The Art Of Building Business Relationships With Email

How To Use Email For Building Business Relationships

Building business relationships with your online prospects and customers is vital. When somebody knows, likes and trusts you, they’ll be more willing to buy from you. It can be argued that email marketing is the most crucial channel for marketing online if you want to experience real and lasting success. They don’t say things like “The money is in the list” for nothing.

But, it’s no longer enough to just send generic information out to random subscribers. Today, smart marketers build targeted lists, full of active subscribers who want to receive a specific message. Success is more than “The money is in the list”. Success is about The relationship with the list“.

Building Business Relationships With Email

Today, the importance of effective consumer relations can’t be ignored. Email marketing is still the single most effective form of online relationship building techniques. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Why do you think every single business and company including big movers and shakers like Amazon require an email address to do business?

Building Business Relationships

People buy from businesses they know, like and trust.

They require it because they want to be able to contact the person, market other products and services, and collect important demographic and behavioral information from their audience so that they can improve their offerings, thus, increasing their sales and return on investment. It’s really a win-win for both the business and the customer.

So why do you need an email marketing plan?

It’s Personal

Email addresses are special and personal. When someone gives you theirs use it wisely. People hold their email addresses close to them at all times via their mobile devices. They check email often during the day and yes, they still read, respond, and buy things due to emails sent. Plus, due to technological advances you can personalize every message you send, making it even more personal.

You Can Add Value Easily

Providing value is all part of building business relationships. When you have a targeted email list, you can add value to the lives of your subscribers easily by sending them information that is important to them. Content marketing is not relegated to blogs. Content can be shared via email, directed toward your audience via your lists.

It Works

Email marketing is one of the most important and effective forms of marketing to ever be invented. The conversion rate for appropriate email approaches 4 -7% over time. That’s because a new client needs to see a brand 7 to 8 times before they trust it enough to buy something. Email is the perfect way to do that.

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7 Ways To Building Business Relationships With Email 

One of the most important aspects of your email list outside of the subscribers is the actual emails that you send to your lists. You want them to be read, and enjoyed. You want your audience to actually look forward to getting an email message from you. Here are some things for you to consider for effective email marketing messages.

1. Personalize 

Don’t be too creepy but use the automation tools for personalization to add your audience member’s name to the messages you send. Saying their name at important points in your message can bring the message home in new way. You want each email to sound personal to the recipient instead of like a mass email. It doesn’t matter if you have a list of one hundred or one million. Each message can feel very personal to the receiver if you write it to your audience personas as if they’re the only one reading it, instead of “all” your subscribers at once.

2. Invite Them to Other Channels

Don’t exist for them only in email. People still sometimes forget to open their email, so invite them to your social media channels, too. Invite them to follow you, like you, friend you and be in your groups. This will help them get to know you even more so that they’re more likely to open your emails when they get them.

3. Craft Thoughtful Subject Lines

Each subject line should explain what’s inside the email message so that the recipient wants to open it. It’s not the time to write puns or be tricky. You can be creative, but put yourself in your audience’s place and understand who you’re writing the subject line for.

4. Only Send Out Useful Emails

If you’ve nothing to say or offer of value you don’t want to send an email just to send an email. Granted you do not want to wait too long between emails. If you plan to take a break, tell your audience, but otherwise try to make every message useful for your audience.

5. Use Your Real Name

The days of being anonymous on the internet are over. You need to use your real name in the return field. People will be much more likely to open the message and feel as if the message is from a real person if you use your real name.

6. Add Value

You want your audience to be excited to get an email because they know they’ll learn something really valuable to them by reading it. You might share with them someone else’s blog post, or a hot tip you’ve learned, or you might offer them a sale on your products and services. Everything should be put in the words that make your subscribers feel important and that you’ve thought about them.

7. Test Everything

Sometimes assumptions, even very well educated assumptions can be wrong, therefore it’s imperative that you take the time to use split testing (also called A/B testing) to help you determine the best subject lines, the best time of day to send an email and the types of offers your audience responds best to.

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Email marketing can be very effective, but like race car driving, it’s only as effective as the person behind the wheel. It’s important to know how to use email marketing correctly to get the kind of results that are often reported and talked about. And, it all starts by using email as an effective relationship builder.

It’s been shown that on average, across all markets and niches, it takes approximately 7 communications with a prospect before he or she makes a buying decision. An email marketing plan can work for your business on autopilot as soon as somebody joins your email list.  To learn more, download my free Sales Funnel Checklist which outlines the best practices for building business relationships online and turning your prospects into customers.

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