How To Find Free Website Traffic On The Information Highway

Generating Free Website Traffic for Your Online Business

To get visitors to your website you can use paid or free website traffic methods andFree Website Traffic Info Graphic every online business owner needs to know how to get web traffic. Without traffic to your website, you’ll have no online business.

Paid website traffic will generate instant results but will end when you stop paying for it. Strategies for generating free website traffic take longer to generate results but can provide a steady flow of traffic for days, months or even years.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 effective ways you can generate free website traffic.

4 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic

1. Content Creation

One of the simplest things you can do to get free website traffic is to post content regularly. Each time you publish a new post or article it will be found by Google’s spiders and will be indexed in the search engines. This ranking will help your website get indexed quickly. What this basically means is that each time someone types in a search query in Google, your website is more likely to show up in the rankings. Higher rankings equates to more visitors to your website, which of course is what you want.

Creating a blogging calendar can help you stay on track and get those posts published regularly. Always write posts that are informative and helpful to your readers, this way they will return to read more at a later date. Try to post two to three times a week. Pick a schedule that you can stick to without overwhelming yourself.

2. Guest Blogging

Another method for generating free web traffic is to leave well thought out comments to questions on industry forums and related blogs. Both methods can work extremely effectively and provide you with a good source of new traffic. When leaving comments don’t be spammy. Instead answer the question in a thoughtful manner. Leave helpful advice and information. Most blogs will allow you to link back to your last blog post. This way anyone interested in your comment can visit your blog.

3. Social Media 

Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest can open your online business to a whole new audience. Social media allows you to show off your best content, and highlight all your brand has to offer. But you have to give value to get value. Whether you use text, images or video, you need to provide engaging content that is related to your business, service, or product that people will want to share.

4. Video Marketing 

Videos are a great way to get traffic to your website. People enjoy watching video and are more likely to share great videos with their friends. Videos can be produced simply and quickly. Two or three minutes is long enough. You can just record yourself reading your blog post if you don’t know what to create a video about. You don’t even need to be on camera. Screen capture software, like Jing, is free software that records what is on your computer screen and is a great way to show a presentation and share it online.

Want More Free Website Traffic?

Every online business owner needs to know how to get web traffic. If you don’t have proven ways to get more traffic to your website or sales pages you won’t get any customers and you won’t make any money. Generating free website traffic is one thing but it needs to be targeted website traffic to turn it into profitable sales. In this video presentation you’ll see how smart online entrepreneurs are generating a flood of free website traffic from Facebook.

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