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7 Things That Matter When You Buy Targeted Website Traffic

Buy Targeted Website Traffic That Gets Results

If you have an online business it is highly likely that at some stage you will want or need toBuy Targeted Website Traffic buy targeted website traffic. Traffic in the online business world is basically the number of people who visit your website. Without traffic, you have no online business. Some online business would like just to rely on free website traffic but all traffic has a cost whether it is in actual money or the time you have to spend in actually generating it.

When you buy web traffic, it delivers results but the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying for it. So you have to ensure that you spend your money wisely. Here are 7 factors that you need to consider when you buy targeted website traffic.

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A Quick Guide To Starting An Online Business From Home

Starting An Online Business From Home

Starting an online business from home is not as difficult as it may sound, but there are aStarting An Online Business number of important issues that you have to keep in mind so that you actually make money and not lose money. So, where do you start?

Due to the low start up costs, starting an online business  is much easier to set up as compared to a traditional physical business where you have to buy stock before you sell anything.
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How To Buy Website Traffic

How To Buy Website Traffic 

Many people believe that all website traffic should be free, but this is not always true. It can How To Buy Website Trafficbe worth it to use paid traffic methods if you have a product that has been proven to convert very well.

In my last article, I looked at 6 ways to get free website traffic. To increase website traffic you need to combine proven free sources with proven paid sources. This will generate you high quality traffic from people who will join your list who will buy the products or services that you recommend.

When I buy website traffic, I use one main rule when deciding whether or not to use paid traffic:

If I am selling a product of my own, or if I am sending traffic to a page that focuses on selling a specific product, I will try paid traffic.

This means that I would send paid traffic to a sales page or a review page, but I would not send paid traffic to a blog, forum, article directory, or other information-style website.

Paid traffic should be reserved for situations where you are promoting something very specific that has already been proven to convert. Otherwise, stick with free traffic.

How To Buy Traffic to Your Website

You can buy traffic for your website with things like banner advertising, solo ads, re-marketing , pay-per-click and social media advertising.

Banner Advertising

Online banner advertising consists of rectangular advertisements which appear on websites. They all share the same common objective to encourage a viewer to click on the banner and then be taken to the advertisers website or squeeze page.

The cost of banner ads is calculated in two ways. One is for a set period of time (normally 30 days) and the other is for the number of impressions (ie, how often the ad is shown). If you are just starting to buy banners advertising, I would recommend that you opt for a set period of time. This way you know exactly how much you are spending over what period of time.

To save contacting loads of different websites to find out their rates, there are several ‘broker websites’ who provide all the information you need to buy traffic for your site with banner advertising. (See www.buysellads.com)

Solo Ads

One of the most effective ways to buy unique hits and build your list of potential customers is with solo ads. A solo ad is where your selling message is emailed by a solo ad vendor to a predetermined number of people on the vendor’s list who have already expressed an interest in your market. Your message is sent on its own, without any other messages or advertising, hence the name ‘solo’ ad.

Often a list owner will guarantee a set number of ‘clicks’. This means that they will send out your message to a pre-determined number of people and guarantee that these people will open your email message and ‘click’ on the link to your website or landing page.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is where you bid on search engine keyword words or phrases relevant to your target market. The more you bid (or pay) the higher your ad will appear in the listing. You pay when the ad is clicked.

You can control the number of paid clicks your website or landing page can receive in any given day. This is advantageous for the small online business owner as you will be able to control how much money that you are willing to spend on pay per click advertising each day.


Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google. When people leave your site without buying anything, for example, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers again.

Ezine Advertising

An ezine is an online newsletter or magazine that is delivered to subscribers via email. Ezine advertising is the ultimate targeted website traffic tool as you can reach people who are already interested in your product or service.

The secret to success with ezine advertising is to match the content of the ezine to your offer. This means that if an ezine has a large readership it does not necessarily follow that it will appeal to your target audience. Sometimes, you are better to buy an advertisement in a smaller, more targeted, ezine which will get you better results and cost you less.

If you want to save time, money and effort with a proven ezine advertising service, check out the Directory of Ezines.

Free Website Traffic Mini Course

Anything you do online is pretty much useless if you you don’t know how to direct traffic to your website. It doesn’t matter how many pages you create, how much time you spend researching or how much content you write if you never get website traffic. Getting traffic is one thing but getting targeted traffic is another. You need people to to visit your website who are genuinely interested in your products and services. To find out how you can get highly targeted visitors to your website, this Free Traffic Mini Course will help you to solve your website traffic problem so that you find your ideal customers and sales.

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Ten Pay Per Click Tactics

Ten Pay Per Click Tactics

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a very effective way to build a customer list for your pay per clickonline home business. But if not used correctly, it can be a very costly path to success.

