Does A Small Business Start Up Need A Website?

Why Does A Small Business Start Up Need A Website?

The internet is the most effective marketing tool in today’s business world and any small small business start upbusiness start up needs a website to remain competitive. The beauty of the internet is that the world is your customer, not just the people who live near the area of your business.

Tablet computers and smartphones are expected to exceed personal computers in internet usage. Business today is more information-intensive and less labour and capital-intensive. This means that traditional barriers to success in business are being removed with the growth of the digital economy. Your small business start up plan cannot ignore the internet.

Can You Setup Online Business Yourself?

As a small business start up, you know that you need to be online, but should you produce your own website yourself? Well, it all depends on your skills. The advances of today’s technology mean that to set up a business online is not as challenging as it once was. If you have the ability to produce a website that looks good, then go for it.  But if your skills are limited then you either have to learn how to do it properly or outsource it. If your website doesn’t have a professional look to it, then it is going to reflect badly on your company’s image.

How Much Does it Cost to Setup Online Business?

There are expenses associated with any small business startup and although your online costs are considerably lower than any physical premises costs, you will have to spend some money. You will need a domain name and website hosting. If you’re looking to simply get a presence on the internet, then you can get started for a few hundred US dollars. But, if you’re really want your own internet business and effectively have your shop exist in the digital world you’re going to be looking at more money.

What Should You Put On Your Website?

This all depends on what you want your website to actually do for your small business start up. If you want to sell online, you obviously have to have your products on your website and clearly show their benefits to potential buyers. Additionally, you should have an email capture form so that people can subscribe to your website updates. One of the key elements when you setup online business is to build a list of email subscribers who you send information to about your products and services.

If you’re just looking to start your own company without actually selling anything online then there are two elements that you must have. You need information about your company and how people can contact you. Remember when people look at websites, if it’s well designed they won’t know if they’re dealing with a multi-national company or a one person organisation, and this means that your small business start up can play alongside the big boys!

How To Get Your Small Business Start Up Online

So you’re convinced a website is the way to go? Excellent, this can only be of benefit to you!  To succeed with your own internet business you’ll need a solid business model, clear direction, training and determination. To learn how to get your small business start up online check out this FREE 7 Day Online Business Training Course.

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