Why set up your own online business?

Why set up your own online business?

Here’s a story about Stuart Ross, the founder of the Six Figure Mentor System.

Five years ago he was stressed-out and his days started the same every day.

He was worrying about his spiralling debt, commuting in traffic to a job that he hated and having a horrible anxiety feeling that often made him feel physically sick.

Like a lot of people, he was on the never ending hamster wheel.

This is where no matter how hard you work in your job and how much you worry – things never seem to get better.

But, one day leading up to Christmas 2007, he made a decision that ultimately changed his life forever.

This decision actually turned his life around within under 6 months.

Because within that time he had quit his job, paid off his debt, bought a new car and, most importantly, he was writing his own pay cheque from home!

So what the heck was this decision –  I’m sure you’re wondering… 🙂

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