21 Ways To Increase Free Website Traffic

Simple Ways To Increase Free Website Traffic

What online business owner doesn’t want to increase free website increase free website traffictraffic? Anything you do online is pretty much useless without traffic. It doesn’t matter how many pages you create, how much time you spend researching, and how much content you write if you never get any traffic.

Some people believe that all traffic should be free. But this isn’t always true. It can be worth paying for traffic if you have a product that has been proven to convert very well. The trouble is, you will need some free traffic in order to test conversions first. Here are 21 ways to increase free website traffic.

21 Ways To Increase Free Website Traffic 

1. Study Keywords

You need to understand as much as possible about keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that a prospective customer will type into a search engine when searching for products or services that are related to your online business. The search engines provide the prospect with a list of websites that match their keyword search. These free (also known as organic) listings can make all the difference to how much free traffic you get. It might seem like you can increase free website traffic from search engines by using the most obvious keywords. But that would be wrong. Use low competition keywords that people are looking for.

2. Build Your Email List

When you have your readers and website visitors on your email list, you can send them to your website whenever you post something new on it to bring them back to it.

3. Email Marketing Signature

Include your website address in your email signature. Ask your recipients to share and visit it.

4. Guest Blog

Find influential people in your industry and ezine publishers that accept guest blog posts. Create a unique and original post for them with a good image. Include a topic related bio with a link to your website. This will help you build your reputation and increase free website traffic.

5. Start a YouTube.com Channel

YouTube is a fabulous free traffic generator. It’s a lot easier to make videos than
you probably think! You can make a simple video very quickly by putting together a slideshow presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint and exporting to video format.Edit your videos to include your website URL, and include it in the description and even as a linkable comment. Don’t forget to tell people to visit your website in your videos too.

6. Join a Professional Blogging Community

Many professional communities do charge a small fee, so in reality this is not always free. Some are free, but even if there is a small charge consider joining in order to get traffic to your website.

7. Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization is essential to helping you get free traffic to your website. There is both on-page and off-page SEO. Learn as much as you can about it to ensure that you’re doing it right.

8. Create a Site Map

A site map is really just a list of pages on your website that you want indexed by the search engines. If you use WordPress as your content management system, you can get a plugin to help you create a sitemap.

9. Create a Facebook Page

Make a page for your website so that you can easily promote your blog posts and articles on Facebook. Create a “learn more” tab that links to your website.

10. Publish Articles In Popular Ezines

Subscribe to ezines in your industry to watch the type of content they publish. Then offer to write relevant content for their newsletter for exchange for a link back to your website. Even offering a testimonial can get you traffic.

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11. Put Links In Your Social Networks

You can put links to your website in your profile, tabs, action buttons and more on social media. All of these including your shares are ways that you’ll increase free website traffic.

12. Answer Other People’s Questions

People ask questions in groups, forums, and on social media. Be the expert that answers them. The more you can establish yourself as an authority the more curious they’ll be about you. When you comment on industry blog posts, depending upon the system they use, people who read your comment and like what you say can click on your name and find out information about you, including a link to your website.

13. Curate Relevant Content

You don’t have to write every piece of content yourself. You can also be the go-to place to get any information in your niche from other bloggers, online ezines and so forth by simply collecting links to the content and providing a blurb about each bit of content you’re sharing.

14. Create Relevant Categories

On your blog you can create categories for your posts. These categories need to make sense to your audience. This helps increase free website traffic by making it easier for people and search engines to find the content they want to read.

15. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

It’s more important than ever that your audience can view your website form their mobile device. In addition, remember that Google Search doesn’t index non-responsive sites the same as it does responsive websites. Click here to check if your website is responsive.

16. Check Your Website’s Load Speed

How fast your website loads is very important. If it takes longer than a few seconds to load, not only will you miss out on traffic but on search engine indexing too. Click here to text your website’s load speed.

17. Publish eBooks

Write small eBooks or reports and offer them on your website for free. People love getting freebies if they provide value and they’ll share them with their own networks. Ensure that the ebook contains links back to your website.

18. Write For Print Publications

There are many publications looking for both paid and free contributions. Even your local newspaper might need content. All you can do is find the publications that your audience likes to read, and then pitch content to them.

19. Start a Podcast

A podcast is an audio show that you can post in a number of places from your website, to iTunes and more. One of the great things about a podcast is that it’s portable. Your audience can listen while traveling, exercising, or working. Podcasts also give you additional links to your website, which people will click, if they like what they hear on the podcast.

20. Create Effective Navigation

If you only do a few things on this list, make this one of them. If your audience can’t navigate easily around your website, they’re not going to be able to share it with others. The search engines won’t want to share your content either.

21. Update Your Content Regularly 

If you want increase free website traffic be sure to keep the content on your website interesting, updated, and full of relevant quality information for your targeted audience. Don’t just post any content. Post relevant, unique, helpful content directed toward your audience in a way that makes them know, like and trust you enough to tell others about you.

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Before you incorporate any of these tactics to get website traffic for free, ensure that your website is ready for the new volume of traffic. Double check your hosting package to make sure your bandwidth is not limited to a small amount. You may need to go with a larger package if this is the case. If you want to learn more on to how to drive business to your website using free traffic strategies, download a copy of this Free Website Traffic Report. You’ll discover some of the most powerful ways to increase website traffic that work today and don’t cost a penny!

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