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How To Get Your Website On Google Search Results

10 Tips To Get Your Website On Google Search Results

website on google search results

Does your website stand out in the crowd?

Getting your website on Google search results can be invigorating both for your profits and also for your mindset. It’s an accomplishment that can have a serious impact on your business.

There are millions of websites. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. You want your website to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. When your website starts to get noticed by Google, and the other search engines,  your competition no longer matters.

Here are 10 tips to help your online business stand out in the crowd and get your website on Google search results.

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How To Get Your Website Seen By Google (Use This Checklist)

5 Steps To Get Your Website Seen By Google (And Other Search Engines)

If you want to get your website seen by Google, and other search engines too, then you need think SEO. That’s searchGet Your Website Seen By Google engine optimization. With the right SEO elements in place, Google will pick up you website and direct organic (unpaid) traffic to it.

Many people think that SEO is all about keywords. These are the words or phrases that somebody will type into Google. If they match the words on your website then Google will send you boatloads of traffic. But it doesn’t work that way. Whilst keywords are important, there’s a lot more to SEO than just keywords.

Sometimes getting things organized can be tough. Use this checklist below to improve your SEO and get your website seen by Google.

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Why Your Audience Want You To Update Your Website Design

Do You Need To Update Your Website Design?

When you’re running an online business the last thing you often think about is to update update your website designyour website design. Any serious business owner knows that they need a website or blog to help market their business. Your target audience will expect you to have a website with your own domain name (URL). It establishes your business with a professional online presence and offers a central hub for all of your online and offline marketing efforts.

However, if you’ve not taken the time to update your website design recently or posted fresh content to it, your target audience will start to think that you’ve forgotten about them. After all, how would you think if you walked into a store in your high street and it has out-of-date stock and looked untidy, organised and uncared for by the store owner?

Here are some quick and simple web design updates to give your online presence a boost and improve your chances of succeeding in a competitive niche.

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How To Attract More Customers Online

Do You Want To Attract More Customers Online?

In order to attract more customers online you need to understand your audience. What areAttract More Customers Online their emotional needs? What emotions trigger action for them? You can learn this by surveying your audience, building a relationship with them, getting to know them more, and asking for feedback as you offer new products and services to them.

Every online business is interested in attracting new clients. All your text, images, audio and visuals (in the form of video) have a role to play. When it comes to creating marketing messages, especially those that trigger emotions, it helps to understand the reasons why people spend money in the first place. If you can understand why your audience opens their wallet to buy, you can trigger them to take the action you want.

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What Do You Think Makes A Good Business Website?

9 Key Ingredients For A Good Business Website

A good business website will start and build a relationship with your audience. It will showgood business website your knowledge and authority in your niche and sell your products and services on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a good business website, users don’t know if they’re dealing with a global company or a one-person operation. And this is good news because it means that your business can compete alongside the big boys. But the online world is a competitive environment and if you want your website to do its job effectively you need grab the attention of your visitors as soon as they land on your home page, then draw them further and deeper into your website and, ultimately get them to your checkout page.

Because there are so many different markets online, there are many different opinions on the most important elements of a good business website.  However, regardless of your industry or niche, here are 9 key web design requirements that every online business should have in place.

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16 Point Check-List To Help You Build An Online Presence

How To Build An Online Presence

If you’re running an internet business, you should be constantly looking to build an onlineBuild An Online Presence presence. The internet is busy place. There are over a billion websites online and estimates put the number of blogs between 200 and 250 million. There are roughly 125,000 English-speaking podcasts, and the number of podcasts globally is more than 200,000. There are literally millions of businesses and services offered online in a number of markets.

So how in the world are you going to get noticed? This check-list below has 16 ideas, tips, tricks and strategies to help you build your internet presence and improve your market share, sales and profits.

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5 Ways To Wake Up Your Home Business Website

Is Your Home Business Website Working For You?

Out there, in the vast global reach of the internet, your home business website can often behome business website the first contact that a potential customer has with your business. Your website represents your business, your brand, and it also represents the person behind it, which is you. Your home business website is the face of your business, brand and reputation.

It’s the silent salesperson, working all day and night to convey the benefits of your products and services. A website can tell a lot about the person behind the business and brand.

Your work from home business has to compete with all the other businesses that are online. Here are 5 ways you can wake up your home business website so that it works harder for you and helps you to achieve your objectives.

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Stuck In A Rut With Your Home Based Business?

Can’t See The Way Forward For Your Home Based Business?

When you first start a home based business you’re full of enthusiasm. You’re working all the hours you can, you’re constantly looking for customers, you’re running at full speed and the future looks bright. But success does not happen overnight and there comes a time with all business opportunities from home that you begin to struggle.

Your daily tasks become overwhelming and you can’t tell what to do next or where to turn your attention to. You begin to procrastinate and never finish anything that you started. It’s a sad statistic is that  more than 90% of people who set up a home based business struggle and then give up in the first 6 months. But that doesn’t have to apply to you!

