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How To Avoid Cash Flow Problems And Streamline Your Profits

9 Ways To Stop Cash Flow Problems

cash flow problems

Do you have more cash coming into your business than going out?

One of the main reasons a lot of businesses go out of business isn’t because they‚Äôre not making money. It’s because they didn‚Äôt keep track of their finances and cash flow.

They spent indiscriminately without regard to the money coming in and going out of their business and end up having trouble paying debt – often their taxes. This causes them to have to go out of business and even get fined.

Many smaller offline and online businesses face cash flow problems at some time or another. They will often say that it’s either raining money or it’s a drought. When a new business starts, it’s hard to know when and how the money will flow, and if it’ll slow down during certain times of the year or remain steady. No matter what type of business you have, though, you can fix your cash flow problems with a little bit of thought and planning.

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Where Do You See Your Business In 5 Years?

Are You Thinking About Your Business In 5 Years?

When you sit down to make goals in your business, it’s important to not only make short-term goals but also long-term goals. You need to know the overarching goals for your business. Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

Are you and your business prepared for the change that is going to come whether you like it or not? By design, you can prepare for these changes and ensure that your business grows in the next 5 years.

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5 Online Business Ideas From The Easter Bunny

 What Are The Best Online Business Ideas?

You don’t have to go on a big hunt this Easter if you’re looking for online business business ideas¬†The Easter Bunny has left them all over the internet for you.¬†Easter isn’t the big gift giving occasion like Christmas but¬†it‚Äôs still regarded as the start of the spring buying season. An¬†enormous amount of consumer spending is being moved from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses to online businesses.

This shift has created amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking for online business ideas. But what are the best internet based business ideas¬†and how do you know if the Easter Bunny has left you something tasty or something that’s best left undiscovered?

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What Are The Online Marketing Trends For 2014?

Online Marketing Trends For 2014

As the internet is constantly changing, what are the online marketing trends for 2014? online marketing trendsThe traditional economy is still recovering from the longest and deepest recession since the end of the second world war, but digital technology and online business trends are areas that are showing real growth.

ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported that U.S. online spending in November and December 2013 was over $42 billion, an increase of 10% over last year. Also, considerably more purchases were from mobile devices.

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The Small Business Website Update: Why You Need To Be Online

The Small Business Website Update: Why You Need To Be Online

A small business website is no longer a luxury item. Owning a small business in this current economic climate is becoming more challenging small business websitethan ever before. Even the major franchises, chains and large stores are feeling the economic pinch. To push back against the tough economy, it is essential to embrace digital technology to remain competitive and for your small business to have a future. A website is a valuable resource that small businesses can use to increase their revenue and their customer base.

Sometimes, websites for small businesses can be scary and uncharted territory. You may think that a small business website is highly expensive, hugely complicated and more trouble than it is worth. But this is not true. There are many affordable and easy to use website building systems that are simple to use and quick to implement.

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Is Your Business Ready For Online Business?

Another UK High Street Brand Feels The Online Business Pinch

At the beginning of 2013, the UK saw a number of well known high-street retailers fall into online businessadministration.  The biggest fall was HMV, the famous music outlet. And now, as we approach the end of 2013 the latest brand that will disappear from the UK high streets is the video rental shop Blockbuster. All of its 264 UK stores will close before the end of the year.

In the UK, more shops are closing than opening with clothes stores, video and photography retailers suffering the hardest. But why is this happening?

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new business ideas

How To Make Your New Business Idea Succeed

How To Make Your New Business Idea Succeed

Research has shown that more than 90% of small businesses don’t succeed within the new business ideasfirst five years of getting started. This includes both offline and online business, from flower shops in your local town to online entrepreneurs wanting to earn a living from the internet.

The first five years can be tough for any entrepreneur with a new business idea.  The fundamental elements of where to find customers, what products or services to sell and how much to charge can take a lot of time to get right.

So, how do you make your new business ideas succeed?

1. Who is your ideal customer?

You may have lots of good new business ideas but your first step is to know who your ideal customer is. If you don’t know who you are selling to, how can you sell it to them? This is not as complicated as it might sound. For example, are they male or female, or does their gender matter? How old are they, where do they live and what is their income? The more you know about your potential customer, the easier it will be for you to tailor your marketing messages to appeal them.

2. What do your customers want?

People buy what they want before they buy what they need. They buy with emotion and justify their decision with logic. Selling a ‘want’ is easier then selling a ‘need’. Take a moment to think about what you own. What have bought based on pure logic rather than what you wanted, could afford and what suited your self-image?

3. Who is your competition?

New small business ideas can often mean launching into a competitive market. You have to know how your customers are buying the type of product or service that you intend to offer with your business and who they are buying it from. You cannot ignore or copy what your competitors are doing. You need a distinctive strategy to give customers a reason to buy from you, rather than from somebody else. Often the key to being different can just be having the passion to help your customers more than your competitors, rather than,say, being technically superior to a competitor.

4. Can your new business idea reach potential customers?

It is important that you know how to reach your target audience before you start with a new business idea. Some specific niche markets appear very lucrative at first but end up being so difficult to reach that success becomes unlikely.

5. Can you afford to get started?

You do have to consider the cost for starting a new business. Knowing the real numbers can sometimes be overwhelming and can makes success look too far away and perhaps impossible to reach. You need to carefully plan your outgoings and match them with your incomings. As each changes you will have to adjust so that you don’t ‘boom and bust’ or just go bust.

New business ideas for 2013 and beyond require investment. Remember, that it is a business and not a hobby. For your business to succeed you do need to be able to spend some money on things like a website, marketing and other resources to help you.

