How To Build Good Business Relationships Without Selling Your Soul

Quality Clients Come From Good Business Relationships

As a business owner, you’re automatically in sales – regardless of what type of business you are in. But many people think of sales as something that’s uncomfortable and even underhand.

There are numerous derogatory jokes about the so-called “used-car salesman”. We often get mad with sales people who ring our doorbells, we hang up on sales calls, and we even block ads on our internet browsers.

Because of this, the message is loud and clear. Sales people are bad. Sales people have sold their soul and don’t know how to build good business relationships. But have they?

How To Build Good Business Relationships

Good Business Relationships

A good business relationship allows you to sell yourself, not your soul.

You can probably think of a few things that you buy right now that you need and consider good purchases. But, why did you buy them?

Was it the marketing? Did you like the company’s values? Did you like the quality of the product or service? Did you like the person who was recommending it? Did it solve a problem for you?

What was different about products that you bought without giving it any thought or you later felt like you were scammed, compared to the products you thought were more than worth it?

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What Makes a Product or Service Worth Buying?

There is usually a difference you can nail that creates satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and it comes down to whether the product or service produced the results promised and how it was presented to you. When you look at what creates satisfaction, it’s easy to see that not only can you sell yourself without being smarmy, but you can also sell proudly. These factors are examples of how to build business relationships with customers:

  • Your product or service solves a problem for your audience
  • Your product or service is valuable
  • Your product or service is even better than advertised
  • Your product or service represents your values
  • Your product or service is something your audience needs and desires

When you look at it this way, it’s clear. If your product or service fulfills all these criteria, not only should you feel good about marketing it to others so that they want to buy it, but you also have a responsibility to do it. It’s a healthy business relationship. Why would you not sell it to someone when it can help them? Why would you feel bad about it when it’s filling a need?

Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul 

It can seem daunting to focus on attracting high-quality clients. Many business people often suffer from some form of imposter syndrome that causes them to get nervous and second guess themselves when they’re communicating with people who are smart and successful business people themselves. But, you can speak so that quality clients will listen if you just understand a few facts about your business, your clients, and yourself.

Know Your Audience

Business is all about relationships. Your audience will not remain static. What you learn about them today could change tomorrow due to changing values of society, different technology, and other factors. Stay aware of who they are, what they want, what they need, and what they desire, by always studying them.

Know Your Product

Even if you offer a service, start thinking of it as a product. It’s important that you know how to explain to others what you’re really offering to them. Learn to use the right words to explain what you offer to your potential clients so that they totally get it and want what you’re offering. And guess what – if you know who they are and you know what they need, that’s what you should offer.

Keep It to the Point

Long sales pages, long blog posts, and so forth are great for SEO, but if you’re talking one-on-one with a potential client, get to the point. And get to the point from their perspective, showing them that you understand what they need by giving them examples and facts.

Let Your Positivity and Passion Shine

Have you ever listened to someone who was obviously in love with what they do, and the product or service that they are talking about? You can just see them light up and get excited about it. You need to do that too. If you’re offering quality, it’ll be easy.

Show Them You Get Them

Building effective business relationships is about listening to your clients. Let your clients know that you get them. One way to do that is to repeat back to them what they’ve told you. “I understand that you…”, “It’s clear that you…”, and “I hear you saying that you feel…”. When you show them that you get them, they start listening to you

 Accept Responsibility

If you ever run into a situation where a client isn’t happy or is feeling stressed out about something that you may have done.  if you value that client the best choice is to accept responsibility or at least share the responsibility with them. When you start accepting responsibility, a quality client will chime in what their own responsibility was too.

Offer Value

When you offer value, you’re golden. The more value you can offer to your clients, the more they’re going to want to listen to what you are saying. Actions always speak louder than words, so don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk too.

Be a Resource

When clients have issues that your product or service doesn’t solve, since you know them so well you should recommend other people’s products and services that will. Keeping up to date on your industry will make you a valuable resource to them.

Good Business Relationships Start With A Mindset For Success

If you really want to attract high value customers it’s imperative that you believe in what you’re offering. If you know that what you’re offering is going to really be of value to them, it’s going to be so much easier to speak about it with enthusiasm in such a way that your audience will not only listen, they’ll also act on it and invest their time and money with you.

But why do some business owners seem to have no problem building and maintaining client relationships while others struggle? The answer is mindset. To help you embrace a success mindset, download my free checklist, Cultivating a Success Mindset and start building good business relationships with high value customers today.

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