Did You Just Send Another Boring Email Marketing Message?

 10 Tips For Writing An Effective Email Marketing Message

Email Marketing Message

What do your subscribers think of your emails?

As an online business owner, you’ll know the importance of building an email list. But, as you build a list of subscribers or customers, that’s only part of the job done. Next, you need to send out an email marketing message, via follow ups and broadcasts, with valuable information and effective content.

And that’s where a lot of marketers fall flat and fail.

Having a list of subscribers is worthless if you can’t interact with them and present them with proper content. This is the big challenge faced by many marketers and email list builders. Here are 10 tips for writing an effective email marketing message.

Writing An Effective Email Marketing Message

1. Write An Effective Subject Line

Almost 1/3 of email recipients open emails based on the subject line text alone.  If your subject line doesn’t make the reader curious enough to open the email, nothing else matters. Make your subject line specific, keyword rich and something your audience will want to open and see.

2. Don’t Trick Your Readers

Some marketers try to use shady tactics in their subject lines where they trick the subscriber into opening the email. They might write things like, “Your Email Account Is About to Get Terminated” or “Congratulations, You’ve Won!” These kinds of email titles aren’t ethical they’re what’s known as clickbait  – where you get the email opened, possibly even get the reader to click on your link, but the actual message isn’t at all what you claimed it would be. Not only does this make your audience lose trust in you, but sometimes it could risk you getting marked as a spammer. Be honest about what your message is about in the subject line.

3. Easy To Read

If someone has opened your email because of your interesting subject line, you need to keep their interest. Use short paragraphs with relevant copy and bullet points so that people can quickly scan the content. Since readers like to scan through emails instead of reading them entirely, they understand more when less is explained. Write using short, concise sentences. Use less words, smaller words and words which are simple to understand.

4. Focus On Keywords To Get The Attention Of Your Readers

Be consistent throughout your email marketing message. In other words, mention only a couple key issues surrounding the link that you want people to click on. The content should be convincing and well written without any grammatical or spelling mistakes to gain the trust of the potential customers. Don’t clutter the email body with links to other sites, products or services. Keep the flow steady, tight and well focused.

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5. Understand You Audience

Are your email messages too casual? Or, are they too formal? Are you using the appropriate tone? An email marketing message is different to typed letter. You can’t be “too” formal
in a letter. In an email, if you’re too formal, it can looks silly. Email is more casual than a letter. Yet, there’s a fine line between being too relaxed and too stiff. To some degree, the attitude and culture of your business will dictate the amount of formality necessary. When in doubt, your email marketing strategy should strive for a tone that is professional, yet conversational. One easy way to achieve a conversational tone is to use word contractions like you’re, he’s, she’s, don’t, etc.

6. Make It Personal

Your email marketing message should be written as if it was going to one person. Always communicate as if speaking directly to your reader fact-to-face.  You want to be seen as a person they can trust and as someone who actually cares about them. The secret is to try to engage in the conversation that is already happening in their head. The more you are able to do this, the more engaging your content will be. Always remember that your emails should be about the subscriber and the customer. Focus on referring to them as ‘you’ and sharing with them how your email content can benefit them. Don’t mention what’s in it for you.

7. Use Reliable Email Campaign Software

Effective email marketing comes from using reliable email campaign software that collects the email information of your prospects and sends information to them effectively and efficiently. Your email software should be able to manage multiple customer lists and send out different messages at different time. It will have different email campaign templates that you can use and keep track of who you send it to, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates and click-through rates.

8. Have A Call To Action

Never send an email marketing message without a clear call to action. Every email you send should result in some sort of action. Whether it be visiting a certain website or making a purchase. Always be clear about what you want your subscribers to do. Also, make sure links are always blue and place those links early on in the email, not below 500 words of text.

9. Don’t Just Sell, Sell, Sell

There are many different types of email marketing messages. Don’t just use your emails to sell. For example, send your subscribers tips and advice that involves putting your services or products to their best use. Provide your email subscribers with something that no one else is getting just for being a subscriber. That will make them feel special. People love the feeling of membership and exclusivity.

10. Make It Easy For People To Unsubscribe

Nobody wants to buy anything from a pushy sales person. Your email needs to be friendly and provide relevant information to your reader. However, if your reader decides that they no longer want to receive emails from you, allow them to easily unsubscribe. If you make it difficult, they will start to resent your emails and certainly will never buy from you. They may also report you as spam, which will cause you problems in the future.

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While your website is a public platform for you to write on, an email marketing message is a more private communication. You’re communicating with people who specifically signed up to hear what you have to say. That’s a pretty special relationship – they’re showing trust in you and admiration of your insight. So you want to treat that connection right so that they don’t unsubscribe. Download this free report, How To Write For An Online Audience, to discover more about writing an effective email marketing campaign that gets you the results you want.

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