6. Is this business idea scalable?

You have to make sure make sure your business can grow the way you want it to. As your new business idea becomes a reality, will you need more resources to help you? Are you able to invest in automated software that can do some of the work for you? You only have 24 hours in each day and it is not physically possible to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even if you wanted to! If you are the only person that can operate or manage your business, you have to adapt if you want to scale it up.

7. Are you willing to work hard?

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. Starting a new business requires hard work and it does take time to build it up. You have to be passionate about your business and actually enjoy doing it. If you don’t, you may stat to resent the hours and works that you are putting in and give it all up – perhaps just as you were on the brink of success…

8. Are you willing to learn?

If you were starting a new job working for somebody else, you would expect somebody to teach you how the job and show you what you needed to do so that you could make money for your new employer ‚Äď not lose any the employer money! Your new business idea should not be any different. Take time to learn from those who have gone before you as you will be able to avoid mistakes and become profitable more quickly.

more help with your New BUSINESS IDEA

Success in business is mostly about marketing, especially online. Great marketing can sell an average product but poor marketing cannot sell a great product. To learn more about marketing that will work for your new business idea and how to find the right products to sell and the right customers to buy them check out this FREE, 7 day marketing bootcamp. 

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Entrepreneur Business Ideas And The Right Mindset

 Entrepreneur Business Ideas And The Right Mindset

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy.¬†Nothing worth doing is ever easy, though, is it?

Entrepreneur business ideas are all about having the right mindset. It is all about being able to turn a problem into an opportunity rather than a stumbling block. Successful business ideas can pop into your brain at any time, but you have to get your mindset in the right place and take action.

Life is full of challenges and an true entrepreneur will turn those into opportunities.

Make one big call each day

Make the effort to call a person or organisation each day that could take your business to the next level. This could be an ideal customer, a new out sourced supplier or an old business contact. Every call won’t necessarily generate results but if you’ve got some top new business ideas,¬†that one call could be the one that makes all the difference to the future of your business.

Put your prices up and offer more value

It’s always a challenge to your mindset to put your prices up and you might think that it is not one of the best ideas for a business. But people buy on value, not on price. So if your customers are not buying at your current prices, it means that they have lost sight of the value that you offer. If everybody brought on price alone there would be no luxury cars or watches, no smart-phones or designer clothes and no first class air travel, to name a few.¬†When you put your prices up you tend to feel a bit better and it forces you to add more value to your clients.

Select carefully what media you watch 

Sometimes your best ideas can occur when you hear, see or read about a problem that some people have and how you can solve it for them. You do have to keep informed on current events and world news, but don’t get dragged down by watching every bit of bad news in the media about recession, wars, politics and or scandals. Your mind needs to be able to concentrate on your business and the constant level of bad news can bring you down. ¬†Be selective in your media watching and allow your brain some ‘down time’ away from all the stress of the world.

Sort out your finances

Separate your business finances from your personal finances and make sure that your business pays you every month. ¬†The temptation for entrepreneurs can sometimes be to forgo any salary. But you are critical to the business and your business needs you and should reward you. Not receiving any salary will lead to¬†resentment towards your business. Your journey is towards working to live rather than living to work, and you have to enjoy your journey to success or you’ll never reach it.

Do have a holiday

If you don’t take a holiday, you will burn yourself out and start to begrudge going into your business everyday. Having your own business is all about having freedom but are you becoming a slave to your business? Often the best entrepreneur ideas will come when you are relaxing and not running around in your business without a moment to take a breath.

Outsource Tasks

Your business will take up a lot of your time, so you will need help. Using an outsourced service does feel risky when you are a small business and finances are tight. But the key to getting your business bigger is realising that you can’t do everything on your own. Whether it is a book-keeper, a graphic designer, a website traffic specialist or a virtual assistant it will help you to work on your business rather than doing little bits of everything and wasting your time on task that could be done quicker by somebody else. You have to spend your time most effectively and being in contact with customers will pay more dividends than sorting out paperwork.

Entrepreneur Business Ideas And The Right Mindset

The big difference between winners and losers is excuses.¬†Losers LOVE excuses.¬†Winners HATE them. ¬†It’s actually one of the ways to determine if you should be an¬†entrepreneur or not. ¬†Do you like making lots of excuses?

Here are some top excuses people use for putting off their entrepreneur ideas:

  • No time
  • No money
  • No education
  • Not sure if it will succeed
  • Will get to it “later”
  • Spouse won’t let them

If you are someone who does NOT lean on excuses, then chances are¬†you’d make an excellent and successful entrepreneur. For a help with your¬†entrepreneur business ideas, check out this FREE, 7 day marketing bootcamp.¬†

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Best Business ideas

What Are The Best Business Ideas In The Current Economy?

What are the Best Business Ideas in the current economy?

During times of  recession, starting a business from scratch or buying a franchise has Best Business ideasbeen the way out for those people who have lost their regular job or have become frustrated with stagnating or lower salaries while the general cost of living increases. But what are the best business ideas in this current economy?

There has been a huge shift to people buying products and services online., a leader in measuring the digital world, has reported that the holiday season online retail spending for 2012 was a 16-percent increase over 2011. This includes November 26 (also know as Cyber Monday) which became the biggest online spending day on record at $1.4 billion.

This surge of billions and billions of online spending being transferred from brick and mortar stores to the internet has created an incredible opportunity for business entrepreneurs who are looking for the best new business ideas

Top Small Business Opportunities

Over the last five years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people looking for ways to ‚Äúmake money‚ÄĚ outside of the traditional marketplace. Some of the best business ideas are now on the internet.

Since 2007 the number of people searching the internet for ways to ‚Äúmake money‚ÄĚ has more than doubled to over 5 million per month. (Source

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people starting new businesses and these companies will need to have an online business presence if they are to survive.

