16 Point Check-List To Help You Build An Online Presence

How To Build An Online Presence

If you’re running an internet business, you should be constantly looking to build an onlineBuild An Online Presence presence. The internet is busy place. There are over a billion websites online and estimates put the number of blogs between 200 and 250 million. There are roughly 125,000 English-speaking podcasts, and the number of podcasts globally is more than 200,000. There are literally millions of businesses and services offered online in a number of markets.

So how in the world are you going to get noticed? This check-list below has 16 ideas, tips, tricks and strategies to help you build your internet presence and improve your market share, sales and profits.

Your Check List To Building An Online Presence

1. Be everywhere. This is the strategy that blogger and podcaster Pat Flynn has used to build a six figure a month online business empire. This means you need to be in different places, not just your blog. This includes social media, podcasts, videos and your email list.

2 Be consistent. When your followers know that you produce a brand new podcast episode every Monday, a value-rich blog post every Wednesday and have a free Question and Answer webinar every Friday, that consistency will pay off.

3.Be available. If you really want to stand out from the competition, make yourself available to really help your audience.

4. Have a solid business plan. Develop and follow it, and stop chasing the “next big thing” or new shiny object. Doing this will allow you to make far more progress than constantly switching things up on your audience.

5. Specialize. When you niche down to a laser targeted market, instead of trying to be all things to everyone, your business will grow.

6. Be yourself. You are the only “you” in the world. People love someone who is genuine, so be genuinely yourself. Don’t be afraid to share small personal stories to help people get to know you.

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7. Provide tons of usable value. If you show someone how to solve a big problem in their life or make their life easier, that person is going to be dedicated to you and your business.

8. Develop a memorable brand. Your logo and personality need to be memorable to stand out from the crowd.

9. Use visuals. Use catchy visuals for every blog post, every freebie and every paid program you create. This will get you noticed on social media, especially if you use a recognizable style for everything you produce.

10. Interact with the online community. Be present and approachable on social media, chat rooms, forums and elsewhere on the web.

11. Don’t publish garbage. Before you publish that blog post or social media update, ask yourself, “Is this valuable?” If not, keep writing until it is.

12. Be controversial. Some of the most successful online and off-line advertisements were outrageous, controversial and thought-provoking.

13. Do something different. If your main competitors are zigging, then zag. If a product they are offering is similar to one of yours and in the same price range, drop your price or add a bonus. Do something different and you’ll get noticed.

14. Use more video. Everyone is talking about video marketing these days. The average person (i.e. your customers) watches YouTube videos for a massive 40 minutes every single day, and that number is growing by over 50% year after year. If they’re not watching your videos, they’ll be watching your competitors.

15, Start a podcast. There are more than 1,000 blogs for every podcast online. Chances are, you will be one of the few business owners in your niche to produce a regularly scheduled podcast.

16. Stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t try to do what they do. Be you, and your uniqueness will probably be the thing that gets people interested.

Build An Online Presence With Confidence

To build an online presence, it’s vital that your internet business has a solid marketing plan. Customers are evolving and they want to do business with someone who they know, like and trust. Businesses that ignore this fact will lose their market share to those businesses that really connect with their audience. This free video webscast reveals the proven steps for running a profitable online business and will show you how you can build an online presence that really connects with your target audience, regardless of the industry or niche you operate in.

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