How To Give Your Online Business Customers What They Want

7 Ways To Give Your Online Business Customers Real Value

Your online business customers are important. Of course they are. Without customers you’ll have no business. But would your customers miss you if you weren’t around?

Would they care if you suddenly closed down your business? Does your business actually make a difference in your customers’ lives?

Once you know how to deliver better value than your competitors, your customers will become more loyal and you’re going to make more money. So how can you get your online business customers to know, like and trust you and stay loyal to you and your brand?

7 Ways To Give Your Online Business Customers Real Value

1. Bring Solutions

The first thing here that you want to do, the main crutch in your business, the main thing that’s going to make a difference to lives of your online business customers is to bring them a simple solution to a crippling problem they have.

It doesn’t matter what products or services you sell, once you can understand how your Internet Marketing Businessbusiness can impact people’s lives and all the different ways you can do so, your business will really start to take off.¬†¬†When you provide value, you’re going to build a lot of good will, which will then make you money.

When you make a difference in someone’s life, they’ll love you for it.¬† They’ll tell other people about it, and lookout for every other thing that you put out. ¬†They know that you provide solutions to problems and will be happy to buy from you again.

2. Listen To Your Customers

The second element is to listen to your online business customers. In life, 99% of the people we pass by are strangers. And so a lot of people feel alone because of that, or isolated. ¬†A lot of people feel that they have no one to turn to, no one to talk to, no one that knows what they’re going through.¬† So they want to be able to feel like you’re there. They know you understand, because you know what they want, because you have listened to their problems, and you’re finding solutions for them.

Basically, they want somebody who understands them. They want somebody they can look at and say “Hey, I’m just like him.¬† I can do the things he’s done.¬† I just have to know what he knows.”¬† And then they want to listen to you so they can get what you know so they can do it too.

3. Look Out For Their Best Interests

One of your jobs is to warn your audience about potential threats that they would otherwise be unaware of.¬†There are times where it’s better to sacrifice part of your profits or time just so you can look out for the best interests of your online business customers. For example, you may tell them what products not to buy or¬†tell them the money traps to avoid that you know they’ll be easily sucked into.

For example, you might say “Hey, I like this brand and I like their products but this is one product of their’s that I don’t endorse.¬† And I don’t think you should get sucked in, because in my opinion, it doesn’t offer value for money.”

Yes, you’re running the risk that people are going to get mad at you but that’s your job, too.¬† You’ve got to say the things that other people are afraid to say that you know are in your customers’ best interest.

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4. Protect Them From Negative Social Conditioning

You’ve got to be the person who doesn’t allow them to be around their soul-sucking friends, who will tell them that they’re foolish or chasing a dream or whatever. You’ve got to look out and let them know that that’s going to happen to them. Then you’ve got to equip them with strategies to deal with that in a positive manner.

5. Create A Community

Your online business customers want exclusivity. Membership of a Facebook group makes people feel special as if they’re part of a secret group of movers and shakers. Therefore, getting people to join isn’t hard. Getting them to stay is a little more work but if you focus on value, you can do it.

Creating an inner circle community is almost a no-brainer when it comes to generating income for your business. You can charge for the inner circle, or you can use the inner circle as a product-generating test audience. It’s up to you how you choose to conduct business, but one thing is for sure Рinner circles can increase your income substantially.  Just staying connected with your target audience in a close way will help you create so many more products and services for your audience that you may not have considered. You’ll have, right at the tip of your fingertips, the ability to ask your audience in a direct manner what type of products or services they want.

6.  Be Optimistic

Did you know that 70 to 80% of our thoughts are negative? ¬†If you’re an average person, almost four out of five thoughts that you think are negative in nature.¬† A lot of it has to do with the culture we’re raised in. When you’re a kid, what are you told all the time?¬† “Don’t do that. No. Stop. Put that down. No, no, no, no, no.”

Then you go to school. Guess how they grade you. They don’t mark everything you got right on your paper. They only mark everything you got wrong on your paper.¬†So you have to fix that for your online business customers. ¬†You’ve got to be that person who gives them that ray of hope constantly from every single different angle that you can. You’ve got to be a living example of unbridled optimism.

7. Be Different

The status quo is mundane. One way¬†how to attract more customers to your business¬†is to provide information that enlivens them and gets them excited. ¬†Normal people get normal results. So you don’t want to be normal, and you don’t want to explain stuff in a normal fashion. You want to explain stuff with a new slant, and you want to give them a new way of looking at doing the stuff that they’re doing in their lives and new approaches so they can get new results.

Get More Online Business Customers

It all boils down to this. It all boils down to offering your online business customers something of value that they just can’t get anywhere else.¬† So combine really good information with really actually listening to them deeper than most people do. Always look out for their best interests, and be that person, that ray of light, that rose that grows in the concrete in the middle of the street. Be that thing.¬† Be that unbridled source of optimism.

The cool thing is that if you help them get what they want, they’re more than likely to help you get what you want. To learn more, this free online business bundle¬†delivers powerful internet money-making education that shows you¬†how to find new customers and increase sales.

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