But how do successful small business ideas become a reality online? Do you just build a website and hope that the customers will come? There are millions and millions of websites online and all fighting for attention. The only way to survive in the highly competitive online business world is to be trained on how to use it to your full advantage.

Top Business Ideas

If the most successful small business ideas are now on the internet, new online entrepreneurs need to learn how to set up and earn from their online businesses. As with any business, whether it is offline or online there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Why have you created a new business?
  • What are you going to sell or provide?
  • Who are you going to sell your products and services to?
  • How will you get your message about your new business to your target audience?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your budget for marketing?
  • How will track the effectiveness of your marketing?
  • How will you get your customers to buy from you again?

Successful Small Business Ideas

A starting point for top small business ideas is through online affiliate marketing. This is because it requires no experience, no stock and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyers into customers. Your job is to promote products and services of online vendors by pushing prospective customers to their website. When somebody buys a product or service, and if they have been referred there by you, the vendor will pay you a commission

To drive potential customers to the vendor website, there are various marketing methods that you can use. These are both free and paid for methods. One of the best business ideas which is free comes from people who have a love of a particular subject and set-up an online blog about that subject. As their online readership grows from other people who are also interested in the subject, the blog writer can start to recommend or promote products and services to his readers. When a reader buys the product via the blog, the writer gets a commission! It has not cost the writer any money to get that sale other than the time to set up and create a popular blog.

This is free method for online business ideas, and will take some time to gain momentum. For a quicker result, you will have to invest money in marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising, online banner advertising, solo ad marketing or ezine advertising. For more information on these methods, please refer to my other articles on these subjects.

When the best business ideas are put into action there are a few risks, even during the best of times. But, if you have a great business idea and are willing to take a few risks, then setting up an online business during a recession could really play to your advantage.

The Best Business Ideas and the Formula for Success

The best business ideas need a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination.

  • Powerful potential money generating income streams with quality affiliate products, residual income streams, and high ticket items.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start the best small business ideas online
  • A state of the-art marketing system which includes your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge marketing and business training to help build the best business ideas  and access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

To find out more about the best business ideas for 2013, just click here.

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Business Opportunities in the UK

Business Opportunities in the UK

In the current economy, more of us working more but earning less. The UK is well knownBusiness opportunities in the UK for it entrepreneurial drive.  This drive of entrepreneurs, both young and old, who are looking for business opportunities in the UK has been recognised over the past decade as universities start to offer postgraduate qualifications in entrepreneurship to new graduates and those already working in business or running their own startups.

So what are the best business opportunities in the UK 2013? As a starting point, if you want to make money through an additional income but have limited capital to invest, the internet is the best place to start with an online business opportunity. There are many UK based internet business opportunities and the beauty of the internet is that the world is your customer, not just people who live in the area of your business.

Over the last five years the world has changed dramatically. Business opportunities in UK were originally only available from one source and that was the traditional economy made up of physical bricks and mortar businesses.

However, with the stress of high rents, staff costs, equipment and the like, more entrepreneurs are turning to online business opportunities. This means much lower overheads, ready made business models to follow with proven customer track record and much quicker return on investment.

Technology is changing the world, and if you are looking for business opportunities from home, the online business world is the way to quickly find success. Let’s look art a few facts.  In 2010, almost 2 billion people used the internet. That is almost three times the number in 2000. By 2010, 4 billion people were using mobile phones, compared to just over a billion in 2000.

By 2015, tablet computers and smartphones are expected to exceed personal computers in internet usage. Business all over the world, not just in the UK,  is becoming more information-intensive and less labour and capital-intensive. This means that more and more traditional barriers to success in business are being removed with the growth of the digital economy.

As more companies take advantage of digital platforms and new ways of reaching consumers, marketers have predicted a number of trends that should be important for businesses this year:

Insight Selling

Rather than relying on a hard sell, Insight Selling is the process of offering lifestyle information about a product that is educational and informative allowing the buyer to make an informed decision.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent. The logic of this strategy is the belief that if you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is about becoming an authority on a relevant topic by delivering the answers to the questions on the minds of your target audience. It is the provision of content that is recognized by others as innovative, covering trends and topics that influence an industry.

 Digital Analytics

Digital analytics is about measuring  the performance of a company’s digital marketing efforts with the end goal of optimizing those efforts to drive business results. Digital means: web, social media, email, online advertising, mobile, video, and search. By examining the trail of information consumers create online, businesses can create appealing content to assist insight selling.

If you are a savvy entrepreneur who is looking for business opportunities in UK you need to be part of the new digital economy. This will ensure that your new business remains future proof and is not made redundant within a few years of starting up.

Business Opportunities in the UK: Your Next Step

A lot of people who are looking for business opportunities in the UK get completely overwhelmed with all the jargon and seemingly endless list of tasks and things that you need to do to get your new business idea actually working and generating income. Sometimes there seems to be a mountain of online business obstacles to climb ‚Äď from understanding¬†search engine optimisation¬†to¬†blogging,¬†from¬†pay per click advertising¬†to social media marketing (like¬†Facebook¬†or¬†Twitter), from finding the¬†right products to sell¬†to finding customers to buy them, the list goes on‚Ķ

New business opportunities in the UK, and everywhere else in the world, need a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination.

You can get access to a proven system that has all the elements you need for your business idea:

  • Powerful potential¬†money¬†generating¬†income streams
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start your own online business
  • A state of the-art marketing system which includes your own website and blogging platform
  • Cutting edge marketing and business training and access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

To find out more about successful and legitimate business opportunities in the UK just click here.



