What’s The Best Way To Write An eBook That Will Sell?

The Best Way To Write An eBook

The best way to write an ebook that will sell is to provide information that can make a best way to write an ebookdifference to people’s lives.  As a matter of fact, research shows that the people who come to your website and value the knowledge that you have are more than happy to purchase information from you.

They’re at your website or blog because they identify with you. You have made a connection. These people value your opinion, so offering them some type of product that can not only help them, but also earn you some revenue, is the next logical step in building your online business. Let’s take a look at the best way to write an ebook that you can sell online.

The Best Way To Write An eBook That Will Sell

Bloggers and other online business owners have to have something to sell. Building relationships and solving problems is great, and you should definitely be doing both of those things. However, you eventually want to monetize all of your hard work. The great advantage of writing an ebook for profit is that you do the work once and it can sold again and again. It can be delivered electronically to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime night or day, all on autopilot.

But many people fear writing or put it off because they don’t consider themselves to be writers. The good news is that you don’t have to be a “writer” to write good content for your ebook. The content in your ebook doesn’t need to appeal to a broad audience. Quite the opposite, actually. The best way to write an ebook is to make it specific to your target audience.

For example, let’s say you have a website about baking. Your ebook could be “10 Top Recipients For Chocolate Chip Cookies.”  You can write this ebook without thinking too much about it. You know it. The information is already inside of you.

Your eBook Content

The simplest method to use when you’re writing your ebook is to spend a few minutes creating its structure. Write out some rough headlines and subheadings. Then fill in the content. Write it as if you’re writing a letter to a friend. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling on the first draft. You can go back and edit for clarity later.

  • Write what you know and what your audience will benefit from
  • Use a conversational tone with a personal touch (use words like ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘you’ll’, ‘you’re)
  • Write so it’s easy to read online (use bullet points, numbers, subheadings)

How To Write An eBook Fast

The best way write an ebook fast is to create a productive writing environment. Eliminate any possible distractions. While you may need to have your computer on to write, you don’t need the television on. And you probably don’t need to have your email account open. You certainly don’t need to be interacting on Facebook.

Yet many people try to write while they surf the internet, watch television, check their email and interact on social sites. It’s just not productive. It’s like trying to drive and read a book at the same time. The best way to write an ebook is to focus on that one task. When you’re writing, get rid of all other tasks and distractions. Turn off your electronics, turn off your phone and close your email inbox.

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Clear The Clutter and Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Writing is a creative process. Even if you’re writing very dry material, you still have to create it and make it interesting. You’ll have better success if you feel inspired and creative. Clutter on the desktop creates clutter in your mind. Get rid of the clutter before you sit down to write. Better yet, don’t let the clutter happen. If you need to, however, clean your desk off before you write.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel creative. Your writing environment should be comfortable. Not too comfortable so you fall asleep but a place where you feel safe and productive. Some ideas for inspiring items include plants, photos and books on your niche topic.

Stop Making Excuses

The busiest person in the world can write an ebook. Stop looking for huge blocks of time. Instead of trying to find an entire day to spend writing, find 15, 30 and 60 minute blocks of free time in your schedule. JK Rowling found “stolen pockets of time”, in her own words, to write Harry Potter. She often wrote on the train to and from work, in cafes, and even on napkins. She is well known for advising writers to write whenever they have a few minutes of free time.

There’s an old saying about books in general: “A bad book can’t be short enough, and a good book can’t be too long.” Deliver all of the information you possibly can, and use no extra fluff or filler. Generally speaking, ebooks that people pay for are expected to be short if you are solving a problem or teaching a “how to” process.

Writing eBooks For A Living

In most cases, for bloggers and online business owners, ebooks will sell for somewhere between $7 and $27. This means your customers are not expecting a long ebook. They want short, quick, easy to implement information that they can put into action right away. Explain the benefits of the process you are going to teach, then teach the process, then add a summary or conclusion. Different markets and interests will require different lengths, but usually, somewhere between 5,000 words and 20,000 words is a good ebook length for information marketing purposes.

Free Checklist: How To Write An eBook And Sell It Online

If you’re thinking about writing an ebook you may think it’s a pretty simple process. On the other hand, you might think researching, writing, formatting, publishing and marketing your ebook is incredibly difficult. The reality of the situation is somewhere in between these two. This free How To Write An eBook Template provides the simple guidelines on the best way to write an ebook so you can go from wannabe author to proudly published ebook writer.

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