How To Get Your Business Noticed In Online Discussion Groups

Marketing Your Business In Online Discussion Groups And Forums

Online Discussion Groups

Being part of any group or forum is like being part of a club.

If you’ve spent any time in online discussion groups or forums, you’ll have seen a lot of people come in and do “drive-by” posts to market their business. Many have good intentions and some may have unethical intentions.

But either way, good intentions or not, this isn’t the way to market your business in online forum sites or social media groups.

Building a community using forums and groups is a very important way to create many raving fans and brand advocates. It works for helping your affiliates make more sales, it works for showing your expertise, and it works for building your email list. It’s an important marketing component to add to your marketing strategy.

10 Ways To Get Noticed In Online Discussion Groups And Forums

1. Read the Rules and Guidelines of Each Group or Forum

When you join any group, always read the pinned post and the rules and guidelines. If you don’t like those rules, then it’s possible the group isn’t for you. Running a group or a forum has many advantages and the owner has a right to run it as they see fit.

2. Create a Standout Profile for Every Platform

Ensure that your profile adequately represents your voice, your brand, and what you do. Ensure it leads them to your website too. This can seem a little harder on Facebook but the best thing to do is to have a public Facebook page since you must join groups as yourself.  However, Facebook groups are one of the best online forums and message boards for business generation. Use your privacy settings to limit what people can see when you post, but don’t hide your profile from the public.

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3. Introduce Yourself Correctly without Making a Sales Pitch

After reading the rules and guidelines and scrolling through the group and reading other posts and comments, you should have more information about how you can introduce yourself. Some groups are fine with you putting one link to your business page, but others are not. If you’re unsure, introduce yourself without it. People who are interested will ask or look at your profile.

4. Be a Resource to Members and the Owner of the Group or Forum

When you notice people asking questions and you know the answer, go ahead and answer if you’re sticking to the rules. For example, don’t post affiliate links without permission, don’t private message people without permission, and so forth. Help people without needing to profit from it because you’re trying to build relationships.

5. Engage with Members Often

Don’t be a drive-by person. Try to devote some time to groups that you know your target audience hangs out in. Congratulate them, answer questions, ask questions, and commiserate with them in a friendly manner the same way you would if you went to a live networking event.

6. Provide Real Value to Members of the Group

Remember that you want to be a valuable member of the group so that people seek you out, tag you, and even send you private messages. If you’re valuable enough, an owner might even ask you to be a moderator, which can give you more street cred with new members.

7. Don’t Engage in Negativity

Even if other people are negative in a group and do the wrong thing, don’t participate. That includes all sorts of politics and other sensitive subjects. Leave that type of thing to the group owners, including calling out people for bad behavior. Even if you’re a moderator, don’t participate outside of your duties.

8. Don’t Hijack Someone Else’s Post

Often, someone will post something that brings to mind information of your own situation. Outside of being a good resource, don’t turn it into a discussion about you. If you want to, you can use that post as a starting point and make a new post about your situation, but avoid taking over someone else’s thread.

9. Use Reporting and Blocking When Necessary

The best defense when it comes to online discussion groups and forums is to use the reporting and blocking functionality when it’s available. If it’s not, just use your ability to completely ignore people who aren’t behaving properly. If you report harassment to an owner and nothing is done, you may want to question if you should be part of that group.

10. When in Doubt Ask the Admin

If you’re not sure something you want to do is allowed, such as announce an event you’re having, a sale, or so forth, just ask the admin. Do read the rules to try to decipher whether the owner will be open to it at all before you even ask. They may have ad space for that type of thing too.

Being part of any group or forum is like being part of a club. If you don’t like the rules of the club, talk to the leaders in a respectful way to find out if there can be changes. If not, it’s okay to acknowledge that the club isn’t right for you and move on to a new club that is more in line with what you need in a group or forum.

Free Checklist: How To Create Your Own Online Discussion Groups

A seriously effective way to build your audience and to make more sales is to start your own online discussion groups and forums on social media. You can use a social media platform like Facebook to quickly and easily set up a free online forum. When you have your own Facebook group, you’ll be able to create a captive audience that is listening to what you say instead of having to fight for attention with others on the general social media feed.

However, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Doing it the wrong way can lead to lasting damage to your reputation, brand and growth prospects. On the other hand, when you do it the right way by following the Facebook group best practices outlined in this Free Facebook Group Checklist it ensures that you have the best possible chance at harnessing the positive power of Facebook groups for business success.

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