Everyone who has ever used the internet has seen pay per click ads. They are the ads at the top of the page and listed on the right hand side. They are sometimes referred to as ‘sponsored links’ and may appear in a different coloured background.

Pay Per Click can work for any business and will draw in potential leads to your business as those people are actually looking for your product or services. For example, if your online home business is all about cakes and home baking and a website user types ‘cake baking tips’ into a search engine and ‘cake baking tips’ is one of your keywords, they will see your ad (if you have placed a suitable bid for that keyword – more on that below).

However, with Pay Per Click marketing, you still need to know how advertising works and how to write effective ads in order to compete with your competition. The two top pay per click search engines are Google pay per click advertising and Bing pay per click advertising.

Here are ten tips to help make your PPC management more effective.

1. Have keywords on the display URL.

In case you are targeting any keyword, for example say ‘real estate’ then create a display URL of www.thenameofyoursite/real estate.com.

2. Try out different advertising styles.

You will not know which style works the best until you have actually tried them. You can test a soft styled writing with a hard selling strategy. You never know which type of writing will impress the customers. You should give each type time to analyse the results and then decide which one generates the best response.

3. Create an effective squeeze page.

This is where you will send a user when they click on your ad. Make sure that your landing page is clearly related to your ad and gives the benefits of the product or service that your online home business provides. Include an opt-in form on your squeeze page to provide more information (for example, a free report or video).

4. Have keywords on your squeeze page.

Make sure that you have keywords on your squeeze page. These should be the exact words that the customer has typed in. It is important because the only reason a customer clicked on your ad was because it contained the keyword that they wanted.

5. Avoid sending potential customers to your website homepage.

Sending your customer to a very non-specific page is the last thing that you would want to do as it may not relate directly to the subject of your ad. The customer will go away and not come back. This will waste your pay per click budget.

6. Bid sensibly.

It is very important that you are prudent while you are bidding; never bid for anything more than what you can afford to pay. Bid as low as possible while still ensuring that your ad is on page one (or page two of some search engines). Any lower than page two and your ad will  probably will not be seen.

7. Create separate Pay Per Click ads.

This is a very effective technique but few businesses actually use it. You should write ads that are specific to each keyword that you use so that you can see which are the most effective.

8. Consider your keywords carefully.

There are three keyword options with pay per click marketing.

  • Exact Match means having an exact keyword match which triggers a listing. This is the ideal keyword that you want.
  • A Phrase Match is the keyword phrase which helps to trigger the listing. This is the second best option.
  • A Broad match means that the listing can be triggered even if the keywords are not in proper order or are separated by other words. This can drive traffic but the leads will not be as qualified as an Exact match

9. Use a keyword research tool.

Keyword research tools help you to find out what keywords are being used to search for the products or services offered by your online home business. Also they can show the common misspelling of the most popular keywords. This way you do not have to pay a lot of money for the common keywords and still generate traffic for your site.  It is important that you have a specific plan when you are picking out keywords. These should be such that the most significant priorities of your business is taken in to account.

Try: https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool

10. Remember the purpose of your Pay Per Click ad.

Remember with Pay Per Click advertising, that your ad is not selling your products or services. It is bait, to get people to yore squeeze page and onto your list and then onto your website. Your website and your email follow-ups will do the selling for you.

Want More Pay Per Click Tactics?

There is a learning curve to using Pay Per Click advertising for your online home business, but once your campaigns are working well, they’ll work for you 24/7 and will always bring you targeted traffic.

Building an online home business can be a tricky and complicated process. To learn more about pay per click marketing and how you can quickly and easily get started earning money online with a proven system in a fast growing profitable market  – even if you have no previous training, knowledge or your own products to sell, check out this FREE 7 day bootcamp.

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Ways To Reduce Your Pay Per Click Cost

Ways To Reduce Your Pay Per Click Marketing Cost

As any online business owner knows Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is a huge market onpay per click marketing the internet today.  This was discussed in my previous article

Pay Per Click marketing is great for online business websites that have still not established themselves when it comes to the major search engines. But controlling your Pay Per Click cost does have problems as well. You can end up spending a lot on money if you do not take some time to carefully plan out your Pay Per Click marketing.

Pay per click marketing is more than just selecting a few keywords and writing an advertisement. Here are a few simple tips which you can use to reduce your average cost of PPC and create an effective pay per click marketing campaign.

Monitor Your Competitors

The best way that you can start off your Pay Per Click marketing campaign for your online business is to check out your competitors. Look at what kind of tactics that they could be using to market their business. There are tools that you can purchase that will help you got a fair idea of the advertising strategies of your competitors. The most important thing for you to be conscious of when you’re taking a look at the competitors ads are the keyword placement, ad body, and where the ads are being placed.

Keyword Variations in Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

It is very important for your Pay Per Click marketing campaign to include proper keywords in suitable variations throughout your website and landing pages. You need to take time when you’re developing your keywords. Careful research of what keywords people are using to find the products and services you provide will aide you in your keyword search.

Pay Per Click Keywords to avoid

If you begin your campaign with the use of hyper-competitive keywords you can setting yourself up for a high pay per click cost and your marketing budget will be evaporate very quickly. However there are a lot of economically priced keywords that you can use with proper matching techniques that should be able to help you save money with your PPC Management.

Pay Per Click Marketing Call to Action Terms

Your call to action terms is vital to your online business campaign. If you use words such as ‘click on this link’ or ‘buy here’ customers are not going to be as apt to follow the directions because they feel it is only overpriced gimmick. However if you make use of the words ‘Sale’, ‘Discount’, or ‘Special Report’, these are generally terms which the customers are looking for and are more inclined to then check out the links as long as you deliver what you promise when they click on your ad.

Be Honest in Your Pay Per Click Marketing

When you’re using Pay Per Click marketing, your information has got to be honest with no false information. The false information will turn your customer away. Visitors will also leave your websites with a negative feeling and not return. If you are dishonest, you are only going to pay for clicks without returns.

Review your Pay Per Click Ad Performance

Ensure you check on your Pay Per Click cost on a everyday basis for your online business. This will help you to fix any errors and allow you the opportunity to optimize your website or landing page if you are not seeing the results that you are seeking.

Generating leads and income for your online business with your Pay Per Click marketing campaign can be very successful if it’s done correctly. The more time and effort which you devote to your Pay Per Click cost and campaign results,  the more revenue you stand to generate in the end.

More Help with Your Pay Per Click Marketing

Having your own online business can be hard work. There can seem to be a mountain of obstacles to climb – from understanding pay per click marketing to search engine optimisation from blogging to social media marketing, from finding the right products to sell to finding customers to buy them, the list goes on. To learn how to quickly and easily get your online business on the road to success, check out the Digital Experts Academy.

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What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing or pay per click advertising (also known as PPC) is one of thepay per click marketing most well-known marketing forms in the internet today.

The purpose of Pay Per Click marketing is direct traffic to your online business website, where you pay the publisher (the website owner) when the ad is clicked.

When you run a PPC advertising campaign, you typically bid on keyword words or phrases relevant to your target market. The more you bid (or pay) the higher your ad will appear in the listing.

A keyword phrase are the words that a target customer would type into a search engine – for example â€œwhat is pay per click marketing?”  The search engine will then display both ‘organic’ and paid listings. When the target customer clicks on a paid result option, the advertiser will pay for that click.

To set up a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, you write an ad and list the keywords that you are using for your online business with a click provider and then these will appear in the form of an advertisement that potential prospects to your website can then check out.

Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising

Use Relevant Keywords 

People will click on your ad and expect to be taken to a relevant website or landing page with subject matter that is related to the keywords within ad.  If they do not see what was offered in the link, they will leave and the click that you paid for would be a waste of money.

Use the Right Keywords

When you’re using keywords you should always check the search engines themselves. For example with the Google Keyword Tool. Choose your keywords carefully. If you choose the ones with highest results on the search the competition may be too great for your online business and if they are too low there is not enough potential market.

Control Your Cost 

You can control the number of paid clicks your website or landing page can receive in any given day. This is advantageous for the small online  business owner as you will be able to control how much money that you are willing to spend on pay per click advertising each day.

For more information on costs, go to Ways to Reduce Your Pay Per Click Marketing Cost 

Control Your Campaign

You have got the ability to pause your PPC marketing campaign whenever you like. Sometimes with a small online business website, you may not be able to monitor your account for a few days or even weeks, especially if you are running it as a side business form home. If this is the case, you can pause your account and you will not have any advertising money spent during this pause.

Check the Terms and Conditions

Just about all of the PPC  advertising provider sites require that you stick to a certain set of rules and regulations. Each of these terms and conditions are different for each provider. You need to be certain to read through these rules carefully and follow them constantly. This will save you a lot of time, frustration, and headache later being rejected by the provider for not following their rules.

Monitor Your Advertising

Constantly monitor the number of clicks which you receive on your online business  and where they are generating from. You will want to continue bidding only on the keywords that are actually bringing the traffic to your website. You should delete the keywords that are not bringing the results that you are looking for.

Have Patience

You do need to have patience with your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign with your online business. Almost all the PPC publishers offer help and you should contact them before calling your Pay Per Click marketing campaign a complete failure. They will be able to provide you with possible solutions to get better results on your site.


Having your own online business can be hard work. There can seem to be a mountain of obstacles to climb – from understanding pay per click marketing to search engine optimisation from blogging to social media marketing, from finding the right products to sell to finding customers to buy them, the list goes on. To learn how to quickly and easily get your online business on the road to success, check out the Digital Experts Academy.

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