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7 Ways To Save Time With Your Blog Schedule

Save Time On Your Blog Schedule

When your online business has an effective blog schedule it will help to establish you as anblog schedule authority in your market. Writing a blog on a regular basis not only improves your search engine rankings but also enables to maintain a relationship with potential and ongoing customers.

But successful blogging requires a lot of hard work. Anyone can slap up a blog and forget it. If you want to achieve whatever blogging goals you have set, you can’t adopt that attitude. Since blogs are all about engagement, you have to constantly be “out there”, communicating with your target audience. So what can you do, when you go from “wanting” to work on your blog schedule, to feeling “forced” to work on it?

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7 Tips For Choosing A Profitable Online Niche

Finding Success With A Profitable Online Niche

Choosing a profitable online niche is sometimes the most important part of building an onlineprofitable online niche business. For bloggers, infopreneurs and other online business owners, knowing that you have a viable market is important before you spend time, money and resources starting to build your business.

No matter what type of Internet presence you are trying to develop, it is a good idea to focus on one particular niche.

Here are 7 tips to help you find a profitable online niche.

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7 Steps To Writing The Perfect Blog Post List

Why We All Love A Good Blog Post List

Some call them a blog post list, others listicles. Put a number in your blog post title and youblog post list grab attention. People see numbers as facts, so when you combine a number with a topic your audience cares about, you improve the odds that someone will click on your headline and read your post.

They are popular with online marketers and bloggers because they appeal to the human affinity for numbers. They also draw in traffic to your blog or website. Their headlines look like this:

• 21 Ways to Get More Traffic … For Free
• The 7 Scariest Horror Movie Villains
• 5 Little-Known Benefits of Daily Exercise

As far as writing the body of the post, the list blog post format makes it easy. You start with a summary, list your points, number them, then wrap up with a recap. When you can’t come up with a blog post idea, lean on the simple blog post list for an easy-to-write, easy-to-read format that practically writes itself. Here are 7 steps for writing the perfect blog post list.

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So You Want To Get Free Traffic To Your Website?

 6 Proven Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Some online marketers claim that the days of driving free traffic to your website are long Free Traffic To Your Websitegone. While some methods may no longer be as effective as they once were, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get new visitors to your website without paying anything at all.

There are basically two types of traffic, free and paid. Both types will help you generate visitors to your site when done correctly. Let’s look at how you can drive free traffic to your website.

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Is Online Video Marketing Any Good? 7 Ways You Can Be Certain

The Benefits Of Online Video Marketing

Not sure about using online video marketing for your business? Many internet business owners are a little concerned about using video. Usually this is due to not feeling comfortable with creating videos and wondering if they are really worthwhile.

But the benefits of online video marketing for businesses is huge. Videos help to increase your online presence.  Also, your search engine rankings will start to improve and this will increase traffic to your site.

It’s relatively easy to incorporate videos into your marketing efforts. The video on I’ve put on this page was simply filmed with my smart phone and uploaded to YouTube. I then copy/pasted the ’embed’ link (found under the video on YouTube) onto this website page. Here are 7 reasons why you should be using more video.

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How To Build A Customer Relationship Online

14 Ways To Build A Customer Relationship Online

The internet can be an impersonal business environment but when a business creates a solidcustomer relationship online customer relationship online they set themselves up for loyalty that can last for years. Even better than that, a real connection means that your customers will turn into raving fans who happily share your website and product recommendations with others!

If you have your own online business or you’re in the processes of building one, there are a number of specific ways available to you to build a customer relationship online. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and a thriving community built around you and your brand.

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What Is Online Marketing & What Are Its Pros and Cons?

What Is Online Marketing And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

If you get asked “What is Online Marketing?” is there really an easy way to answer it? If you look at marketing in general, it’s the process of creating exchange between a business and its potential customers.

It’s about focusing on your target customer and meeting the needs of that customer. It includes a number of disciplines such as advertising, sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution of products. It’s the art of finding the right people to buy your product or service with the help of proper planning, research and intuition.

Online marketing is basically marketing your product or service through the internet. There are many options available to use online marketing. So, when we’re looking at answering the ‘What Is Online Marketing?’ question, the challenge lies in deciding what type of strategies to choose in order to get the best results.

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10 Ways To Wake Up Your Lazy Blog Audience

Has Your Blog Audience Fallen Asleep?

As a blogger, there is almost nothing more important than truly engaging and interactingblog audience with your blog audience. You want your audience to comment, like, share and sign up to your lists or buy your products and services.

Blogging is an effective way to expand your business, attract more clients, and maintain relationships with your current customers. Every blogger who earns income from their blog knows that the only way you can make money is by keeping your blog audience interested so they keep coming back for more. Without your audience, you won’t be making money at all.

So what can you do if you want to grow your blog and wake-up your sleepy audience?

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21 Ways To Increase Free Website Traffic

Simple Ways To Increase Free Website Traffic

What online business owner doesn’t want to increase free website increase free website traffictraffic? Anything you do online is pretty much useless without traffic. It doesn’t matter how many pages you create, how much time you spend researching, and how much content you write if you never get any traffic.

