A Quick Guide To Blogging For Beginners

A Guide To Blogging For Beginners

For some, blogging for beginners means writing online to tell your friends and family blogging for beginners around the world about your recent holiday. But blogs are used increasingly more by experienced online entrepreneurs as a way to drive highly targeted visitors to their website with the intention of making a sale.

The reason blogs are popular with online entrepreneurs is mainly due to the way that search engines work. For that reason, if you are setting up an online business you need to have some basic understanding of blogging, and that’s where this blogging for beginners guide can help.

Why Set Up Your Own Blog?

So firstly, why are search engines and the way they work the driving force behind the increasing popularity of blogs and online business websites? The job of a search engines is to provide information for people who are looking for information online. You type in some words into the search engine and you receive quick and quality answers. Very often quality results and fresh website content go hand in hand. For this reason the search engines like websites that are updated regularly rather than static websites that are never updated.

And this is a key element with blogging for beginners. When you set up your own blog it keeps your website content fresh. This, in turn, keeps the search engines happy and they will reward you with a higher page rank on the search engine result listings. When your blog gets a high page rank you will get a lot of free, targeted traffic and that is a prime objective for any online business. No traffic means no business.

All online businesses need a constant supply of targeted visitors to their website. Any strategy that can help an online business owner get more traffic, especially for free, is a welcome addition.

How to Set Up a Blog

If you want to build a real business around your blog you do need to be willing to invest a little money. Although the free platforms are great, you don’t actually own anything. However, if you buy your own domain name and host your own website you will actually own that little piece of internet real estate.

If you plan on making money with your blog, you need to think carefully about the topic of your blog. Careful choice of the market in which you are going to build your online business in is something that is too often overlooked. If you take some time to choose a good niche market, the rest of your online business building will be much easier. Picking the right niche is about 90% of the battle.

Blogging For Beginners: Where To Start

The WordPress website platform is recognized in the online business world as a the best system to start a blog today. But WordPress is much more than just a blogging platform. Today a WordPress website has the functionality to help your online business earn revenue as well providing as a complete content management system. If you’ve ever struggled to start a blog using WordPress or you find yourself wasting hours or even days trying to figure it all out on your own then the Know WP Video Course can help you. This easy to follow course shows covers everything from blogging for beginners to more advanced online marketing strategies.

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