7 Tips To Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Results

Do Pinterest Marketing Results Matter?

Pinterest Marketing Results

Pinterest is a major player in the social media universe

Do you really need to be concerned about your Pinterest marketing results? Isn’t it just a place where women share product images? Not anymore. Today Pinterest has become a major player in the social media universe.

Appealing to both men and women, Pinterest has over 150 million active monthly users and provides entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses large and small with a global reach.

It has rapidly become a social media presence worthy of your attention if you operate any type of business whether online or offline.  Here are 7 tips to boost your Pinterest marketing results.

Using Pinterest For Business Marketing

Pinterest works like a virtual bulletin board. You “pin” images to “boards” that you create. Each board focuses on one particular topic or theme of your choosing, with all of the pins on a particular board falling under that area of interest

Just like a fisherman knows that putting fish in the boat relies on a lot of things, the same applies for your Pinterest marketing results. You have to know what bait to use for a specific fish. You have to know when those fish are hungry, when they are breeding, where they are going to be, and how to present the lure or bait so it looks natural.

There are lot of things to take into account to become a successful fishermen, and it’s the same when using Pinterest for business.

1. Use As Many Keywords In Promoted Pins As Pinterest Will Let You

This is where some marketers really miss the boat. Pinterest recommends using 20 to 30 keywords with your promoted pins and Pinterest ads. Include main keywords, related phrases and long-tail keywords as well, and max out the 20 to 30 word recommendation.

2. Show Multiple Products In A Single Pin

Why not make an image displaying several things that you offer your prospects? This adds value to a single pin by displaying multiple offerings, products and services. You also have a better chance of engaging and appealing more users by showing multiple options. There are lots of free image tools that you can use to improve your Pinterest marketing results.

3. Take Advantage Of Image Height

It can be tough to stick out on a crowded Pinterest page. Image size matters a great deal when someone has so many different pieces of content for their eyes to take in. Taller, vertical pins perform better on Pinterest than shorter pins. Nearly 80% of all Pinterest usage takes place on mobile devices. If you have a smart phone, you’ll know that viewing Pinterest on your phone means images that are tall and slim look the best.

Pinterest automatically scales all images you upload to a specific width. However, the height is up to you. The images which jump out on Pinterest are those which are taller. Because of the way the website is laid out, short, squat images just don’t capture your eyes the way taller images do.

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4. Include Text Overlay

When you add text on top of your images, it makes them jump off the page as compared to content on Pinterest that doesn’t have a textual marketing message. The vast majority of pins on Pinterest are just graphics or images. Yours stands out and adds value to your message when you include a text overlay on top of your images.

One study by Shopify shows that “pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without”. Similar studies show images with textual overlay routinely drive more engagement than images without text. This is because of the power of textual communication, combined with imagery.

5. Go For Light Over Dark Image Colors

Research shows that lighter colored images are repinned much more consistently than darker images. Red shades and colors are also more likely to be repinned than images that are predominantly blue. Bear in mind that extremely dark or extremely light images don’t draw as much engagement on Pinterest as those with moderate coloration.

6. Display Each Phase Of A Step-By-Step Process

This is an ingenious way to turn one piece of content into multiple pins. Capture an image of each phase of a step-by-step process, creating a pin for each image. Add minimal background to your images. Images with less than 30% background are re-pinned more than any other images on Pinterest.

7. Write Descriptions Of 200 To 300 Words

When you upload your pins to Pinterest make sure you add descriptions. One study that looked at thousands of pin descriptions showed that descriptions with 200 to 300 characters (about 50 words) were the most repinnable. Include keywords and phrases you are trying to rank for in your pin descriptions.

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Build your Pinterest followers, like your Pinterest boards, slowly and steadily. This way you’ll get a lot further and be more successful than if you try to do it too quickly. With over 150 million active monthly users, Google is paying more attention to Pinterest, which means you can boost your search engine rankings and enjoy free, targeted traffic with this social media super-brand. Download my Free Pinterest Marketing Checklist and get more Pinterest for business tips.

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2 thoughts on “7 Tips To Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Results

  1. Jarvee

    Even Bank of America is driving more than 30 % of their social media from Pinterest – targeting millennials.
    If they can take advantage of it, every business can do it with the right strategy and branding. If you know your target audience, you can attract them by sharing content that they are interested in, don’t just talk about your company and brand.

    1. Jon Allo Post author

      Hey Jarvee, thank you for your comments. Absolutely true about Pinterest. Pinterest is only second to Facebook on the amount of referral traffic it sends to websites!


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