10 Ideas For Creating A Marketing Video Online

Ready To Make Your Next Marketing Video Online?

Marketing Video Online

Does your business have a video marketing strategy?

Creating a marketing video online can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it. You can spend thousands making professional productions or you can spend little to nothing making a video with your smart phone and uploading it to YouTube.

Why video marketing? Video marketing is a great way to increase engagement, boost brand awareness and improve search engine optimization. Video is shared and engaged with more often than text, which is why your online business needs a video marketing strategy.

Here are 10 video marketing ideas you can use for your business.

10 Ideas For Creating A Marketing Video Online

1. Introduce Yourself

Make a short video introduction about yourself, including why you are part of the niche that you are in. People want to know if you’re the right person to trust, and seeing your face and hearing your reasons why will help them. You don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment to create a marketing video online. Smart phone devices like iPhones work great for recording video for YouTube. So try out a few things and see what will work best for your type of videos. The equipment you choose depends on your audience, the type of videos you want to create and your budget.

2. Three Things Video

Generally, videos are best when they are short. If you can think of three short points about a particular topic and talk about them and go over them in a short video, your audience will appreciate it. Including closed captioning is an added touch that will not only be appreciated by deaf people, but will also help your videos be picked up by search engines. To do this you simply upload a text file and add it to your video as explained here.

3. Create Short How To’s

This works well in some niches, where you can complete a short project, or speed up a longer project to make the video short. Your audience will love seeing how to do something so they can do it themselves. They’ll also see you as more of an expert than before. So if you want to offer services doing that thing you demonstrated, you can. When you upload your marketing video online, take the time to include all the relevant information. Title, tags and descriptions, including links to your landing pages, should all be included in every single video that you upload.

4. Highlight An Event

Are you hosting or going to an industry event? If so, record some of it, then piece it together or make several videos from the event to make a series of short videos. Your viewers will be interested to see the events that you go to. A good way to get more views is to make your videos as professional as you can based on your audience’s preferences and what they expect. However, don’t get too bogged down in making everything perfect. You can start with a simple video and build up over time.

5. Tease About A New Project

If you have a launch coming up, putting a marketing video online will whet your audience’s appetite for more. Make a short video leaving it with a question that makes them think of the problem that they have that you might solve. When you make your video, remember to set up a visually pleasing background. You can create a nice background by using a fold-out wall separator or room divider. Amazon has a lot of good choices that you can choose from or your local home dĂ©cor store will most likely have some inexpensive options. Add a plant and the proper lighting, and you’ll have a great background for all your videos.

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6. Make A Book Trailer

If you’ve written an eBook, you can make a video book trailer that lets your audience know what is in the book. This can go on YouTube, your website, your blog, sales pages and more. Remember that sound is very important on video. One of the most irritating things about watching some videos is background noise. So choose a quiet place to record.  Be careful if you’re recording on a busy street or a noisy room with a loud fan. If you include background music be sure that listeners can easily hear what you’re saying without the music taking over.

7. A Day In The Life

Your audience are often curious about what you do every day. Show them. Take the camera with you and record tidbits of your day, then edit them together into one cohesive short video. Your audience will feel closer to you, and start developing more trust in you over time. Your videos don’t have to be perfect. As mentioned above, you can use something as simple as a smartphone. It doesn’t have to be professional to make a huge impact. However, if you do want to punch up your videos a notch, you can use software like Content Samurai to edit it and make it super-special.

8. Host A Video Contest

Ask your customers or people who want to win your products or services to make a video about why they love your product. Have them post them on their social media, YouTube and websites linking to the information about the contest on your website.

9. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials will help potential clients trust you more when they see that your customers are real. Why not ask your customers to submit video testimonials that you can use on your website, sales pages, YouTube and other places?

10. You Don’t Have To Appear On Camera

When you’re creating a marketing video online you don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to. You can use software like PowerPoint or Keynote to create informative slides that can be turned into a video. As you create more videos the process will become easier and less time consuming. Another great way to show a presentation is to use screen capture software that records your voice and shows what is on your computer screen while recording. Software like Content Samurai has a streamlined voice recording workflow which breaks your script into short sentences, allowing you to record in little bite sized chunks.

The Easiest Way To Create A Professional Marketing Video Online

The importance of video marketing for your business cannot be underestimated. The average person (i.e. your customers) watches online videos for a massive 40 minutes every day. And they’re not just looking at goofy cat videos. Many are looking for advice on how to do something or make something work better, and many more are looking to buy a product or service. It’s now easier than ever before to create a professional high-quality marketing video online. You can produce complete videos your audience will love in minutes (not hours or days) even if you have absolutely zero video experience.

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