5 Tips To Improve Instagram Marketing With Great Pics And Videos

Improve Instagram Marketing Everytime You Post A Pic or Video

Why would you want to improve Instagram marketing? After all, isn’t it just a social networking app that was created to let you share videos and photos online. How does that help your business?

Firstly, Instagram has 52 times greater engagement level than Facebook and 127 times greater than Twitter. This means, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to promote a variety of products and services with an Instagram marketing strategy and get maximum sales and profits.

Think of your Instagram page and gallery as a way to make a first impression on any potential followers. And the best way to make an awesome first impression? Take great photos and videos.

5 Tips To Improve Instagram Marketing

Improve Instagram Marketing

Can you make your Instagram images and videos “talk”?

Don’t just take simple photos. Start an Instagram strategy for business and make your images and videos “talk”, carrying a conversation with your followers. You can make views that seem rather normal and don’t merit a picture transform into an amazing shot that earns you respect, notoriety and tons of followers.

1. Lighting 

Instagram should be less about sharing other photos you find online, and more about taking your own photos and videos.  But remember that no amount of filtering or app-editing will save a photo that’s poorly lit. Use natural light whenever you can, unless you have access to the right kind of lighting set-up. If you’re shooting outdoors, early morning and late afternoon are the best times.

Believe it or not, overcast days provide picture perfect lighting. To someone trying to take better pictures with their phone for Instagram, it may seem counter-intuitive to shoot pictures and videos on a cloudy day. But professional photographers know better. So the next time you need to do some shooting outdoors and it is overcast or hazy, don’t be scared to shoot away.

2. Use Your Eyes

Use your eyes before you hold up your phone and start snapping pictures. Take a minute or two to really look at what is going on around you. Use your vision to frame the picture in your mind. Don’t just whip out your smart phone and start snapping.

What does the background look like? Is someone about to walk in front of your subject? Is there something happening in the nearby area that might mean taking this picture in another location would be a better idea? Use nature before technology, and spend some time looking at your subject, your surroundings, lighting and everything else that is going on before you start clicking away.

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3. Use Technology

Use the tools at your disposal. Instagram offers a number of filters and editing tools. There are also third-party applications which boost the ability of your smart phone camera. Don’t be afraid to use outside apps to create desired effects. There’s nothing wrong with using apps and tools to take great pictures.  Most smart phones have some type of photo manipulating features and accessories built into their cameras. A good Instagram strategy for business is to use everything that you have at your availability.

Use blurring and darkening features, crop your photo to keep your focus on one central image, and practice with all of the editing features that your phone’s camera offers. Practice makes perfect. Smart phone apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, Aviary, Cupslice Photo Editor, and  and Bonfire Photo Editor Pro, make mobile photo editing easier than ever. They can also make the average picture taker look like a pro.

They include the tools that let you crop, rotate, change brightness and contrast levels, increase or decrease saturation, add shadows, tints and highlights and create the long exposure effects.

4. Circle Your Subject

Your smart phone camera is not like a regular, standalone camera. It “sees” the world in an entirely different way. The lens of the phone camera absorbs light in a different way when compared to traditional cameras.

By looking through your phone at your subject while moving moving around your subject 360° you’ll see how the changing direction of your light sources can reveal some outstanding effects, and unexpected results. When looking through your phone at your subject while moving through a complete circle, you will see how the changing direction of your light sources can reveal some outstanding effects, and unexpected results.

When you do this a few times, you’ll begin to notice opportunities that previously didn’t exist when you simply held your phone up and snapped a picture

5. Change Your Perspective

So many people on Instagram simply hold their phone up to their eye, frame the shot they’re looking for, maybe fool around with some filters and features, and then take a picture. That may be fine most of the time, and you have probably taken some really great pictures this way. However, to improve Instagram marketing, try shooting from different angles. Change your point of view. Sit down, lay down, stand on something or climb a ladder, and then look at your subject again.

Shooting from up high or right down on the ground can achieve more interesting pictures and makes your pictures look different from most. Photos that stand out get shared. This is how a single photograph on Instagram can go viral, earn you hundreds or even thousands of followers, and help you draw attention to your business.

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Shoot more pics. The more snapshots you take, the more amazing content you will create. Instagram was created specifically for access from a smart phone. You can snap a picture or shoot a short video anytime and anywhere to reach out to your audience. This is an absolutely free marketing opportunity all businesses, large and small, should be taking advantage of.

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