7 Simple Tips For Using Facebook For Marketing

How To Use Facebook For Marketing Your Business

Facebook For Marketing

Facebook can help to build your online business.

With over 1.7 billion active monthly members, it makes sense to use Facebook for marketing. Facebook offers a number of business-building benefits and real potential for growth and results.

A Facebook marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It can help you build awareness, create a community, motivate a purchase and launch a new product or service. Identify your purpose for using Facebook as a marketing tactic. Create goals and use these 7 simple tips below to leverage the reach and power of Facebook for marketing your business.

7 Simple Facebook Marketing Tips

1. Build A Following

Facebook is a social networking site. The best way to build a great marketing campaign is to build a great following. You do this by interacting with people on Facebook and bringing them into your community. Invite people to friend you or to join your Facebook group. Provide as much value as you can with your posts and links to encourage your followers to like, click, share or comment on your posts. Don’t just continually post sales messages.

2. Engage And Interact

Using Facebook for marketing is only effective if your followers feel they can trust you. You earn their trust by engaging with them. They‚Äôll learn to like you and believe in your brand if you provide valuable information on a consistent basis. For example, post a daily tip or motivational message onto your page.¬†Post offers and promotions they can benefit from or create a one-time promotion for your Facebook followers only. It doesn’t all have to be business either. There’s nothing wrong in occasionally¬†sharing entertaining stories, videos, links and photos that you think your audience will enjoy.

3. Integrate Effectively

One of the keys to any successful marketing campaign is integration with your other online marketing strategies. When you integrate your Facebook marketing tactics with your other tactics, you‚Äôll receive the best results possible.¬†For example, you can add a Facebook feed to your website or blog. You can add a ‚Äúpost this on Facebook‚ÄĚ feature. Insert a ‚Äúfind me on Facebook‚ÄĚ button or call to action to your email signature.

And with many other social networking sites you can integrate your efforts. For example, you can link your Facebook business page with your Twitter and LinkedIn page. You can combine your Twitter and Facebook posts for double coverage.

Free Checklist & Report: How To Profit With Facebook Groups
4. Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your business workings.¬†Your family and friends may not have any interest in your business activities. Likewise, your potential customers probably don’t want to see your personal holiday photos. That’s why your business needs a separate Facebook page.¬†This page can be¬†branded as your business.¬†You can¬†install apps that can automatically build your email list, generate and¬†market to leads and prospects, and even run contests.¬†This page will have a built-in analytics platform where you where you can manage your Facebook advertising and measure what’s working and what’s not.

Also, as your business grows and you have more people “friending” you, you’ll run out of room. Facebook only allows 5,000 friends per personal Facebook account. You might think, “It’ll take me forever to get to 5k!” But the reality is, many marketers have reached that limit and then had to delete people and move them over to a fan page.

5. Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads are inexpensive, effective, and something any small business owner should consider getting involved with. The reason you should be running Facebook ads, whether they are sponsored posts or other types of ads, is that they do work. Facebook allows you to target your individual audience down to their interests and gender, and you can even provide email addresses for the exact people you want to target. Facebook ads work for a variety of reasons. However, they will only work if you plan them out and spend the time ensuring that you run relevant ads. They must be of value to your audience, grab the attention of the viewer and include a compelling call to action.

6. Start A Facebook Group 

Facebook groups are attractive for a wide variety of reasons. They are a favorite tool of small
business owners to reach an online audience for free. One advantage that a Facebook group has over a simple Facebook business page is that groups are much more visible in News
Feeds. Creating and managing your own Facebook group can do wonders for your business. You have total control of the flow of information and communication. Facebook groups are great to generate leads, build your email list and eventually sell your products and services. You have access to a free polling and survey tool which can help you understand exactly what is on the minds of your group members.

7. Complete Your Profiles Thoroughly

When you’re setting up a Facebook business page or Facebook group, go through each blank in the profile spaces and complete the answers if applicable. Whenever someone goes to your profile, it boosts their trust in you when you’re open and sharing things.¬†It’s a good idea to include answers when it asks for personal hobbies, favorite foods, and that sort of question. People want to get to know the person behind the business.

How Smart Entrepreneurs Use Facebook For Marketing

As time goes by, Facebook proves to be more important. You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your website, build awareness and attract prospective customers to your products and services. You‚Äôre starting to see a widening gap of those who get it and those who don’t.

A Facebook group can generate leads, build your email list, give you access to more prospects and sell your products and services. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it the wrong way can lead to lasting damage to your brand. On the other hand, when you do it the right way by following the Facebook group best practices outlined in this Free Facebook Group Checklist it ensures that you have the best possible chance to make money from Facebook groups.

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