minutes and no Photoshop skills required! In the free demo area (in the top right hand section of this page) there are 4 free examples you can use right away to create pins for Pinterest or graphics for your blog, sales page and website.

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