Christmas and Business

Christmas and Business

Christmas is about connecting with the people around us, giving thanks, and Christmas and businesscelebrating. But, Christmas and business have shaped some of our best loved Christmas traditions over the years.

Over the years business entrepreneurs have made an impact on our Christmas traditions.

Here are a few Christmas marketing ideas where entrepreneurs from the past have made their mark on Christmas and business today.

Probably the most famous link between Christmas and business is the image of Santa Claus. Most people can agree on what Santa Claus looks like with his red suit and white beard. In 1930 Coca-Cola decided to use the image of Santa Claus in its winter advertising campaign and chose the official Coca Cola colours red and white for his image. When the campaign was over, Santa’s image in a red had become popular all over the world.

The red-nosed reindeer was born in 1939 for the American retail enterprise Montgomery Ward. The company created the reindeer Christmas story to give to customers during the holiday season as a promotion for their stores. And that story is still popular today.

Do you know that the most popular cookie kids leave for Santa is the Oreo? Maybe that is because over 9  billion of them are sold each year. There is no exact date recorded but the idea of leaving cookies for Santa started sometime in the 1930‚Äôs. Naughty kids use them to bribe Santa at the last minute and nice kids use them as a way of thanking him for all his hard work on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Cards
The earliest known designer of a Christmas card was Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The industrialisation of the printing industry in 1840 led to the popularity of sending Christmas cards and since then, Christmas cards have evolved into a major holiday industry. In modern times, thanks to new digital printing technology personalised business Christmas cards have become popular as well as business Christmas ecards.

The Christmas cracker is a great story of an entrepreneur‚Äôs creativity and determination. Tom Smith a confectioner‚Äôs apprentice from London in the early 19th century, liked the French sugared almond bon-bons, wrapped in coloured tissue paper, and decided to introduce them in London. For seven years he worked to develop the bon-bon into something more exciting, until eventually, after watching his log fire crackle, he had the idea of a bon-bon that would make a pop. He made a coloured paper wrapper and put in it another strip of paper  mixed with chemicals that, when rubbed, created enough friction to produce a noise. He knew that bangs excited children and the mottoes and poems he inserted inside the crackers amused adults.

Christmas and Business Today

What about Christmas and business in modern times?, a leader in measuring the online business digital world, reported that Monday, 3 December 2012 (aka Cyber Monday), was the heaviest online spending day on record, drawing $1.46 billion.

Notably, digital content and subscriptions showed the biggest increase of 28%.

The Digital Economy is set to grow even more next year and business entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the game need to be part of it or they will get left behind.

If you want to be part of this ‚Äėdigital gold rush‚Äô, here‚Äôs a great Christmas and business present for you, a 7 day digital marketing bootcamp ‚Äď just click here to get instant access!

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas!

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Is the glass half empty or half full for your business?

Where’s your glass for business?

So, it’s Christmas Eve.

online businessThere is always that question that goes around about what is better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas Eve has all the excitement of what is to come and Christmas Day is the final day of arrival when everything comes together.

Unfortunately, sometimes the big day does not always live up the expectation that you thought it was going to be. Also, let’s not forget, that on the other side of the coin, Christmas Day is sometimes better than you thought it was going to be. How many of us have sat down on Christmas Eve and dreaded what the next day is going to bring for it to turn out to be a really great day?

Is your Christmas glass half empty or half full?

This well-known proverb says that an optimist would say a glass is half full, while a pessimist would say it is half empty. Which are you?

Christmas day is just one day ‚Äď but your business is everyday.

Business owners need to seriously review how they market, sell and communicate to their customers next year because customer behaviour has changed.

Many people still have money to spend, but the way they spend it has changed and no matter whatbusiness you are in, you have to communicate to your customers in an effective way.

So how do you get customers to spend with you? There is one question that all customers ask both consciously and subconsciously. And that question is, ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs in it for me?‚ÄĚ In other words, what are the benefits to the customer.

The key to communicating the benefits of your product or service is to look at them through the eyes of the person you are selling to. The more you know about your customers’ needs, the easier this will be.

Businesses and consumers don‚Äôt buy on price alone. If you want proof, look out the window at the cars that drive by, or look at the clothes that people are wearing, or the mobile phones or electronic devices that people use everyday ‚Äď they are not all using the cheapest goods and services on the market.

The challenge for business, both online and offline next year, is to ensure that their marketing and advertising for their products and services communicate the real benefits to their customers. Benefits tell people what results they can get from using the products or service from your business.  They explain how people will feel when using your product or the time they’ll save from buying from you instead of buying from your competitors.

I hope that you have a full glass tomorrow, with festive cheer and a peaceful and enjoyable day.

If you want a full glass for your online business next year, here is an early Christmas present that will teach you how you can quickly and easily get started earning money online with a proven system in a fast growing profitable market  Рeven if you have no previous training, knowledge or your own products to sell. Click here for the  FREE 7 day marketing bootcamp.


What if money didn't matter?

What if money didn’t matter?

I saw this short video the other day and wanted to share it with you as it is visions and ideas like this that really motivate me.

I think you will like this too.

What if money didn't matter

¬†So if you haven’t watched it yet… What are you waiting for!

Anyway… ¬†it’s December the 12th and I’m excited…

But not because it’s Christmas Day in less than ¬†two weeks – my kids are excited enough about that! ūüôā

It’s because I am seriously more ready for a new year than I ever have been.

There is a new company coming, The Digital Experts Academy, with a brand new program to work in conjunction with The Six Figure Mentors.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a legitimate business opportunity, with top level products that people want to buy, a state-of-the-art marketing system and all the ‘grunt work’ selling done for you, then this ticks every box.

However, time is of the essence.

It’s going to get HARDER just to apply soon.