Some people believe that all traffic should be free. But this isn’t always true. It can be worth paying for traffic if you have a product that has been proven to convert very well. The trouble is, you will need some free traffic in order to test conversions first. Here are 21 ways to increase free website traffic.

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3 Simple Ways To Build Your Blog Audience

Why Build Your Blog Audience?

The reason that you should build your blog audience is that blogging is an effective way toBuild Your Blog Audience expand your business, attract more clients, and maintain relationships with your current customers.

But, how do you make your blog visitors into loyal followers? It really boils down to posting relevant content and finding ways to remind them about you via email, social media and even ads.

Let’s look at 3 simple ways to build your blog audience so that they’ll love your business and keep coming back for more.

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No Time To Blog? How To Write Online Content Faster

5 Tips To Help You Write Online Content Faster

When you write online content, you’re creating the currency for your online business. Content attracts new clients, helps get you write online contentnoticed on search engine results pages, and helps build a loyal following. But website content writing takes time to create!

Although you should never rush when you write online content, there are some ways to ensure you create it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you’re struggling to keep your blog updated or write online content for your website, these 5 time saving tips will help.

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The Smarter Way To Grow Your Email List (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Grow Your Email List With Loyal Subscribers 

grow your email list

Your list is all about quality subscribers, not quantity.

If you’re running an online business you’ll know that your top priority is to grow your email list. Your email list is the database of prospects who have given you permission to email them with information so that they can make a decision about buying from you. They are your past, present and future customers and your most important assets for your online business.

The problem is, sometimes online business owners work very hard in getting email addresses for marketing purposes, only to see little impact. You create some type of freebie, put it all over your website and offer this free download in return for someone joining your email list. But there is now a new way to grow your email list. And it’s having a significant impact for many online marketers.

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8 Ways To Make Selling Products Online Easier

The Secret Sauce To Selling Products Online

selling products online

Developing trust is a long-term marketing strategy.

There is one thing that you need to get right when you’re selling products online. Once you have it,  it will undoubtedly boost your business. You may have the best website which offers the best products and the best prices but if you don’t have this one simple element in place, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make many sales.

And what is the secret sauce? Quite simply, it’s trust.  When your customers trust you, they’ll be willing to spend money with you. Money is very personal and your audience must trust you to give you their hard earned cash. Here’s how to earn that trust with your online business.

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How To Write A Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

How To Write A Blog Post That Matters

When you know how to write a blog post that will get you a desired result, it becomes ahow to write a blog powerful marketing tool.

To start a blog you don’t have to be a professional writer. You just have to make sure that your blog provides value to your readers. So, is there a secret formula that you can follow to make sure your posts will get shared thousands of times, liked, re-tweeted and pinned, generate income and make you the dominant authority figure in your niche?

Unfortunately not. But when you know how to write a blog that your audience will love,   you can drastically improve the chances of your blog getting you the results you want.

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7 Tools To Help You Write Great Blog Content

Write Great Blog Content Today

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write great blog content. Blogs are big, even if write great blog contentthey’re small. Blog traffic has been growing steadily for several years as consumers gain confidence from peers rather than trusting hard hitting sales pitches they find on corporate websites.

If you’re an online marketer, you’ll already understand the rewards that can come from a single blog post when it is written correctly. So how do you write great blog content? Sometimes you may have all the right blog content ideas in place but you just need to use the correct tools. Check out these 7 tools that successful bloggers use for creating blog content to really connects with their audience.

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5 Secrets That Experts Of Affiliate Income Don’t Want You To Know

5 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Income

The one thing that many affiliate marketers struggle with is increasing their affiliateaffiliate income income. Affiliate marketers have a distinct advantage over product creators because they have none of the responsibility for creating the product or the management of the affiliate program.

But, as an affiliate marketer, you might find great products, understand the ins and outs of list building and pre-selling, but somehow how your affiliate income is not at the level that affiliate experts are earning. Here are 5 little known affiliate marketing strategies that the experts use and you can too.

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The 5 Golden Rules Of A Content Marketing Strategy

What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A good content marketing strategy drives traffic to your website. It helps make a sale. ItContent Marketing Strategy provides authority, credibility and liking – which are all buying triggers. It also helps you market your business.

The content marketing plans for many online businesses have little or no direction or purpose. Your website may have fantastic content but if it’s missing a purpose, it’s missing an opportunity.

So what do you want your content to accomplish? It doesn’t matter if it’s short like a blog post or an article. It doesn’t matter if it’s a larger content piece like a report or ebook. It needs a purpose. Here are the 5 golden rules for a content marketing strategy.

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7 Must Know Tips To Get Your Online Business Noticed

How To Get Your Online Business Noticed

The internet is a busy place so you need a plan to get your online get your online business noticedbusiness noticed. If you’re having trouble getting noticed in your marketplace, your target market may be too wide. By trying to attract everyone, you appeal to no one. It’s much more profitable, and easier to be a success online, when you focus on one type of individual in a smaller market, rather than a huge marketplace.

