6 Essentials For Business To Business Email Marketing

Business To Business Email Marketing

There are a lot different opinions about business to business email marketing as it has Business To Business Email Marketingbeen so abused by spammers. Email marketing for small business, when done correctly, attracts new customers, keeps existing ones, upsells, cross-sells and cuts costs.

Recent research shows that 67% of marketers around the world rated email as best small business marketing method.

An effective business to business email marketing campaign is an efficient means of distributing your message to your database. Marketing through email can generate high response rates and gives you measurable results with instant feedback

Here are 6 key elements you should be aware of before running your next business to business email campaign:

6 Keys For Business To Business Email Marketing

1. Know Your Customer

The more you know about your customer, the better. What are their problems? What are their current solutions? How can you help them? What do you know about their business? All of these questions need to be answered with business to business email marketing. First, you need to make sure they are a prospective customer for your product or service. Second, it shows respect and they will appreciate that you know something about who they are.

2. Get To The Point

When you have a face to face meeting with your prospective customer, you may start with a bit of small talk, but you don’t  keep waffling on and wasting their time. In other words, you can start your business to business email marketing with a friendly tone, but you also have to stick with a no-nonsense approach at the same time.

3. What Are Your Benefits?

Your message must be written for the person receiving it. In other words, you have to be very clear about how your product or service will benefit them. People don’t buy a product or service because of the features – they buy because of the benefits it will provide to them. Your business to business email marketing message will be landing in a busy inbox. If you quickly and clearly show how you can help the recipient, they will be more likely to respond.

4. Have A Call To Action

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to business to business email marketing is not actually telling the reader what they should do next. Click on a link, request a sample, arrange an appointment, buy the product etc ? You don’t have the benefit of making your presentation in a face-to-face setting, so you need to be clear and direct in what you want the reader of your message to do.

5. Don’t Trick People To Open Your Email

Your email has to have a compelling subject line so that it will be opened, but do not trick people to open your message by promising something that you cannot deliver. That will kill the sale before you ever get a chance to present your offer. In business to business email marketing there can be a fine line between being clever and being deceitful so make sure you don’t cross it.

6. Use Email Business Marketing Services

You should keep track of and measure everything you can with reliable email marketing software. This includes when you sent out each message, who you send it to, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates, click-through rates, how many previous messages you have sent, and so on. This is vital for effective business to business email marketing as you can use this data to refine your sales message and improve your results over time. You can use the software to send a bulk email marketing campaign to your entire database, or use it to segment elements of your database that will be more receptive to specialist offers.

Effective Business To Business Email Marketing

In today’s fast moving business world, mastering business to business email marketing is one of the most important keys to success. It’s relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to traditional forms of advertising, and it can give you an excellent return on your investment. AWeber is generally acknowledged to provide the most effective software for creating the best email marketing strategies. You can easily import your existing customer database into AWeber without having to ask the people on your list to re-subscribe and it’s simple to integrate with your website, social media and RSS feeds. For a free trial of AWeber’s business to business email marketing software visit the Official AWeber Website.

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