Probably more expensive too with tighter rules to join.

Act now. Enjoy tomorrow.


What does FREEDOM mean to you?

Do you place freedom as a priority?

How are you spending your time this weekend?

Catching up on paperwork, trying to fix broken stuff…working extra hours to pay the bills?

Have you seen this short video?

It’s an interview with Chris and Susan who have been SFM students for just over two years.¬†Here, in their own words, they talk about how different their lives¬†are since starting an online business!

You can start your way to a different lifestyle today by testing  the SFM system yourself,  just as Chris and Susan did a few years ago, with a risk-free 30 day trial.

Just click here and you can begin learning how to generate an income from the internet that will provide you with financial freedom.

Freedom that allows you to have real choices in your life.

Here are other testimonials from SFM members who talk about their training and results. This could be you!


The Most Dangerous Number

Is now a good time to set up an online home business?

Businesses live and die by numbers.

And the number that is death to any business (and is death to even non-business owners) is the number one.

What do I mean?

Like, for example, one job.

Or one income or salary.

Or one customer that makes up most your sales.

And so on, and so forth.

Take one job, for instance.  If you only have one job and no other way of generating income, what would you do if you were told next week that you no longer had a job?

And this is why having a home business is so important.

How may people do you know who have lost their job in the past year? Maybe you are one of them? If you are, I’m sorry that it happened to you.¬† I personally know ten people who have lost their job in the past 12 months. I know what it’s like as it happened to me once.

Unfortunately, it looks like the economy is going to get worse before it gets better.

But, if you have a job AND are working a business on the side, you can use the business income to help weather the economic storm (or just take it full time and not even worry about a job).

The SFM is proven online business system that has helped people all over the world to set up their own genuine online business and earn a second income. Some make a full time income from it.

Listen to this: last month alone, there were over 3.5 million individual searches on Google for ‘ways to make money online’, ‘work from home’¬†and¬†‘home business opportunity.’

Now that is a great number. Why?

Because it shows that there is huge number of potential customers who are actively looking for the systems and products that the SFM provide. And these people could be buying it from you.

There has never been a better time to set up your own online business with the SFM. For a small (fully refundable) application fee you can test it for yourself  for 30 days.

You’ll also get access to an exclusive online workshop where you’ll learn how a real marketer builds a real 6 figure income online from scratch with strategies and tactics that most people will never learn about.¬† And, you’ll get to keep the workshop even if you decide not to join.

Take action today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

business opportunity

5 Ways To Success With A Home Business Opportunity

5 Ways To Success With A Home Business Opportunity

Just like weather storms there are financial storms too.  Financial storms can happenbusiness opportunity any time and, if history is any indication, unleash miseries galore on the unprepared. So how can you be prepared?

1.  Multiple Income Streams

In this challenging economy many people have realised that it is dangerous to depend on one income from one job. There are no longer any ‚Äėjobs for life‚Äô. But the right home business opportunity can provide extra income on the side and, should the worst happen and you lose your ‘day’ job, the home business will provide an income.

The more sources of revenue you have, even if they are not as much as your full time job, means that consequences of something bad happening, will not nearly be as disastrous as it would be if you only had one income.

2. Look Out For A New Business Opportunity

Finding new business opportunities is a skill. You can develop a habit to see an economic opportunity in everything around you. Many serial entrepreneurs have a special notebook for interesting new ideas. You can start one too. Find the problem you want to solve for yourself. Look for things you were not able to find a good solution for. New problems come when something changes in your life. For example, you can start seeing a lot of business opportunities when you become a new parent.

The same happens for home based business opportunities. You may already have one small business and cannot find a good solution for something. You start a second company to solve it and the second one becomes bigger than the original one. Generally it is much better to start with a great problem and no solution rather than with a brilliant solution that solves no problem.

3. Don’t Rely On Somebody Else To Do It All For You

If you’re just about to start with a new business opportunity as a first-time entrepreneur, or you are well on your way to entrepreneurial success, keep in mind that¬†how you think¬†is just as important as what you actually do. You have to think like an entrepreneur. This requires a unique approach to the world and a mindset to help view the world as limitless in its possibilities for improvement, change and, ultimately, innovation.¬†Pinning your fate to a politician (or political party) is a bad idea.¬†It’s why so many people are broke.

4. Look Back At What Has Happened Before

It might seem like the complete opposite of what you should do, but a recession can actually be the ideal time for launching a company. In fact, many well-known and successful business opportunity seekers started organisations during periods of recession. Burger King, Hyatt Corp, FedEx, Microsoft and even MTV all were started in times of economic slump. These companies succeeded because they recognized a customer need and filled it.

5.  Sharpen Your Skills

Negotiation ‘guru’ Jim Camp said it best:

“The more effective we¬†are, the more respected we are.”

Good deals often chase people who excel at what they do and not the other way around.

Success with a business opportunity comes from knowing your target audience, your competition and how you will fund your new business venture. You will need to have access to good resources and know how you will build a consumer database and be able to create alliances with strategic partners. To do this you will need some help.

If you were starting a new job working for somebody else, you would expect somebody to show you what you needed to do so that you could make money for your new employer ‚Äď not lose the employer money! Your new business should not be any different. Take time to learn from those who have gone before you as you will be able to avoid mistakes and become profitable more quickly.

Success With A Home Business Opportunity

Success in business is mostly about marketing, especially with an internet business opportunity. Great marketing can sell an average product but poor marketing cannot sell a great product. To learn more about marketing that will work for your home business opportunity and how to find the right products to sell and the right customers to buy them, check out this FREE, marketing training bootcamp.

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Are you happy with your business in the current economy?

