6 Ways To Grow Your Business In Social Media

How To Grow Your Business In Social Media

Grow Your Business In Social Media

How can social media help a business grow?

When social media first hit the scene way back in the late nineties, you mostly found people chatting about their interests or connecting with people who had the same pastimes. It wasn’t long before entrepreneurs saw the benefits of social media for business and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having a good social media presence can work like word-of-mouth marketing if your followers share your content with their followers. However, to grow your business in social media you need to create a compelling social media status that people enjoy and want to share.

6 Ways To Grow Your Business In Social Media

1. Post Content Consistently To Get More Engagement

Social media marketing is all about engagement. When you post the right content more often and post the right content more than once, you’re going to be more likely to get comments, shares and engagement. That’s because on social media, not everyone will see your post each time you post.

Therefore, if you repurpose a post and share it more than once, in different forms and in different ways, you’re going to get that much more engagement and response. You may, for example, have a data-centric blog post to share. Share it once in its normal form, next time share an infographic, followed by a video about the data. Each time it’s the same information presented in a new way to reach more of your audience.

Some ways to do that is to use the native scheduling feature on your platform. Or, to help you get this done easily, you can also use software like Missinglettr.com to post more than once. This helps you grab posts and information to share repeatedly, to ensure a wider reach with your audience. It can make sharing evergreen content easier since you don’t have to do it manually but instead set up the system to do it automatically for you.

2. Test Everything To Know What Works

When you’re trying to grow your business in social media it may take time to know what’s effective. A/B split testing is a great way to ensure that your ideas are working. For example, if you want to share a particular post, does it get more reach if you include a special image with it or if you let the image that’s on the blog post be the featured image? Does it get more comments when you ask a specific question or when you don’t say anything? What works best for your audience?

Testing is a great way to know what really works and what doesn’t work.  It’s really about very subtle changes over big changes. A colour difference, an image difference, a word difference. What works best for your audience based on your goal for the post and the share?

3. Why You Need To Use More Emojis 😀

One of the biggest issues with getting a message across to your audience is the ability to express tone in print. Tone is hard to explain using only words. But thankfully, you can use emojis.

Emojis, when used properly, can invoke feelings and tone into the content that you’re sharing. It can help establish the right mood for whatever information you’re sharing with your audience. It can help explain the message you want to get across to your ideal customers in a better way than just text alone. Whether your message is serious, funny, sad, or otherwise, emojis can lead the way with your audience to get across the right feelings.  You can copy and paste the emojis from emojicopy.com for all sorts of ideas.

Having said that, it’s up to you to figure out if emojis are appropriate for your social media marketing posts or not. It totally depends on your message, your audience, your goals, and the brand you want to advance.

4. Post More Images For More Shares

Most marketing studies show that on social media, using images can increase shares by up to 35%. That means that it’s important to include images, but you want to include the right type of images to make it work.

Use images that advance the meaning of the information you’re sharing on social media. Sometimes that means thinking outside the box. When you start looking at each image beyond just the picture, to the mood it brings, to the thoughts it compels, and to whether it helps with engagement or not, then you’ll finally pick the right images to use.

5. Share Only With A Purpose

It can be tempting to start sharing everything to grow your business in social media. But you don’t want to just post anything. You want to post something that means something, that has a reason for being and a goal in mind. When you create any new piece of content, think about what the purpose of it is.  There are several reasons to share content on social media:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Spread Awareness
  • Persuade
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Connect with Others

When you know the reason behind why you’re creating and sharing a piece of content, it makes it easier to make it just the right thing, with just the right information, and the right data. But you do need to know the purpose of why you’re sharing before you post it.

6. Don’t Be Scared To Pay For Ads

When you grow your business in social media, it’s important to understand that using organic methods is the long haul. But, there are ways to speed up the process. One way is to pay for ads. It’s important not to be afraid of paying for ads, because it’s a fast way to get more reach and make more conversions if you have the right content.

However, before you post any ads, it’s imperative that you understand how to use the platform properly for placing your advertisement and targeting your audience. Using it right will make a huge difference. If you don’t know who your target audience is, it’s too soon for you to try to run paid ads. Fully understand exactly who your ideal customer is before you get started.

Once you do place an advertisement, you want to monitor the data to ensure that what you’re doing is working. That way you can tweak it as you go. It can make a huge difference in how fast you expand your reach and start making a profit, getting more email sign-ups, and building your audience.

Free Checklist: How To Grow Your Business In Social Media

When you use social media to market your business it can make all the difference to the growth of your business. There’s a good chance your competitors are already harnessing the incredible power of platforms like Facebook. Even if your competition isn’t advertising and marketing on Facebook, you need to. The reason is that there are over 1.5 billion active daily users on Facebook just waiting for you to pitch your products and services. To learn more on how to improve social media for your business, download my free checklist, Successful Facebook Ads and make your Facebook ad experience successful and profitable.

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