How And When Should You Post On Pinterest To Get Results?

When Do You Post On Pinterest?

Post On Pinterest

When is best for you to post on Pinterest to get results?

Pinterest is an image-driven social media site and with over 150 million active monthly users it offers online business owners and bloggers a global reach of prospective customers.  Just like any other social media site, to get maximum impact, there are key times to post on Pinterest. When people see your pins and click on them, it all drives free traffic to your website.

To some extent, you can tell when people are more likely to be on Pinterest. Data shows that, across all topics and areas of interest, Pinterest traffic is the heaviest between 2pm and 4pm on weekdays. The second busiest period for traffic is in the evening on weekdays. These are just averages, however. You need to monitor your own Pinterest account to see when engagement is the highest for your pins and boards.

So when is best for you to post on Pinterest and how often should you be doing it?

How Often Do You Need To Post On Pinterest To Get Results?

Pinterest works as a virtual bulletin board. You “pin” images to “boards” that you create. Each board focuses on one particular topic or theme of your choosing, with all of the pins on a particular board falling under that area of interest.  For example, you may choose to create a board you title “5 Minute Recipes”. You would then go about pinning pictures, images, graphics and videos relating to this topic.

Understanding when to pin is important. You should also know how frequently you should be pinning to get the best results out of your marketing efforts. Should you pin once a day, several times a day, 3 times a week or on some other schedule? If you pin too frequently, you water down your content and may look like a spammer. If you don’t pin frequently enough, people forget you are there.

How Frequently Should You Be Pinning?

It has proven most effective for a lot of people on Pinterest to spread out their pinning activities. Varying your pins throughout the day “… exposes you to different segments of the Pinterest population and can lead to more exposure, re-pins and followers,” according to the Buffer website.

A lot of social media experts recommend that you should post to Pinerest at least 5 times per day. If you have a very active website or blog and tons of content, you can increase this rate.

Remember to spread your pinning throughout the day, so you don’t look like you are spamming, or pummeling your followers and other Pinterest users with content. By the way, the Buffer website recommends focusing on Monday for fitness topics, Tuesday for gadgets and Wednesday for inspirational quotes. Thursday is fashion day, Friday seems to be popular for funny GIFs and images, Saturday for travel topics and Sunday for food and crafts.

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How To Use Pinterest For Business Marketing

Remember, your Pinterest account is unique. This means that all the data you see about how often to post on Pinterest only gives you a rough idea to help you develop your own pinning schedule.

You should monitor your account closely and see when you get the most engagement, then plan your pinning schedule accordingly. Using the Pinterest Analytics Tool, you can see how engagement on Pinterest goes up or down over a set period of time. Experiment with how frequently you pin content. Then study the results. This will help you develop a pinning schedule that Goldilocks would be proud of, one that is “just right” for maximum results.

4 Top Scheduling & Automation Tools To Help You Post On Pinterest

If pinning multiple times everyday, 7 days a week, 365 days a year seems daunting, there is help available. There are free and paid resources that show you how to upload a pin on pinterest automatically. You can load all of your pins once a week or once a month, and they are distributed on whatever schedule you develop.

The tools below will help you to automatically post on Pinterest. You can spend just an hour or two each week or month creating your pins. Then you automate the process using the applications and websites listed below, sending out your pins on whatever schedule you dictate.

1. Buffer

Buffer is informative social media marketing blog and social media posting application. They reported on a study that showed you should be pinning 5 to 30 times a day for the best engagement and the most results from your marketing efforts. The Buffer social media posting app not only allows you to schedule and post on Pinterest. It also lets you schedule your content in advance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It also tells you the most active times on Pinterest and the other social media sites. You can then use those default time slots for pin delivery, or create your own schedule.

2. ViralTag

Just imagine that you post to Pinterest and your pin goes viral and drives massive amounts of traffic to your website. That can definitely happen with ViralTag.  It’s a social media dashboard which allows you to schedule and post images to up to 3 social networks. Choose from Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The Pinterest tool allows you to select a specific board, add a pin description and a relevant source, and then set the exact times and intervals for posting pins.

3. Viralwoot

Viralwoot is used by tens of thousands of businesses around the world to boost their results on Pinterest. Their platform is designed and built to cater needs of freelancing marketers to big enterprises and agencies. You can schedule your pins for the future and create pin alerts. You have access to important analytics and statistics, and you can promote your pins all from the Viralwoot dashboard.

4. BoardBooster

BoardBooster lets you automatically schedule and post on Pinterest over ideal time periods. You can streamline group board contributions, test your pins for broken links, edit and “clean up” your boards and view statistics which reveal which of your Pinterest boards are performing the best, and the worst.

Post On Pinterest With Professional, Eye Catching Graphics 

Pinterest is all about visual impact. If the content you pin is not accompanied by eye catching images, then even the best possible content can go unnoticed. Learning how to create an original pin on Pinterest can be challenging. You can employ freelancers to create imagery for you. But this can get expensive and time-consuming. But now you can create your own professional graphics with Graphix Creator – all in under 2 minutes and no design software skills required! In the demo area (in the top right hand section of this page) there are free templates you can use right away to post on Pinterest or use on your blog or website.

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