7 Self-Doubts That Will Stop You Starting A Home Business

Is Self-Sabotage Stopping You Starting A Home Business?

Does the thought of starting a home business fill you with dread, even though it’s what you want to do? Starting A Home BusinessDo you love the idea of being an entrepreneur and working on a project that not only generates you some extra income but is something that you are passionate about? But something is holding you back.

If you’re not having the type of success that you want, it’s possible that you’re experiencing some self-sabotaging behaviors.

And, if you are engaging in these types of behaviors then it’s important to identify what you’re doing and turn it around. Starting a home business doesn’t have to be difficult.

7 Self-Doubts That Are Stopping You From Starting A Home Business

1. You’re Playing The Waiting Game

If you ever hear yourself say, “I’ll look at starting a home business when _____” then stop it right now. You may have always done this and not realized it. For example, some people will say “When I lose weight I’ll go to the gym”. Or you might hear, “When I finish decorating the house I’ll look for some new business ideas to start from home”. “When I do X then I’ll do Y”, etc. It all makes sense but it’s a waiting game that will never end. If you don’t take action now, nothing will happen.

2. You Keep Saying: “I’ll never____”

Fill in the blank about what you’re never say, do or feel. They say you should, “never say never”, and nothing could be further from the truth. If you think you’ll never have the best business to start from home, you won’t. If you don’t believe you’ll become successful at your business you most likely won’t. You have to envision the success you want to achieve to make it happen. If all you see is negative, that’s all you’ll get.

3. You Don’t Want to Do “It” Alone

There are lots of online communities and entrepreneur forums where you can connect with other home business owners. But the fact is we are all ultimately alone. If you’re not starting a home business because you’re waiting around for a friend or family member to be on the same page as you, you may miss out on a great new adventure. Whether it’s starting a business, seeing a movie, or trying a new restaurant, you can do it yourself without anyone else doing it with you.

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4. You Think You’re Not “Smart” As____”

The truth is, someone is always going to be smarter, more efficient  or more successful than you. By saying that you’re not something, you will have a hard time breaking out of the box you’ve put yourself in. Forget about who you think you are. Do what it is that you want to do. There are plenty of small business opportunities that you can start from home. You don’t have to be professional business person to make it work.

5. You’re Worried What People Will Think

When anybody starts anything new, there will be people around them that will question it. If you start a home based online business there may be people around you who are suspicious of the internet. They are blind to the fact that more and more people are buying products and services online. Even if people are well-intentioned, but uniformed, don’t let them undermine your ambitions and efforts.

6. You Don’t Think You’ve Got The Time

Learn to give yourself time to do each thing that you need to do. Turn off ‘the noise’ and placing your focus on first things first. By narrowing your focus, you’ll shut down the noise that happens all around you and get to business doing what needs to get done. Turn off your phone, your cell, your email, your social media networks, and focus 100% on each thing you’re doing. Prioritize what you are doing so that you can do the most important things first. Each person’s priorities will be different. The truth is, if you are a home business owner, your first priority each day should be doing the work that you need to do for yourself as your “first” client.

7. You Don’t Know How To Create A Product And You Don’t Have Anything To Sell

If you start an online home business, you don’t have to create your own products or services if you don’t want to. You can sell other people’s products and receive a commission on everything you sell. It’s important to choose a market or niche that interests you or that you know something about. You don’t have to be an expert, but a little bit of knowledge puts you in front of somebody who has none. Also, it’s much easier to work on something that you like and find interesting rather than something that has no interest to you whatsoever.

Why Starting A Home Business Online Works

Being aware enough to notice your self-doubts will go far in helping you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions. Given the right know-how and tools, anyone who takes consistent action and puts in the hard work can create an online business from home. Even people who have never owned a business before and are clueless about where to begin.

You can learn how to make money selling other people’s useful products to a global online audience of over two billion people. This gives you the opportunity to earn revenue 24/7 and 365 days a year, without having to worry about factors like distribution, product returns or any of the other traditional challenges faced by businesses. If you’re serious about starting a home business here are the tools, training, resources and community support to help you succeed in the online arena.

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