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Setting Up an Internet Business

Setting Up an Internet Business

Many people today like the notion of setting up an internet business which they can workSetting up an internet business from home but never get around to it because they think that they do not have the technological expertise, or sufficient time, or and products to sell or any variety of factors. But, with the advances of today’s technology, setting up an internet business nowadays is not as challenging as it once was.

Today, the internet provides many opportunities for setting up an internet business (or setting up an online shop) for budding entrepreneurs who want to earn some extra income.

In this challenging economy online business is booming. Reports show that the online spending for the Christmas season in 2012 was 16% more than 2011.This includes Nov 26 (aka Cyber Monday) which became the biggest online spending day on record at $1.4 billion dollars. Tuesday, 4 Dec reached $1.3 billion dollars and Thursday 10 Dec was $1.2 billion dollars.

These three big spending days currently rank as three of the four heaviest online spending times in history. And they all took place last year. So what does this mean for those setting up an internet business today? It means that 2013 and onward will see more of the same. More people today are buying online, more money is being spent online and there is more potential success for online entrepreneurs.

However, setting up an internet business does involve a bit more than putting a web page with a few products and waiting for a rush of clients to come and buy from you.

Here are 5 tips on how to set up your own online business:

1. You Need a Business Plan 

When you are setting up an internet business you need to have a business plan. When you set up a business website, remember that you are building a business and not just starting a hobby that you may get bored with in a few weeks because you have not yet made millions!

You need to know your target audience, your competition and how you will fund your new business venture. You will need to have access to good resources and know build a consumer database, or list, and be able to create alliances with strategic partners.

2. Who Are Your Customers?

One of the most important components of setting up an internet business is knowing if there is a marketplace that will buy your product or services. The online business world is very competitive so you do need to look at a specialized niche or target customer who will be interested in your online business.

3. What About Your Website?

The cost of setting up website platforms for internet businesses can vary considerably. There are now many programmes available that make it much easier for new online business owners to create their own web pages.  If building your own website is not an option for you, try searching for web designers online, or ask colleagues and friends for recommendations. When  you create your website, keep it clean and simple for people who visit it and make it easy for visitors to find what they want. You should update your website’s content frequently and have a contact form so that people can get in touch with you.

4. Marketing Your Online Business

Investing in marketing and advertising to attract clients as a crucial part of setting up a business. Do not think that setting up an internet business is just your own free business. Without any marketing or advertising nobody will know that your online business exists. There are both paid and free methods that you can implement. Marketing is usually where online marketers fail as they spread themselves too thin with lots of different advertising models and channels. The key is test each channel on a small basis. If it works, scale it up. If it does not, drop it and move onto the next one.

5. Online Business Education

When you set up internet business ventures you do need guidance and training. You would not start a new job in an traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ company without somebody showing you what to do and how to do it properly. Your internet business should be no different. You must invest in your online business knowledge to learn from those who have gone before you. It will save you a lot of frustration, effort and money.

The internet has certainly revolutionized the way we live our lives, and provides a place where individuals can compete with global organisations. But setting up an internet business and becoming successful does need commitment and will take time to succeed. As a new online entrepreneur, you’ll need plenty of energy, passion, determination and passion.

THE FORMULA for setting up an internet business

When you are setting up an internet business you need a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination. The Digital Experts Academy is a proven system that provides you with:

  • Powerful potential money generating income streams with quality affiliate products, residual income streams, and high ticket items.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to set up a website business
  • A state of the-art marketing system which includes your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge marketing and online business training plus access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

To find out more about setting up an internet business with The Digital Experts Academy, just click here.

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3 essential ingredients for your online business

3 essential ingredients for your online business

Just thought I would send you a quick message about the 3 essential ingredients for your online business.

Lots of people are working harder for less reward and paying more for everyday living. The current recessionary climate and increasing unemployment levels mean millions of people are starting to realise that they cannot rely on just one salary or income stream.

If you have one job to support you and your family, and that job is taken away from you, through no fault of your own, what then?

But if you have a job AND are working with a home-based online business on the side, you have a back up plan so you can use the home business income to help out when you need it.

The 3 essential ingredients for your online business:

1. Affiliate commissions

As a member of the Six Figure Mentors , you’ll get access to loads of high quality products that you can sell right away, you canearn as much as 50 – 100% from each sale! Here’s an example:  a $19,95 product could generate you $19.95…and some members a selling over 10 of these a day. That’s just one example available to start selling if you qualify to join…Click here now

2. Recurring Income

One of the secrets to a successful online business is to generate an ongoing income. This is known as residual or recurring income. This means you earn income every month without having to do loads of work. This can be done by simply referring people to a membership website or a recurring billing programme.  The SFM has one of the best value systems available today.

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3. “High Ticket” Items

The SFM Elite can show you where to source high ticket items to sell and it has some of their own. For example, Stuart Ross, the SFM founder, made $2000 per sale from one of his “High Ticket” items, and in a bad month he was selling four…. And the best part is you don’t have to produce the item or ship it to the customer.

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The 3 essential ingredients for your online business: