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Are you fed up of chasing customers?

Are you fed up of chasing customers?

If you are involved in any type of business you will know what it is like chasing customers to see if they have made a decision to buy your product or service.

Let’s assume that your potential  customer has expressed an interest in the products or services that your business provides. (How they came to  know about your business is for another article).

You have told the potential customer about all the benefits, you have provided all the estimates he has requested, you have given suggestions and advice on other issues related to the enquiry, you have provided lots of relevant information without charge, you have established and followed every rule in the book – but he still will not commit.

Why? Well, there are a number of  reasons.

In a ‘business to business’ (B2B) environment, the customer who makes the enquiry may not have the ‘authority to buy’. In other words, he or she has to get somebody else to agree the purchase.

Other reason is that the customer had no real intention of buying in the first place. In these days of corporate procurement, you can sometimes be the option for the ‘alternative’ quote to enable the buyer to ‘prove’ the cost provided by another supplier.

Another consideration for a buyer not committing is that the situation from the time of the initial enquiry to the actual point of sale has changed. In a B2B environment the sales period can take months. For example, a budget may have been cut or resources allocated to something else.

There are plenty of reasons why a potential customer does not buy. Have you felt like you are spending your life chasing, phoning, emailing, writing, texting, discussing face to face etc, just to put closure on the job- sale or no sale!

Avoid chasing customers and automate your business

It is very frustrating chasing customers and how much easier would it be if it was all automated? Imagine having a top quality product that people wanted now! Wouldn’t it be great if the entire process of giving your potential customer an unrivalled amount of exceptional and proven pre-sale information was all done for you. And, best of all there was no cold calling and somebody else ‘closed’ the sale for you.

Sound good? It did to me and that’s why I joined the Six Figure Mentor system. They show you how to build a profitable online business that has all the benefits mentioned above – and more!

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