We all have bad days at work. Bad weeks even. But this rubbish economy has been going on for years…

If you own or manage a traditional business (like me), you’re probably facing more and more things like:

  • Customers in ‘freeze-mode’ and not buying any of your products or services
  • Chasing payments that were due months ago
  • Cut backs on overheads, staff levels and expenditure but still having to provide the same level of service
  • Earning less money but more working hours
  • Dealing with rude clients and suppliers who have let you down
  • It goes on……

BUT, I am working on my escape route .

I have a genuine¬†online home business system that is generating me a second income. The same system that thousands of other people are using to earn income online… and yes – PARTICULARLY in this economy

And you could be earning extra income with that same system too.

The Six Figure  Mentor system will show you exactly how  you can quickly set up and start earning with your own online business from a fast growing profitable market without any previous training, knowledge or even your own products to sell.

Check it out here.

Also, the SFM is preparing to launch a totally new, cutting edge ‘Digital Entrepreneur’ system with even more unique and sought-after products. All which pay top level commissions.

Applications and memberships to the SFM are due to be increased soon but you can still apply for membership and test the system only $19.95 + Bonuses (with a full-money back guarantee).

So, if you’re sick and tired of high overheads, increasing pressure from the competition, staff, geographical ties and all the other pressures of a traditional business, don’t miss your opportunity to become a true ‘digital¬†entrepreneur’.

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“Why can’t you apply for free?”.

We don’t want just anybody to get their hands on this material and system to play about with it and NOT give it the full attention it deserves. This is for people who are genuinely serious about building a long-term profitable online business. If you’re not willing to pay a one-off¬†$19.95 for information that’s worth at least $497, with a money back guarantee, then perhaps¬†this whole internet marketing venture is probably not for you.¬†Check out how the system works here.

The Digital Entrepreneur Economy

What is a Digital Entrepreneur?

On Saturday 22 September 2012, I went to the SFM Elite Momentum Day, which was held in a hotel just outside of London, England.

Stuart Ross (founder of the Six Figure Mentors) and Jay Kubassek (founder of the entrepreneurial success academy PRO U) brought me and other selected SFM Elite members totally up to date on the truth of what’s working and what’s not in this current economy – both online and offline.

(L-R) Jay Kubassek, Jon Allo, Stuart Ross

You don’t need me to tell you that the current world economy is in a mess. And the solution is to be part of the new ‘Digital Entrepreneur Economy’.

Stuart and Jay revealed, the new business opportunities coming into the SFM which will, without doubt, blow other online business systems out of the water and create increased earning potentialmembers.

The good news is you can still apply for a risk-free membership for only $19.95.

However, they’re not just accepting anyone and this price may be changing in the future as they only want to attract people who are genuinely serious about becoming a ‘Digital Entrepreneur’.

So, if you’re fed up of worrying about rising price, falling wages, job security and living from one pay-day to another the time has never been better to join the digital business revolution so that you can live your life the way you want.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a true ‘Digital Entrepreneur’.

Want to Start a Small Business Online?

Want to Start a Small Business Online?

It is difficult to know where to begin when you start a small business online. So, think of it this way – everybody has different interests and hobbies. Some of us enjoy reading books, listening to music or watching movies while others are into sports and travelling to new places. The list is almost endless from gardening to flower arranging to pets. Our interests and hobbies help us to relax and forget the everyday problems of modern life. Also, if we we do something we like, it could be the first way to start a small business online. But not everyone has a hobby that makes money, except, of course, if you have a job you absolutely love.

When you start a small online business, either from home or as a completely new business venture, it can help to pay the monthly household bills or buy a few extras for you and your family, like a holiday or a new car. And, if you become successful with your new online business, you may even be able to quit your regular day time job as you earn sufficient money with your new business venture.

Also, there are¬†approximately 4 million “baby boomers”¬†(someone who was born between 1946 to 1964 ) ¬†turning 50 every year¬†and many will not be able to afford to retire. This is why you hear about baby boomers starting an internet sales business from home. Their reasons are to earn extra income for the future so that they can still enjoy life when they leave their ‘regular’ job.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start a small business online

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is ideal for starting an internet sales business. It is when you start a small business online as a seller (or affiliate) and promote a product or service from a merchant. You earn a commission when somebody buys the product or service from you. The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can make money in a business where you don’t have the upfront costs of creating your own product, and you don’t have to worry about stock, e-commerce or fulfilment as this is all part of the merchant’s responsibility.

Before you start a small business online with affiliate marketing, you first need to decide what interests you. This is where a connection to your hobbies comes in. What products or subjects do you know about and which products you could do the best job of selling and what would you enjoy selling? For example, if you don’t like cooking it is going to be very hard for you to sell a recipe course!

Once you discover your speciality you will need perseverance, patience and determination. These are the qualities you need to when you start a small business online.

Why do some people fail when they start a small business online?

Too many people who start a business online do not succeed because they become impatient. It takes time to build a list of potential customers and to learn the skills required to succeed online. You also have to know what your strengths are, the things in which you are good at and your capabilities and abilities. And, most importantly,  you have to have a strong desire to succeed.

Remember, that starting an online business as an affiliate marketer that you do have to put in the work! You have to learn the techniques of marketing your product or service and you have to be willing to learn and to be taught new skills.

You need to know how to promote your website effectively to encourage potential customers to visit it. The more visitors you have, the more sales you will make.

When you start a small business online is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme

You need to look at the future value of your online business and avoid building a short-term business where you just make a few small sales. Make sure you understand that you are building a long-term business and not just something that makes you a little cash on one sale.

You need to know how to upsell your visitors for high value products services. This will in turn make you become recognized as an expert in your field and making money will be easier.

