How To Make Money From Facebook Groups

Do You Make Money From Facebook Groups?

Make Money From Facebook Groups

A Facebook group gives you access to new prospects.

The benefits of Facebook groups for building your online business, blog and brand are plentiful. Facebook groups are great to generate leads, build your email list and eventually sell your products and services. It is possible to make money from Facebook groups but the key is to get your prospects away from Facebook and onto your website.

Remember, Facebook is social. You shouldn’t be selling their often, if at all. However, you eventually need to turn your prospects into paying customers or you won’t be in business for long.

How To Profit From Facebook Groups

When you develop a Facebook group for your business you’re taking a step that can potentially give you access to people in your market or niche that may have never discovered your website or blog otherwise.

The first step to make money from Facebook groups is to get your members onto your email list. Get them away from the crowded world of Facebook, where everyone is trying to engage them, and bring them to the more personal, one-on-one, intimate interaction that email provides.

How Do I Move People from My Facebook Group to My Email List?

If you’re an internet marketer, you’ll already understand the importance of building your email list. Communicate with your list frequently, providing amazing value and great information, and you’ll have a resource that will happily purchase your products and help make your business a success.

So how do you get them on your email list?

One way is to give them an incentive to join your list. You probably have a squeeze page somewhere online, probably on your website, that builds your list for you. Web surfers provide their email address in return for a free report, e-book, video, interview or some other value-rich product or file.

You can use the same strategy on your Facebook group. Just remember that the people on social media sites rarely like to be sold to or approached from a business angle. This means the majority of your posts and updates on your Facebook group should be value and information-oriented only. Don’t try and directly make money from Facebook groups.

However, every few posts you should provide a free e-book, one-on-one consultation, PDF file or some other valuable piece of bait in return for that person joining your email list.

Free Checklist & Report: How To Profit With Facebook Groups
Monetize Facebook Group

Another simple way to build your email list through a Facebook group is to link your posts to your website. You should have several list-building components integrated into your website, and this exposes your Facebook group members to that opportunity without directly doing so.

One clever way to build your list through Facebook groups is to ask your members exactly what problems they need solving. Compile the top 5 or 10 questions, along with answers, into a PDF file.  Then offer your Facebook group in return for them joining your list. This way, you are answering questions you already know are top of mind in your marketplace, and the odds of those people who asked those questions joining your list is very high.

Get Traffic To Your Website from Other People’s Facebook Groups 

As an online entrepreneur it’s easy and natural to feel jealous if one of your competitors has developed an large Facebook group. You probably think from time to time, “How can I get access to all of those people that are interested in my niche?

Doing so is actually not that difficult, but there are certain inherent rules you have to follow.

The first thing you need to do is join the group. Once in, contact the group owner or administer. Be totally open about the fact that you are in the same field or market as them. Be totally transparent about the fact that you’re a business person looking to build your presence online, and you would be open to any type of mutually beneficial relationship.

Do the Work for Them

You probably already understand that consistent, regular interaction is needed on social media if you’re going to be successful building your brand. When some other person’s Facebook group is attractive to you, remember that person may struggle to engage his or her audience and post regular content, just like you do. In return for a link back to your website or blog, offer to provide a certain number of weekly updates or posts.

The bigger the Facebook group, the bigger the need for relevant content and engagement. You may be surprised that your competitors are more than happy to let you handle some of their workload in return for sending traffic to your website.

Engagement Is The Key

Your traffic can also benefit from someone else’s Facebook group when you engage the audience you find there. Instead of just lurking, answer questions and provide valuable content. Show up regularly, and often. Become a well-known information source in that group. Facebook is a very social place. When people know they can rely on you for helpful information they will check out your profile. So make sure you include a link in your profile back to your website.

Provide A Free And Valuable Resource

This works surprisingly well when your online presence is much smaller than the person who owns the Facebook group you are trying to access. In this situation, that person doesn’t look at you as a competitor. Contact them, offering to create a valuable resource for the members of the group. Make sure that the value is over-the-top, and that you construct something that people would be happy to pay for.

In return for this free gift you’re offering the group, ask the group administrator or owner if you can add a link back to your website or blog. Even if they prefer you not to link to your website from their Facebook group, you can place your information and several hypertext links to your website inside the product you will be giving away to the group.

Many times a competitor gladly agrees to this kind of relationship. It helps their group members out and helps their relationship with the group, while also helping you to make money from Facebook groups.

Free Checklist: How To Make Money From Facebook Groups

The incredible power of using Facebook to impact your business in a positive way simply cannot be overstated. A Facebook group can generate leads, build your email list, give you access to more prospects and sell your products and services. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it the wrong way can lead to lasting damage to your brand. On the other hand, when you do it the right way by following the Facebook group best practices outlined in this Free Facebook Group Checklist it ensures that you have the best possible chance to make money from Facebook groups.

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