How To Overcome Your Fears And Start A Podcast

Not Ready To Start A Podcast?

When you start a podcast it’s great way of promoting your business and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. One of the big benefits to your audience when starting your own podcast is that they don’t have to be infront of a computer screen to listen to you.

They can download your podcast and listen to it where and when they want to, whether it’s when they’re commuting to and from work, exercising or generally on the move. A podcast enables you to connect with your audience on a much more personal level than text-based media.

However, many business owners never start a podcast because they have fears and reservations that they’ll get it all wrong. Here are some of the most common ones you might be feeling and how you can overcome them.

How To Overcome Your Fears And Start A Podcast

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What’s stopping you starting your podcast?

Fear: I don’t like the sound of my voice

One of the reasons many people don’t bother with podcasts is because they simply don’t have the confidence required to make audio recordings. This could be due to bad experiences they’ve had in the past, or it could just be a lack of self-confidence.

How to overcome it:

You can try to overcome this fear by making some small audio recordings just for yourself to listen to. Listen to them with a critical ear and think about the things you don’t like. Make another recording attempting to change these things. Make a list of the things you did like about the audio in order to create a more positive side. Ask a close friend to take a listen and tell you what they think. If you’re really struggling, you can always hire somebody else to talk or act in your podcast.

Fear: My podcast might not get much attention

With anything you post on the internet, there’s always the risk that it won’t get a lot of attention and will be a bit of a flop.

How to overcome it:

Try to put this fear to the back of your mind or get rid of it completely. Anything you do online or offline can be a bit risky, but sometimes it’s a risk you have to take. Remember that you can always try again if your first podcast doesn’t work. A lot of it is about how much and how well you market it.

Fear: Nobody will listen to what I have to say

Lots of people don’t say what they want to say because they worry other people won’t bother listening to it.

How to overcome it:

Come up with some valuable and important things to say. Share them with your friends before you create a podcast – this will help you to see what people’s opinions towards it are like. People you know may be biased, so talk to your close friends about your idea for podcasting it. Promote your podcast as much as possible to reach a wider audience.

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Marketing Your Podcast

1. Use Social Media

Social media is great for marketing anything, and you can do it entirely for free. While you have to pay for Facebook and Twitter ads, you can post your content on these websites free of charge. If you have a Twitter or Instagram profile, post a link to the podcast along with a few words and some clever hashtags related to the podcast.

2. Film The Making Of Your Podcast

To get extra attention for your podcast, make a video of how you put it all together. You can then upload this to YouTube and add a link to the actual podcast in the description. Once people have watched how it’s made, they’ll be more excited to see the actual podcast.

3. Upload Your Podcast to iTunes

You can upload to podcast to iTunes if you want to expose it to millions of people around the world. The podcast directory of full of various podcasts created by people on a wide variety of different topics, so there’s bound to be an audience for yours somewhere.

4. Find Other People Who Podcast About Similar Topics

Don’t see everybody as just competition who can’t help you in any way. It’s better to make friends with the people who are podcasting about similar things. You can both work together promoting each other’s podcasts – a win-win situation!

5. Write About Podcasting And Include Links To Your Own

Many people are interested in podcasting these days, so if you create a handy guide on how to make a podcast and use your own links for examples, you’ll instantly get more visitors, even if they’re not particularly interested in your particular niche.

6. Ask Your Friends To Share It

If you’re just starting a podcast show and you’re not sure who will listen to it, ask all your friends and family member to download it and listen to it and share it with their friends. You should also ask them for feedback on it, as this can give you a lot of insight into what other people are thinking or feeling when they listen to your podcast.

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A podcast provides on-demand and targeted content that your audience are looking for. It’s free for your audience, they can listen to it on the go, and allows you to connect with your audience much better than text-based media.

The majority of your competitors most likely won’t start a podcast and probably have no idea how to create one. This provides a golden opportunity to you as many in the podcasting industry believe this is the perfect time to get involved with this unique marketing approach. Download my Free Checklist to learn the Steps To Starting A Podcast to become an authority in your niche, while also building your business and profits.

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