6 Secrets for Email List Building

6 Secrets for Email List Building

You’ll often hear a saying in the online marketing world: email list building

“The money is in the list.”

This is your list of prospective customers email addresses.

An email list is important because it is the most direct way to communicate and engage with your subscribers. If you are planning to sell something online, the list is often the primary money maker.

The bigger your email list, the more potential customers you reach with each email. But email list building can be a challenge for online business entrepreneurs.

1. Get an autoreponder

Firstly, it goes without saying, that if you are serious about your email list building, you need an autoreponder. An autoresponder is your email list building software. It is like a salesperson who works for you everyday of the year, all day every day. There are different systems available on the market, some of which are free. However, what you pay for is what you get, so take time to research the options and invest wisely.

I would recommend Aweber – it is one of the best email marketing programs available. For more details about Aweber Click Here

2. Don’t worry about rejection

When you are email list building, the most typical way that somebody on your email list can reject you is to unsubscribe from your list or direct your emails to their spam folder. Realistically, there is nothing you can do about this as it is an aspect of list building practice. If somebody is going to unsubscribe, let them. You will not have any success with your email marketing if you worry over someone unsubscribing to your emails. If a recipient has no interest in even getting or reading your emails, it is very unlikely that they will ever become a customer anyway.

3. You can’t please all the people all the time

One of the key email list building tips I have learned is recognising that you are not going to please all the people all the time. But, if you are losing too many of your email recipients, you need to take a look at the messages you are sending and modify them in a way that makes it more interesting to your reader. Try to write your emails in a friendly manner and not too formal.

4. If you try and sell to everyone, you’ll sell to no one

Part of your email list builder strategy is to remember that the whole world is not your customer. You need to know who your ideal customer is and focus your email marketing efforts towards them. To discover your ideal customer, you have to know who is most likely to use your products or services. What problems are you solving for your potential customer and what are their top priorities? think about the average age of your ideal customer, so that you can use the appropriate tone and language.

5. How often should you send emails?

When you are new to email list building, it is quite common to worry about being reported as spam. There is a presumption that if you send too many emails, it will irritate your recipients.

Email list building is about developing a relationship with your recipients and if you do not send emails on a regular basis they will forget about you. There is no right or wrong answer on how many emails you should send each week but it is important to keep your content fresh and engaging so that each email is relevant. Make sure you have a plan of how often you will email and avoid irregular schedules. For example if you email twice a week and then start emailing twice a day, then revert to once a week,  your recipients may well become a little fed-up and unsubscribe. As a general rule, I would recommend a broadcast to your email list about 2 to 3 times per week.

6. Build a relationship

Customers are more likely to buy from someone they trust. Even if you are fairly new to email list building, you still have the potential to build credibility. You can accomplish this by including in your email a link to your blog or to videos you have placed online. The idea is to establish yourself as an authority in your particular field or industry. Some of your emails should have a very nominal sales message and instead focus on establishing yourself as a source for relevant information.

want More Email List Building Strategies?

Email list building for your online business can be a tricky and complicated process. To learn how you can quickly and easily get your online business moving with, not only with effective email list building strategies, but all aspects of online marketing check out this FREE 7 day bootcamp.

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