6 Internet Marketing Tools To Attract More Life Into Your Business

Add Life To Your Business With These Internet Marketing Tools

Internet businesses, like everything else, can dry up if they are left alone for too long. They all need a refresher once in a while. If you haven’t updated your online business or added new features and benefits to your website, it may be time. Often simple steps can help you attract more life into your business.

You don’t have to take extreme measures to attract more life to your business.

Below are 6 internet business tools that are simple to set up, cost little or no money to use and will add life to your online marketing strategies if your business is starting to dry up.

6 Internet Marketing Tools That Add Life To Your Business

1. Video

Internet Marketing Tools

What tools will you use to stop your business drying up?

It’s predicted that by the year 2019, a full 80% of all internet traffic will be video-related. That means that for every 10 people surfing the web, 8 will be watching explainer and how to videos, as well as videos of funny babies and playful cats.

Since research shows us that a full 92% of mobile video viewers share their videos with others, you simply have to have some online video presence to succeed in business these days. Video is one of the best online tools that you can use. You don’t even need to appear on camera if you don’t want to.

By creating a video channel on YouTube or Vimeo you can reach a new audience and add some life to your business. You can even use short video messages on your sales and landing pages to welcome visitors and connect with them on a more personal level.

2. Webinar

A webinar is nothing more than a live web-based video or audio conference that connects you as the host of the webinar to your audience. There are a lot of reasons why webinars can add life to your online business. Webinars have higher CTRs, sales conversion rates and email list building abilities than many other online marketing methods.

A webinar introduces you as a real person, not just a website or a text-based marketing message. No matter what you think about yourself, there is an audience out there that will immediately “connect” with you as a person, and this deeper connection with your audience can create loyal, lifetime customers. Webinars cost little to no money to produce and host, and can turn into passive sales funnels that make you money with little input from you.

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3. Podcast

Virtually every one of your competitors has a website or a blog. The same can’t be said about podcasts. Podcasts are one of the latest internet marketing tools that is driving many online businesses forward. A podcast provides on-demand and targeted audio content that your audience are looking for. It’s like having your own radio show that your audience can download and listen to whenever they want. It’s free for your audience and allows you to connect with them much better than text-based media.

There’s nothing complicated about making a podcast for your business. At a basic level, you can use a smartphone to record it on. Podcasts provide a golden opportunity to add new life to your business. Many in the podcasting industry believe this is the perfect time to get involved with this unique marketing approach which engages people much more than text-only blogs and websites ever can.

4. Facebook Group 

Creating and managing your own Facebook group can do wonders for your business. Simply by creating a Facebook group, you will be viewed as an authority in your field. Even though setting up a group on Facebook is free and can be done in less than 5 minutes, most people have never done it. Your audience instantly look upon you as a successful web master and online authority figure.

Facebook groups are a free online marketing tool and are great to generate leads, build your email list and eventually sell your products and services. You have total control of the flow of information and communication and access to a free polling and survey tool which can help you understand exactly what is on the minds of your group members.

5. Membership Area

Adding a membership feature to your business model and your website can help you build a community. Membership can be free and provide a number of different features and benefits. For example, you can use a membership to share more content or more product offers and promotions. You can use a membership to help your prospects and customers connect with each other, ask questions, and build relationships.

You can also use it as a means to provide a little more value to those who take the time and energy to join. There are a number of plug-ins that you can use to add membership to your blog or website.

6. Write An eBook

Authors are perceived as intelligent people. This is true whether you write an ebook or a physical book. When you write your own ebook it will help to establish you as an authoritative expert in your field.

Everyone is good at something. Most likely, whether you believe it or not, you are excellent in some way. You also know more than 99% of the population about a particular topic. This knowledge may seem commonplace to you, but it’s not. When you’re better than someone else at anything, that’s something you can write about. If you have a wealth of knowledge in any area, that could be your topic. If you already have blog posts or webpages full of content, process, resource or ability, not only have you found your ebook topic, but all of the writing is already done for you.

How To Get Your Internet Marketing Tools To Work

It might seem like an obvious statement but sometimes businesses forget the fact that the only way to make money is to get customers to buy. The internet marketing tools mentioned above all work and will all bring life into your online business.

But to get your web marketing tools working effectively, you need a proven sales funnel system that guides your audience into becoming leads and then into become customers. Download my free Sales Funnel Checklist which outlines the best practices for making your sales funnel process deliver the intended result with lots of sales and repeat customers.

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