4 Ways To Make Money Blogging

Can You Really Make Money Blogging? 

When people start a blog it usually begins as a creative outlet to take their personal journalsMake Money Blogging online to share with family and friends.

But now it has has branched out into outlets of information shared by experts in all markets who make money blogging. The internet is a competitive and sometimes impersonal business environment and a key factor for success is to build online credibility. When you start a blog it not only enhances your personal credibility but also the products and services provided by your online business.

The search engines like blogs because they are usually updated frequently, unlike websites that are updated less often. Millions of people visit blogs every day for information or entertainment purposes. A lot of the blog visitors are ones that come back to check in on the latest info on their favourite blogs.

They link their blog to your blog, which increases your reader base. As the blog’s traffic grows your chances for earning increase without having to invest significant amounts of cash to do it. So how do you make money blogging?

4 Ways To Make Money Blogging

1. Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense ads are the most popular way to make money blogging. This program automatically inserts text ads onto your blog and you get paid every time that somebody clicks on an ad. While a couple of clicks earn you very little, a high flow of traffic and clicks earns you a substantial amount. To make money blogging with AdSense, you have to drive traffic to the blog. The most important concept with AdSense is to remember that you have to make the ads visible and not hidden somewhere in the blog where they can’t be seen.  The more people who click away, the more money you’ll make.

2. Banner Advertising

Another way some people make money blogging is by selling advertisement space. Advertisers are keen to place one of their banner ads on popular blogs that are related to their market niche. They will pay you based on the traffic numbers you generate to your blog and the prime space available on your blog pages. There are many ways you can monetize ad space. You might charge a flat fee, take a commission based on the number of click-throughs, or make a deal where you get a percentage of the sale of a product, much like an affiliate marketer does.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money blogging online. This is where you recommend products or services in your blog that are related to your subject matter. You provide a link to the sales page where your readers can buy it and when they do, the product owner will pay you a commission. Affiliate marketing very popular way to make money blogging and you can earn more from affiliate commissions that other forms of promotion. You can find a whole range of products and services to promote on websites such as AmazonCJ AffiliateClickBank or JVZoo.

4. Product Reviews

You can make money from you blog by providing opinions of goods and services. There are several websites that will pay you to create opinions. Your blog does need a reasonable number of visitors to get accepted by these sites and commissions can vary depending on the products and services you review.

You Can Make Money Blogging

The WordPress website platform is recognized in the online business world as a the best system to start a blog today. It has the functionality to help your online business earn revenue as well providing as a complete content management system. If you’ve ever struggled to start a blog using WordPress or you find yourself wasting hours or even days trying to figure it all out on your own then the Know WP Video Course can help you. This easy to follow course shows you how to start a blog now and boost your online brand.

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