What Are The Best Keywords To Use For Your Online Home Business?

Long and Short Tail Keywords For Your Online Home Business

Trying to find the best keywords to use and then using them to maximum effect for your online business can be challengingbest keywords to use work. Keywords are the words and phrases that somebody types into a search engine when they are looking for something on the internet.

A short tail keyword is usually a 1 or 2 word phrases. Since the keyword is so short, that means that the keyword is going to be much more generic than a long tail keyword.

Long tail keywords are the longer, more specific keywords that are less common but can really accelerate search-driven traffic to your online home business website.

So what are the best keywords to use for your online home based business?

Are Long or Short Tail the Best Keywords To Use?

It is not uncommon for a combination of long tail keywords to generate more traffic than the broader, more general short tail keywords. As an example, let’s say you have an online home business about dog training and your keyword research shows that  ‘dog training’ gets approximately 2,500 searches per day.

If you start looking you’ll find that there are a lot of long-tail keyword phrases for that niche. For example, dog training collars, dog potty training, dog training careers, etc. When you add up all of the long-tail keywords, which are easier to dominate in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it equals more traffic than if you simply went after ‘dog training’.

If you have a million websites competing for the term ‘dog training’ but only 350,000 competing for ‘dog training DVD’, then you have a far greater chance of reaching the first page of Google with a more specific keyword for your online home business than you would if you were competing against a million pages.

What About Your Online Home Business Ideas?

Some marketers ignore long tail keywords, believing they have to rank well for the prime keyword phrases. But others are using them to reach customers who are ready to buy. After all, would you rather get traffic from people searching the word ‘golf’ or from someone who is searching for a ‘TaylorMade R11S TP Driver’?

The person who searches for a specific item is usually someone who’s ready to buy. This is why the best keywords to use are those which are as specific as possible. The person typing in golf may be doing some research for a project, or might want to take a golf vacation, or could be interested in attending a local tournament. Those searches won’t do you any good if your website sells golf clubs.

Pick your keywords and phrases carefully. If you are are unsure of what keywords you should use, there are several free keyword tools to help you find the best keywords to use for your work from home online business. These include WordtrackerSEO Book Keyword Tool and Keyword Eye Separate your broad, generic terms from your long-tail phrases so that you can monitor your Google SERP positioning and see how your keyword list is performing for you.

Best Keywords To Use for Your Online Home Business

Putting the best keywords in the right places at the right frequency on your website lets the search engines instantly know what your website is all about. The influence of long tail keywords is ever increasing and the best keywords to use are those which are relevant and related to your online home business.

There is a WordPress plugin that helps you use the best key words for search engines to find your website. SEOPressor software has a dedicated keyword optimization engine that lets you know where to use appropriate keywords in your WordPress website so search engines like Google can accurately identify your website and bring you traffic. It helps you to focus on your main keywords and provides multiple related keywords to include in your content. It analyses keywords, keyword density, content length, exact placement of your keywords, images, links and font decorations and more.

SEOPressor is like having a keyword expert right beside you suggesting ways to improve your website. To see how SEOPressor can boost the rankings for your online home business watch this video.

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