Are Solo Ads Dead?

Are Solo Ads Dead?

Solo ads are where your selling message is emailed by a solo ad vendor to an agreed solo adsnumber of people on the vendor’s list. Your message is sent on its own, without any other messages or advertising, hence the name solo ad marketing.

Within the email you will have a link to your squeeze page or landing page. The solo ad vendor will normally guarantee that the link in your email will receive a certain number of unique clicks.

These clicks do not guarantee that people will respond to the message on your squeeze page and submit their email to receive more information from you. They only guarantee that a certain number of people will actually see it. So if you want solo ads that work, what do you do?

Are Internet Marketing Solo Ads Dead?

Internet marketing solo ads are a very popular way for online marketers to grow their customer lists. But some online marketers are saying that solos ads have had their day. They think that the people on the lists of vendors who sell solo ads are just looking for freebies and it is the same names being passed from list to list. They claim that the people on these lists have no intention of ever buying anything and your time and money spent to encourage them to opt in to your list is wasted. To some extent this is true.

But using the best solo ads from reputable vendors will get you prospects, customers and will grow your customer base. But you have to do your homework. Just like badly targeted direct mail that you get through your mailbox at home is seen as junk mail, badly targeted emails are the same. Cheap solo ads will probably only give you access to a cheap audience.

Target Your Audience

Before buying solo ads, check with the vendor what the people on his or her list are interested in the type of products or services you are selling. You will need to test a variety of email lists in order to find the most responsive names for your offer. Check when the last time a solo ad was sent to the list,  how often the list is emailed and if people on the list have actually ever bought anything.

Remember that the people that opt-in to your list are all in a different stages of the buying cycle. Some may not be ready to buy from you just yet, some may have just bought and are checking out what they could have bought from you or some might pull out their credit cards straight away!

Is The Solo Ad Vendor Reliable?

Make sure when buying your solo ad that you send it from a reputable solo ad vendor. You are handing over your hard earned cash to somebody who has promised you a certain number of clicks, but will they really deliver. You will pay for a solo ad before it is sent, so what guarantee do you have that you ad will be sent at all?  To avoid this problem look for testimonials from other online marketers who have used the solo ad vendor and check out his online reputation.

Is The Vendor List Fresh?

Check that the vendor list is not over mailed. If a vendor selling solo ads cannot provide details on mailing frequency, look elsewhere. They probably lack the control, technical expertise, and reporting basics. Also check how often new names are added to the list as newer names offer access to new subscribers and the vendor is not just sending offers to the same people all the time.

Buy solo ads With Confidence

A good starting point for internet marketing solo ads is Udimi Solo Ads. Udimi solo ads are one of the best solo ad sites where you can buy good value solo ad marketing mailings from reputable list owners, who all have reputation scores from others that have used them. As your list grows you can even sell your own solos from the website.

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