5 Lessons We Can Learn From Amazon About Selling Products Online

Is Your Website Ready For Selling Products Online?

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You can make money selling products via Amazon

You can learn a lot from Amazon if you’re selling products online. From humble beginnings, Amazon is the king of online e-commerce. It has more than double the customers of eBay and it sells just about anything.

So what has helped Amazon dominate the selling of products and services on the internet?

Here are 5 things that Amazon has taught us all about selling products online. It’s a formula that all internet businesses can follow and copy.

5 Lessons From Amazon About Selling Products Online 

1. Reviews

One which factor, which has made Amazon really effective at selling products online , is its user review system. This is done by allowing customers to leave their personal comments and give it a star rating. If a customer doesn’t leave a message, then Amazon will follow up with an email encouraging them to do so.

Why is this effective for an¬†online business selling products? First of all, it gains customers trust. If you’re a small business selling online you may be concerned about negative feedback. However, many studies show that mixed feedback is more trustworthy than just positive views alone.

The 5-star rating system also helps potential customers make the decision to buy.¬†In the end, the review and 5-star rating system¬†have¬†done much to convince people to buy. After all, if you were looking to buy something that had over 1,000 positive reviews and 5 stars, it’s not going to be hard to decide what to do.¬†Amazon also adds a ‚Äėverified purchase‚Äô tag to reviews left by people who actually purchased the product they are reviewing.

2. Personalize

Personalization means more than showing a customer’s name when they log in. Amazon keeps track of items you have viewed and analyzes trends in how you shop. So when looking for products, customers always see suggestions and recommendations in specific categories.
This process for selling products online is not just limited to big websites like Amazon. This can be done on your website with third-party add-ons and plug-ins.

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3. Recommending Similar Items

This is one of the key lessons on how to sell items online which Amazon does very well.

  • The up-sell: where you persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item
  • The cross-sell: where you show related products

In the past, Amazon has reported that 35% of their revenue comes from these recommendations. What it does for the consumer is to increase perceived value. Most customers just have the intention to buy and leave. However, when they are offered bundles or related products, it makes the shopping experience more convenient. It saves them time looking for these items and even suggesting things they may not have thought of.

With the up-sell, it could be the case that the customer didn’t know that for a little extra they could get much more value.¬†This isn’t an exploitation of customers.¬†Those who don’t want it won’t buy it. Those who do buy an up-sell believe they got a good deal and a quality shopping experience.

4. Create Impression Of Urgency

Creating urgency is another thing that Amazon does well. Very often, they have a message under the price saying, “Only xx left in stock.‚ÄĚ This creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the buyer.¬†This sense of urgency is also used with the shipping options. Under the information about the stock, shipping alerts are offered, “Order within xx hours and xx minutes and choose one-day delivery to get it by tomorrow.” In other words, only if you act quickly can you get the item tomorrow.

5. Emphasis On Excellent Customer Service

Customers today are connected to social media, looking at reviews and will comment about both good and bad experiences before and after buying products online. Customer service must be a top priority if you want to be successful in selling products online. Amazon have helpful and knowledgeable staff whose top priority is customer satisfaction. Returns are easy to do and Amazon takes the time to analyze and fulfill customer needs.

Start An Online Business Selling Products From Amazon

Amazon provides a great business model to follow for selling products online. You can leverage the success of Amazon and start your own online business by becoming an Amazon affiliate.¬†As an Amazon affiliate you can do online selling¬†directly from Amazon and they’ll pay you a commission for everything you sell. You don‚Äôt have to worry about creating products, organizing payment systems, arranging product delivery or sorting out customer queries. Amazon does all of that.

If you want to learn more about how you can profit from being an affiliate, not only by selling products from Amazon but for many other businesses, check out this free crash course on how to start your own online store.

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