Just by having affiliate links to your website will not bring you big profits. Successful affiliates make use of strong marketing campaigns for their affiliate programs to drive traffic and sales.

Starting an Internet Sales Business

When you start a small business online, treat your customers or online visitors like friends. Make a commitment to establish relationships with your customers and especially with visitors to your site. It is very important for an online affiliate marketer to have a good business relationship with customers or visitors.

You should also be creative. Small online businesses that are successful with affiliate marketing have a good content based website and weave affiliate links into that content. Remember, you have to provide your prospects with good, quality content to keep them coming back to your site.

Want to start a small business online?

To start a small business online you need a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination. The Digital Experts Academy is a proven system that not only teaches you how to start a small business online but also provides the following:

  • Powerful potential¬†money¬†generating¬†income streams with quality¬†affiliate¬†products, residual income streams, and high ticket items.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start a small business online.
  • Everything you need for starting an internet sales business, including¬†your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge marketing software¬†and online business training plus access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

The Digital Experts¬†Academy¬†provides everything you need when you start a small business online and it begins with a free online 7-day ‚Äėbootcamp.

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Doom and Gloom…or Bloom?

How to Beat the Recession!

The news on the world economy doesn’t get any better does it?

A recent economic report from the BBC says that we still have a long way to go to recover from the economic gloom (you can read it¬†here¬†if you really want to – but I don’t recommend you do!).

This is why I made the decision six months ¬†to join the Six Figure Mentors and generate an¬†additional¬†income stream to supplement my ‘day job’ income.

This is how my August was with the SFM:

SFM Aug 2012

That’s over $2100 in commissions in one month – not too bad really when I’m only a few months in. ¬†And other members are doing even better than this! Plus, I’ll do better in future months as my online business grows with the help of the SFM system.

You could be doing the same – or better – than me.

Don’t let the gloomy news of the world economy get you down. You can beat the recession!

The SFM is a GENUINE¬†home business system, which thousands of people like me are using to make real income online… and yes – PARTICULARLY in this economy!

Application for membership is only $19.95 and you’ll get bonuses including the “From Zero to Six Figures” 6 hour workshop.¬† If you don’t find this to be best online business seminar you’ve ever come across on the internet, you’ll get ALL of your money back AND keep the workshop as a way of saying thanks for trying it out.

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How To Build A Successful Internet Business

How to Build a Successful Internet Business

As more and more people become frustrated with the slow moving economy and the successful internet businessongoing misery of job cuts, no pay rises and the lack job security, the prospect of earning a second income from a successful internet business has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

But where do you start?

As with most successful types of businesses, when it comes to setting up successful internet business, there are a number of ‘must haves’ to ensure that your new business actually generates you income.

By following following these simple steps it will help you to secure a good foundation for a successful internet business: 

Build a List of Your Own

Your list is the names of potential customers for your internet business that you build via your marketing methods. It is important to build a relationship with the people who are on your list. A long list of names may look good, but to build a successful internet business  you need to develop a relationship with the people on your list. This can been done easily by using such systems as autoresponders and carefully created follow-up messages that provide value to your potential customers.

I would recommend Aweber For as an autoresponder system‚Äď it is one of the best email marketing systems available on the internet. For more details about Aweber¬†Click Here

Share What You Know With Others

The most successful online businesses build relationships with their potential customers by providing valuable and beneficial information to them. This builds trust and respect from  the people on your list.  This, in turn, will make it easier for people to buy from you as they know and have faith in your internet business and its products and services.

Advertise Your Business

There is a famous saying about advertising:

‚ÄúDoing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you‚Äôre doing but nobody else does‚ÄĚ.

These are true words. All successful internet businesses use advertising in some form or other. You may have the best website in the world, with the best products or services at the best prices, but, if nobody knows you exist then you don’t have a business. Advertising does not have to cost the earth and if you know your target audience you can find ways to reach them which are cost effective.

Publish a Blog

A blog will add valuable content to your internet business and this in turn increases repeat visitors. A blog can be published quickly and is much faster to update than editing your website or sending out an e-mail. Blogs can be delivered as a RSS Feed and this means a user can have your latest blog delivered direct to their desktop as and when you update it.

Use Social Media

Using social media today for your internet business is a important as it was to start using email 15 years ago. A successful home internet business owner will use social media to reach out and actually connect, engage and interact with their target audience.

Help Somebody Who Is Behind You

Every successful home internet business owner has learned something from a successful business person who was there before them.  Having a mentor helps you to learn as you earn and you can draw on their experience while you build your online  business. You can then use your knowledge to help others who are starting up behind you.

How To Build A Successful Internet Business

To build a successful internet business you need to have a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination. The Digital Experts Academy is a proven system that not only teaches you how to build a successful internet business but also provides you with the following:

  • Powerful potential¬†money¬†generating¬†income streams with quality¬†affiliate¬†products, residual income streams, and high ticket items.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start a successful home internet businesss
  • Fully prepared internet and business models¬†which include your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge marketing and online business training plus access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

The Digital Experts¬†Academy have helped a huge list of successful online businesses. Their students have earned over $40 million online since 2007. They¬†provide¬†everything you need to start a successful internet business. It begins with a free online business start up 7-day ‚Äėbootcamp‚Äô.¬†Get your free bootcamp here.¬†



Internet Marketing Help

 Internet Marketing Help

In this current economy there has never been a better time to set up your own internet Internet Marketingbusiness.

The recessionary climate and increasing unemployment levels mean millions of people are rapidly waking up to the fact that they need to take control of their future. Can you really rely on one source of income from one job? The internet now offers everyone an opportunity to earn some extra income.

If you type into the Google Keyword Tool ‚Äúhow to make money online‚ÄĚ, over 800,000 people in the last month did a broad search for that term ‚Äď so that is a big market of people who are looking for ways that you can help them with your internet marketing programmes.

