Email Marketing Can Be A Disaster If You Neglect These 10 Rules

10 Rules For Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest, most direct, and still the most effective form of onlineemail marketing marketing for many companies. Marketing emails include everything from welcome messages to newsletters and sale alerts, and are often tailored to the recipient.

But you’re not guaranteed to have every person on your email database remain as a loyal subscriber forever and your email marketing can be a disaster if you neglect these 10 rules.

 10 Email Marketing Tips

1. Always Get Permission To Send Email 

Legitimate email marketing only targets people who have given their permission to receive emails from a business. Emails sent to people who have not requested information or are not relevant becomes spam email.

2. Offer Something Of Value For Free

It is unlikely that anybody will give you their email details without anything in return. Provide something of value for free in exchange for somebody’s email address. It should be relevant to your business and can be something as simple as a free report to a series of video tutorials.

3. Send A Welcome Email

Effective email marketing starts by sending a warm welcome email when somebody opts into your list. You want to thank the person for signing up. If you promised a free download, make sure they don’t have to jump through hoops to get it and give them the download link right in the first email.

4. Provide Value

Your subscribers gave their permission for you to email them because they thought you would deliver valuable information that was relevant to them. They did not sign up just so that you could try and sell them stuff. Each time you send an email marketing campaign, you need to think how the content will benefit your audience.

5. Make It Easy For People To Unsubscribe If They Want

If your reader decides that they no longer want to receive emails from you, allow them to unsubscribe easily. If you make it difficult, your emails will irritate them and they certainly will never buy from you. They may also report you as spam, which will cause you problems in the future.

6. Is Your Subject Line Appealing? 

Your email is fighting for attention in a busy inbox and your subject line is what will get your reader interested enough to open the email. Be creative with your subject, maybe ask a compelling question but don’t make unbelievable claims to trick your reader into opening the email.

7. Be Consistent 

Email marketing programs are about developing a relationship with your recipients. If you do not send emails on a regular basis they will forget about you but if you send too many they will get fed up with you. The key is to send your emails in a consistent manner and stick with it rather than randomly.

8. Know Your Audience

The more that you know about your subscribers, the more you will be able to fine tune the content of your emails to suit them. Research shows that men prefer news or compelling information while women prefer discounts or special offers.

9. Keep Your Email List Private

Have a privacy policy that lets subscribers know that you will protect their data and only send them information that is relevant to what they asked for.

10. Use Reliable Email Marketing Software

Effective email marketing for any business comes from reliable email marketing software that collects the email information of your prospects and sends information back to them immediately. It can handle multiple customer lists and send out different messages, keeping track of who you send it to, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates, click-through rates and how many previous messages you have sent.

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