Why SEO Is Important When Starting Your Own Online Business

Why Is SEO Important When Starting Your Own Online Business?

When you are starting your own online business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), isstarting your own online business one of the most important concepts of your internet business. Your website’s SEO is the way that search engines scan your website’s content to produce results for people who are searching for information on the internet. And, for any online business start up, you need the search engines to drive website traffic to your website.

If words within your website content, known as keywords, match what somebody has typed into the search engine, then you are on you are on your way to getting your website ranked in the search engine results. But creating an effective and search engine friendly website can be very challenging when you are starting your own online business. There are several factors you need to consider.

SEO Tips For Your Online Business

When you start an online business there are two main types of search engine optimization to be aware of :

  1.  On Page SOE is like an online business startup checklist for your website. It is about your content, internal website links, navigation, page structure, keyword density and any images, video or audio on the pages of your website.
  2. Off page SEO, sometimes referred to a link building,  is process of building links back to your website from other websites. This is done via such techniques as links from social media and video marketing.

In this article we will look at On Page SEO because when you are starting your own online business it concerns everything that is actually on your website. Even if a search engine does find your website page, if there is nothing relevant on the page in relation to the search it will not rank your website in its listings.

How To Use SEO When Starting a Web Business

When you set up an online business the first element of your SEO is to create your keywords. You need to take time and consideration when creating your keywords because without them your website will not be found by the search engines.

When starting your own online business, you should aim for about 500 words per page on your website with between four and eight keywords on it. The number of keywords on the page is called keyword density.  Remember that you have to write so that it can be read by people, not just by search engines.  Even if the best online startup business had a page stuffed full of keywords the website would be blacklisted as spam and then nobody will see it at all.

Try to use specific keyword phrases and not just single keywords. Due to the amount of competition for general keyword terms in the search engines, if your keyword phrases are too general when starting your own online business it is very unlikely that your will rank well in the search engines. If you are are unsure of what keywords you should use there are several free online keyword tools. These include WordtrackerSEO Book Keyword Tool and Keyword Eye

Be Creative When Starting Your Own Online Business

The more creative you are with your online business startup, the higher on the search engine results you will appear. Put unique and different content on each page and add graphics to make it more attractive to your visitors. Each graphic should have a keyword attached to it, called an ALT tag. This is because search engines cannot see graphics but they can use ALT tags to decipher what an image is or what it is representing.

Keep your paragraphs short, use bullet points and sub headings and make your content easy to read. If you are starting your own online business you will probably have lots of new content to add to your website in the early days. But you must continue to keep your website updated regularly. Search engines will not provide results that are based on content that is out of date. Also, make sure that you do not have any broken links.

There are many elements to consider when starting your own online business and making your website more SEO and user friendly will attract more visitors. Managing your keywords, graphics and content are all important factors for good search engine optimization.

A SEO Expert For Your Online Business Startup

The WordPress website system is now the most widely used website building platform on the internet and is an ideal platform an internet business start up.  But creating an SEO friendly website can be challenging when you are starting your own online business, even if you are using WordPess. That is why so many online business entrepreneurs take advantage of user-friendly software that can take your website from nowhere to first page ranking.

SEOPressor provides real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve your website’s content for SEO. It analyses keywords, keyword density, content length, exact placement of your keywords, images, links and font decorations and more. It’s like having a SEO expert right beside you suggesting ways to improve your website’s on-page SEO.  To see how SEOPressor can help when you when starting your own online business watch this free presentaton.

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