Marketing a business online can be quite different than doing it offline. Whilst traditional marketing methods work in the offline world, you do have to use different strategies to get your online business noticed. Here are 7 tips to help you get noticed in order to maintain a high level of success.

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5 Steps To Writing A Blog For Your Online Business

Why Should You Be Writing A Blog?

If you’re running an online business and you’re not writing a blog on a regular basis you’rewriting a blog neglecting one of your most important marketing tools. More and more companies are starting blogs, and many people are even forming their entire companies around blogging.

Customers really love blogs because they’re generally full of great (free) information, and they offer a personal touch that generally isn’t found on a standard corporate website.

When you write a blog post on your website, it will be more effective if it’s written for a specific audience, rather than a generic audience. That way you are more likely to attract search engine traffic, more likely to get passed along within a community and more likely to attract businesses that will want to advertise on your website. Here are 5 tips for writing a blog for your online business.

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5 Ways To Grab Attention When You Write Online Content 

Get Attention When You Write Online Content

When you write online content, it’s one thing coming up your content ideas but figuring out write online contentan attention grabbing title or headline can be a lot harder. When you write content for your blog posts, articles, web pages, sales pages, reports or ebooks, it’s the headline or title that is going to stop your reader in their tracks and make them want to read more.

Sure, anyone can come up with a bland, to-the-point title. But unfortunately these aren’t usually the kinds of titles that attract much attention. For most readers, the title or headline is what hooks them in and makes actually click through to read your content. This is why it’s so important to spend some time on every title you write.

Here are 5 tips to help you craft attention-grabbing titles and headlines.

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How To Create Good Online Content (That Your Audience Will Read)

What Is Good Online Content?

As an online business owner you’re called on to manage a variety of tasks and one of thegood online content most challenging is creating good online content. Content can be read, watched, listened to and shared. It can be an article, a blog post, a report, an ebook, an online course, a video or an audio. Without good online content your website has no value to your audience.

Many people fear writing or put it off because they don’t consider themselves to be writers. But the majority of websites with good content are not produced by professional writers. They are created by online entrepreneurs who understand what makes good content and how they can use it to engage with their online audience.

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How Can I Make My Online Business Successful?

5 Steps That Make An Online Business Successful

Since I started my own internet business a few years ago I have learned that to make an online business successful, regardless of what niche you are in, there are certain steps every online entrepreneur has to take. These steps are not highly technical and can be put in place by anyone, as long as they have the determination to succeed.

The internet is a thriving marketplace. There are over 3 billion people online, and this number is growing by the day.  If you’ve never bought something online, you will know somebody who has. The customers are out there! You don’t have to be an expert with computers to start an online business of your own and you don’t even have to produce your own products or services. But to make an online business successful, you do have to put the following steps in place.

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16 Point Check-List To Help You Build An Online Presence

How To Build An Online Presence

If you’re running an internet business, you should be constantly looking to build an onlineBuild An Online Presence presence. The internet is busy place. There are over a billion websites online and estimates put the number of blogs between 200 and 250 million. There are roughly 125,000 English-speaking podcasts, and the number of podcasts globally is more than 200,000. There are literally millions of businesses and services offered online in a number of markets.

So how in the world are you going to get noticed? This check-list below has 16 ideas, tips, tricks and strategies to help you build your internet presence and improve your market share, sales and profits.

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What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important?

What Is Content Marketing And What Are Its Benefits?

So, what is content marketing and why is it important for your business? Firstly, the definition of content marketing is that it is a technique that requires website owners to create and distribute valuable content on consistent basis. It’s about earning familiarity, trust and a relationship.

The objective is to get visitors to take a specific action, such as, sign up for a mailing list, make a purchase or simply to develop brand and establish expertise in a given niche or industry.

Using effective content marketing tactics is important for your business because today, content truly is king on the internet. Gone are the days where you could fill your website with poor quality, keyword heavy content and just sit back whilst the search engines sent you lots of traffic. Also, if you went to a website and it was poorly written, with out of date information you would not be inspired to buy anything from that  website. So why should you expect any less from your website visitors?

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Race Ahead With These 7 Top Digital Marketing Tools

Mastering The Basics Of Digital Marketing

In basic terms, digital marketing is all about reaching customers in an electronic medium. This, of course, means advertising and marketing on the internet. But also includes email, social media and using software that works on autopilot to help you generate leads and sales for your business.

Online digital marketing offers business owners an extensive array of tools. These enable you to attract, engage and convert huge numbers of customers that is just not possible with traditional offline media.

If you are just starting your own online business, you may feel a little overwhelmed in where to start in order to build your brand and increase your profits. Or, if you have been in business for a while you may not be getting the kind of results you want. The list of online marketing tools below will help you to evaluate your current digital marketing strategies and identify any gaps.

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