Is Online Video Marketing Any Good? 7 Ways You Can Be Certain

The Benefits Of Online Video Marketing

Not sure about using online video marketing for your business? Many internet business owners are a little concerned about using video. Usually this is due to not feeling comfortable with creating videos and wondering if they are really worthwhile.

But the benefits of online video marketing for businesses is huge. Videos help to increase your online presence.  Also, your search engine rankings will start to improve and this will increase traffic to your site.

It’s relatively easy to incorporate videos into your marketing efforts. The video on I’ve put on this page was simply filmed with my smart phone and uploaded to YouTube. I then copy/pasted the ’embed’ link (found under the video on YouTube) onto this website page. Here are 7 reasons why you should be using more video.

7 Reasons To Use More Online Video Marketing

1. Audience Reach

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. This is just one reason why you should use video as a marketing tool.

According to research a video can easily reach 84% of the U.S. population who have an internet connection. Other statistics state that any type of web page that has a video on it is fifty times more likely to reach the first page of Google. Can you imagine what that could do for your business? According to research done by Cisco videos are going to account for 69% of all internet traffic by the year 2017.

2. Boosts Email Marketing

When you send out an email try using the word ‘Video’ in the subject line. You should see an increase in your open rates. Most email marketing service providers have the tools to enable you to show your videos without having to click away from the email. When creating a video, always add a link to your website in the description area of your video.

3. Landing Page Opt-In Rate

Videos are perfect for landing pages as well. These videos don’t have to be long. You just want to incorporate enough information to intrigue your viewer to want to know more. This will get them to opt in to your list where you can send them further information. Businesses across all sectors are seeing an increase in sales when promoting with videos.

4. Easy To Produce

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Video marketing for business doesn’t have to involve lots of high-tech kit. Most computers today are equipped to create videos and movies. You can easily create a basic video using tools such as PowerPoint, Camtasia or any screen capture type of program (check out Jing or Windows Movie Maker). Of course you can also use your smartphone to video yourself and upload directly to YouTube.

You can even just turn a slide presentation into a video if you don’t want to appear on camera. Use PowerPoint or Keynote to create informative slides that can be turned into a video. As you create more videos the process will become easier and less time consuming.

5. Builds A Relationship With Your Audience

Another benefit to creating a video, especially if you are recording yourself, is that it shows the human side of you. With so much marketing being done online, it is too easy to hide behind your website. Use videos to really connect with your audience and build a relationship with them. You may be surprised at how much more interaction you suddenly start seeing on all of your website. Don’t create long videos. You would be better off to create two or three shorter ones that form a series.

Consumers say that watching videos helps increase their confidence when it comes to purchasing a product online. Using videos is just another type of content strategy. It helps mix up your articles and blog posts. Videos are great for service providers too. They add a more human touch to your services. Use video on your blogs and other web properties.

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6. Makes Complicated ‘How To’ Tutorials Easy To Follow

If you’re trying to explain something complicated, instead of writing a long pages of text, record a video. Videos can easily demonstrate things in a better way than reading through a big instruction manual. How many times have you tried to learn something by reading a 50 page text manual? You simply didn’t understand the instructions, got confused or it was just too time consuming. Even a 10 minute video would have made a big difference. Videos show the viewer “How To” and they can help you to tell a story. When people watch a video they often don’t realize that they are being “sold” to.

7. People Like To Share Videos

Video is easy to share across multiple channels. Don’t just place your videos on your website. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and watch how many times they get shared. Imagine what this can potentially do for your market reach? People love videos and a good video can do wonders for your business.

Let’s do a quick recap on the top benefits of online video marketing:

  • Quick to create
  • Create using free tools
  • Great way to promote your products/services
  • People love watching videos
  • Can use PowerPoint slides to create your video
  • Good videos can go viral and generate increased traffic to your site
  • Google loves videos

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