More and more people want to be able to make money online and need internet marketing help as online trends are constantly evolving. Being able to identify the trends and tap into them with an up-to-date marketing plan can really set you ahead in your internet marketing business.

Here are just a few of the current internet marketing trends:

The Economy

The current tough economy is the subject of many business conversations. This goes for internet marketing as well. Recession-proof internet marketing businesses will continue to be marketed as well as various make money online plans, tools, clubs and forums. You need to make it clear that you are aware of the challenging economy in your marketing messages.

Less Hype Marketing

For a time, one of the biggest internet marketing trends was to include lots of hype in your advertisements and messages. The internet was flooded with big and flashy make money online advertisements all trying to get your attention. But, at last, the trend now is for more subtle and proof-driven marketing. Using lots of hype is not going to attract customers.

While it might initially capture some interest from your target audience, you’ll need to support it with great high-value content to keep them interested. Your customers are looking for solutions to their problems, so make sure that you make it clear how you can help people make money online in your internet marketing messages.

Is the money in the list?

You may have heard the saying ‚Äúthe money is in the list‚ÄĚ. This is the list of potential customers that you have in your data base that has been built via your internet marketing methods.

But building up a huge list of names will not really do that much for you unless you actually build a relationship with the people who on the list.  The money is in the relationships that you develop with the people on your list. Learn how to develop relationships with people by using auto-responders, participating in forums, social networks etc.

Niche Marketing

Many internet marketing businesses are focusing on narrow niche markets. The biggest misconception regarding niche internet marketing is that there is less money in it than with the larger, mainstream markets. In truth, if you approach niche marketing the right way, you can actually make more money in less time than with any of the larger markets, because when there’s less competition. It is far easier to penetrate markets and target your customer base.

Social Marketing

It’s been proven that adding videos to your internet marketing mix increases traffic to your website as well as the amount of time a person spends on your page. Along with all of the other social media tools, the use of video is increasing dramatically. Videos add life to internet marketing campaigns. They transform static, traditional campaigns into action-driven presentations that unleash our message in a powerful, dramatic way. Videos also give you the unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a way that puts you in touch with what is truly important to them, what motivates them, and what will leave an everlasting impression.

Customer Service

High levels of customer service are still important. If you want to maintain relationships with your customers, you must respond to their needs and be ready to answer their questions. If you ignore your customers they will leave and go to a competitor who shows that he is genuinely interested in helping them solve their making money online problems.


If you want genuine internet marketing help, from the best internet marketing program, the Six Figure Mentors not only teaches you everything you need to know about internet marketing but also provides you with the following:

  • Powerful potential¬†money¬†generating¬†income streams with quality affiliate marketing software
  • Step-by-step instructions and internet marketing tips showing you exactly how to start your own online business
  • Internet marketing services¬†which include your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge help with affiliate marketing and¬†access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to provide affiliate support

The Six Figure Mentors provide¬†everything you need if you want top level and proven help marketing an online business¬†and it begins with a¬†free online business start up 7-day ‚Äėbootcamp‚Äô.¬†



It‚Äôs not just about the money….

It’s not just about the money. It’s about the lifestyle of earning more, working less and enjoying life…

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I wanted to share this video with you.

This couple have been SFM students for just over two years. Here, in their own words, they talk about how different their lives are since starting an online business!

They actually started their business NOT because they thought they would get rich quick by pushing a few buttons but because they recognised that having income streams online would give them a TON more freedom than what they would ever have in their exiting business.

So, if you place freedom as a high priority in your life make sure you watch this video.

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Best Work From Home Business

Do you want the best work from home business?

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

A genuine business model, system and technology to help you build a legitimate and profitable online business in record time.

Here’s some of things it will do for you:

  • Give you simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start making money online.
  • Provide you with eight powerful potential income streams (and growing) including residual income.
  • Give you a state of the-art marketing system which includes your own website, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • You‚Äôll have daily cutting edge marketing and business training and access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you

Here’s what you do next:

Take the SFM system for a ‚Äėtest drive‚Äô for 30 days. All you pay is a small application fee of $19.95 (about ¬£13) which is instantly refundable if you decide not to join.

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Online Business Tips

Online Business Tips: 3 Reasons Why Online Businesses Fail

Unfortunately, a lot of people enter the online business world and get completely overwhelmed with¬† all the jargon and seemingly endless list of tasks and things that you need to do from search engine optimisation to blogging, from pay per click advertising to social media marketing, the list goes on…

So why do most people never succeed online? Basically, 3 main reasons:

  1. Outdated training
  2. Being surrounded by an environment of negativity
  3. Lack of the right marketing tools

The Six Figure Mentor system solves this problem by giving you:

  • Daily cutting edge marketing and business training from six and seven figure online earners – so your knowledge is always current and can never go out of date.
  • A thriving community of like minded entrepreneurs with a forum, social network and chat room. This means you can escape any negativity of your home or work and gain support from new friends and experts with an incentive make sure you succeed online!
  • A state of the art marketing system with a pre-written email series, video bootcamp giveaways to build your list, sales funnels and even a call center to close sales for you – all you have to worry about is getting leads – simply no selling is required with the SFM.

An online home business can help you achieve financial freedom. Whether there’s a recession or a booming economy, it’s always a profitable time to be involved in the internet entrepreneur and home business market.

Making money online is quick and easy (if you know how to do it) and you now can learn exactly what you need to do and how to effectively build profitable online business. With the SFM you can quickly and easily get started without any previous training, knowledge or even your own products to sell!

Get ready to make money online from home or anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection with your own home based internet business.

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