How To Build Your Email List Fast With An Unbeatable Opt In Offer

Build Your Email List Fast With An Opt In Offer That Your Audience Can’t Resist

You’re not going to build your email list fast with a bland opt in offer.¬†Build your email list fastAs an online business owner, you probably already know that¬†building an email marketing list is your number one priority. The people who have willingly given you their email address are your hottest prospects. They have given you their email address because they want to hear more from you.

But you have give them something of value in exchange for their email address. And if you’re offering a boring, ‘seen it all before’ report that doesn’t¬†address your visitor’s problems with any urgency, they won’t be enticed to give you their email details.

So what can you offer that sets you apart from other marketers in the same niche?

How To Build Your Email List Fast An Unbeatable Opt In Offer

Find Out What Your Niche Needs

One of the worst ways to start an email list¬†is to offer your audience something they don’t even need. If you want to build your email list fast you need to dig down deep. Dig where it hurts and where they feel desperation. For example, instead of “How to Have Pretty Skin”, create a report called¬†“How To Clear Up Acne Overnight.”¬†Be specific about the problem.¬†Add a sense of urgency to the mix.

How To Create An Email List

If you don’t have a list yet and you don’t know what your audience need, start some research. The first thing you’ll need is reliable list building software. This is generally known as an autoresponder and will manage the emails that you collect and automatically send out your offer.

Next, check out the online forums. This is where people routinely go when they need advice from others in the same predicament. You can go to Google and type in the niche and the word forum and visit a myriad of forums to see what people need.

Another place you can visit for ideas on what your audience need is the comment sections on other blogs and Facebook groups. Wherever there’s a thriving online community, people will often comment and discuss their needs – especially if the post doesn’t answer all of their questions.¬†You can also build you email fast by looking to see what people need in any niche using keyword tools.

Deliver Value They Would Pay For

For many online marketers, their big mistake isn’t in coming up with an idea for their opt in offer. They mess up when they fail to provide value. You see, this is your very first impression with a potential new subscriber.¬†You want to go above and beyond and ‘wow’ your audience with what you over-deliver to them. So when you sit down to start planning your opt in offer, think of it as a paid offer.

You want to give away something where they can’t believe you just gave that away. This will do more than just make your new subscriber happy – it will have them sharing it with others.¬†When you finish creating your opt in offer, put a price on it. In fact, you might even create a page on your website where you’re selling it for that price. That way you can show more value, e.g, “My Free Gift to You: Download My ‘How To Clear Up Ache Guide’ (Regularly $27)!”

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Always Provide Value 

Don’t skimp on the information you give. Your subscribers will know if you’re trying to dupe them. They want true value, and if you prove yourself the first time, chances are they’ll turn into loyal subscribers from that point on.¬†It will also help you increase conversions whenever you do put a product out in the marketplace. Your readers will be thinking, “Wow, if s/he gives this much value away for FREE, I can’t begin to imagine what great information s/he’s charging for!”

One Up the Competition

You want to be the best you can be at all times with your business. And to build your email list fast, you have to make sure you’re better than the other guy. Always one step ahead of your competition.¬†So that means competition spying time!

Go through the same steps as mentioned above when you were first checking out what opt in offers you could provide for your niche. Make notes about what offers are already out there. The best way to keep an eye on the competition is to opt in to their list. Go through their system and be a subscriber so that you can experience the pros and cons this other marketer has to offer.

Look at every detail of their opt in freebie. How big is it? Is it broad, generic information or detailed and specific? Do they have poor spelling and grammar? Do they have blatantly wrong information?¬†Make notes of everything you like and dislike and keep those handy whenever it’s time to create your own offer. Make your opt in offer longer, meatier, and more informative than the competition.

Offer Multiple Formats for Your Prospective Subscribers

Many marketers have nothing to offer. Just updates. That’s the worst type of opt in offer to have. Anyone can go to your blog through their bookmarks, or choose to use an RSS feed to check in.¬†Here are some of the formats you can choose to build your email list fast:

  • Email Series:¬†These can be done in a variety of ways. Usually it’s a timing slant. So for instance, a¬†7 Day Diet Plan.
  • Short Report:¬†You can create a short PDF file for your subscribers to download and read. (Extra points if you encourage them to share it virally with their friends!)
  • Membership Access:¬†Give access to something exclusive like¬†a membership site. You can have a free level where users get in and get to see inside, and then they can level up to a silver or gold membership.
  • Audio File:¬†Not everyone likes text. Some people like to learn on the go. You can create a podcast of you talking or you interviewing someone – or even you being interviewed by someone else!
  • Video File:¬†A video course is a great opt in freebie. Not everyone has fast internet, so if you go this route, give them the download files to watch on their desktop so they don’t have to worry about streaming speed.

Build Your Email List Fast With Pages That Convert

All list building strategies start with a lead capture page or squeeze page. If you don’t have a way of capturing emails in the first place, you’re not going to be able to build an email list. But creating unique, eye-catching lead capture pages can be challenging if you’re not a graphic artist or web programmer. This Lead Capture Page Software makes everything easy for you. It provides a range of templates that are simple to edit and which are fully hosted, mobile friendly and will integrate directly with your autoresponder software. Try it for free today and see easily you can build your email list fast.

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