The Smarter Way To Grow Your Email List (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Grow Your Email List With Loyal Subscribers 

grow your email list

Your list is all about quality subscribers, not quantity.

If you’re running an online business you’ll know that your top priority is to grow your email list. Your email list is the database of prospects who have given you permission to email them with information so that they can make a decision about buying from you. They are your past, present and future customers and your most important assets for your online business.

The problem is, sometimes online business owners work very hard in getting email addresses for marketing purposes, only to see little impact. You create some type of freebie, put it all over your website and offer this free download in return for someone joining your email list. But there is now a new way to grow your email list. And it’s having a significant impact for many online marketers.

 The New Way To Grow Your Email List

What if you discovered a way to turn the current content on your website into targeted lead magnets? Sounds great, doesn’t it? No matter what a particular blog post or web page is about, people that read that content opt into your email list at a much higher rate than ever before. You don’t have to create much new content. You simply upgrade your current content in a very specific way and that has been proven to dramatically increase opt-ins and help build email lists more quickly.

This relatively new, and high effective method to grow your email list is called Content Upgrades.

Why Use Content Upgrades For Building Email Lists?

Content upgrades work no matter what market or niche you are in. Your market demographics don’t matter. As long as you can get traffic to your content, you can dramatically improve your opt-in conversion rates. This means you can grow your email list quicker than ever before.

A content upgrade is nothing more than a special process where you deliver bonus content in exchange for someone subscribing to your email list. Unlike the traditional list building strategy of having just one lead magnet for all of your content, content upgrades are created to be relevant to whatever content your site visitor is reading, viewing or listening to on a particular page or post.

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Building Your Email List 

Let’s say you wrote a post last year about how to create your own organic garden. You recently checked Google Analytics and found that this has been one of the most popular posts on your site. You’re getting plenty of traffic, and you wish you could somehow increase the number of email subscribers you are receiving.

Using the content upgrade strategy, you can develop an “Organic Gardening Checklist”. It breaks down in simple to follow steps exactly how anyone can build and benefit from their own organic garden. In the middle of your content on that post, you would include a link, that’s either a graphic or text-based, that offers your Organic Gardening Checklist as a free download. A reader clicks on your link, and they are taken to an opt-in form to receive their bonus content.

A Simple Strategy To Grow Your Email List

The power here is obvious in its simplicity. You already have people reading about a particular topic. You then offer them extra bonus material on that same topic. This is why content upgrades are so good at creating extremely high opt-in conversion rates. All someone has to do to get your helpful, information-rich free download is to give you their email address.

When you use the content upgrade list building process you’re offering bonus content to someone who is already reading about that particular topic. You will never get more laser targeted traffic than that. The “one-size-fits-all” opt-in freebie offered on your on-site opt-in forms is nowhere near as focused to the particular reader on that particular page.

List Building Efficiency

This is why content upgrades can easily double, triple, quadruple or even 10x your list building efficiency. Remember, you only have to create content upgrade lead magnets for your most highly trafficked pages and posts. Start off with 1 content upgrade rollout at a time. Find the page which is getting you the most traffic and use these powerful list building strategies on that single page. Then dedicate time to doing the same to your 2nd most popular post. Then your 3rd, and so forth and so on. If you don’t have the time personally, hire a virtual assistant or freelancer to do the work inexpensively and professionally.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time, not all at once. Apply that strategy to content upgrades and your slow and steady efforts can pay off exponentially. Deliver massive value that your post and page readers appreciate through the content upgrade process, and you have a loyal, high quality subscriber for life.

Grow Your Email List With Content Upgrades

If you are not actively working every day to grow your email list, you should be. Remember, your list is all about quality subscribers, not quantity. Often smaller lists of email subscribers outperform bigger lists. The reason is that the subscribers on those smaller lists are better engaged. If you’re struggling to connect with your audience, download this free report on writing for an online audience. You’ll learn how to create the right tone of voice for your website content and grow your email list by creating your own awesome content upgrades like information products, eBooks and courses.

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