If you’re feeling in a rut you still can still make a success of your home based business and have enough time to do what you want. Here are 6 ways to help you do it.

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7 Key Elements For A Successful Landing Page Design

Effective Landing Page Design

Your landing page design is important. It can make the difference between somebodylanding page design  buying from your online business or going away and never coming back. So what is a website landing page?

Quite often it’s the page that most visitors come to first. It’s the page you may generate links to. It may also be the page that the search engines pay the most attention to. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure your landing page design is as effective as possible.

The best landing pages have 7 key elements. They each are important independently, but they work together to provide a unique and effective landing page design.

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How To Make Money With Online Business Opportunities

Finding Success With Online Business Opportunities

There are online business opportunities out there for everyone. The internet has enabledOnline Business Opportunities people from all walks of life to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions that they would not have been able to do in the traditional ‘offline’ business world.

A work from home online business can set up incredibly quickly and for a fraction of the cost of a bricks and mortar business. The internet makes it possible to reach customers from all over the world and, as more and more people are buying products and services online there has never been a better time to start a work from home online business. So how do you make money with online business opportunities?

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5 Steps To Getting Your Home Based Business Noticed

The Best Way To Build Your Home Based Business

More and more people are buying products and services online and this is a great Home based Businessopportunity for entrepreneurs who have started, or are in the process of starting, their own home based business. With an online home business you have the potential to reach customers from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t even need to have your own products as you can sell other people’s and earn a commission on everything you sell.

But the internet is a competitive environment and there are a number of steps that you can take to get your home based business noticed so that your audience come to know, like and trust you. When they do that, they will be more inclined to buy from you.

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Top 7 Places To Find Free Images For Blogs And Websites

Top 7 Places To Find Royalty Free Images For Blogs And Websites

If you are looking for royalty free images for blogs and websites there are a few things you Free Images For Blogsneed to remember. When you take something from Google Image Search and use it without checking who it belongs to and asking for permission, you’re breaching copyright. Most of the time, you’ll need to purchase a license to use the photograph or graphics.

However, there are a number of places where you can freely use images without any copyright issues or any charges. But how do you find them? Check out these top 7 websites where you can find royalty free images for blogs and websites.

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5 Factors For Online Business Success

Creating An Effective Online Business Strategy

How is online business success possible when you have to compete with over 1 billion otheronline business success websites on the internet? It’s no secret that more and more people are buying goods and services online. E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market with an estimated US$520 billion to be spent online in 2014.

But from the thousands of websites that are launched every day, only a few actually enjoy any online business success. To get your slice of this enormous market you need a solid online business strategy.

The key is to ensure that your website stands out from your competitors. Here are 5 factors that contribute to all online business success stories.

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Why Your Online Business Website Needs A Good Design

Online Business Website Design

When you start an online business the temptation can be to get your website built as quickly online business websiteas possible to get it online and working for you. Obviously the quality of your products and services, your content and how you drive traffic to your online business website is important. But the actual design also has a significant role to play in the overall the effectiveness of your website.

How well does your website convey your brand and does it project the emotions you want it to project? Here are 4 major ways design can impact your online business website.

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Ready To Start A Blog And Make Money?

Start A Blog And Make Money

If you’re running an online business and you want to expand your revenue streams you canstart a blog and make money start a blog and make money. A blog is an important marketing tool. It enables you to create awareness for your products and services and gets clients and customers to interact with each other.

There are several ways that you can start a blog and make money. Here are some of the most popular options used by successful online entrepreneurs.

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6 Point Plan To Start A Work From Home Business

Start Your Online Home Business Today

The internet has enabled many people to quickly and easily set up a work from home work from home businessbusiness. When you start a home business online, the set up costs are considerably less than conventional offline businesses. If you have a computer and access to the internet you are ready to get started today!

An online home business enables you to reach customers from all over the world. It’s a business that  is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and, when you have the right systems and software in place, you can literally make money whilst you are sleeping.

Let’s take a look at the 6 point plan for starting a work from home business.

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5 Reasons Your Online Business Website Isn’t Working

Why Your Online Business Website Is Not Working

If you’re selling products or services on the internet, are you making any of these 5 onlineonline business website business website mistakes? The digital online business world is growing fast and customers who want to buy products and services online expect online businesses to have websites that incorporate technology and design that makes the entire shopping experience easy and hassle free. Because, if it’s not, they will simply go elsewhere and never return.

Any online business website needs to follow a set of basic principles, all which play a significant part in converting visitors into customers. It’s not uncommon for a startup online business to forget about these website basics and lose many potential customers. Make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Avoid these 5 online business website mistakes:

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Why Monitor and Track Your Website Visitors?

Monitoring and Tracking Your Website Visitors

If you have an online business, understanding what your website visitors do when they website visitorsreach your website is crucial information.

Some people are intimidated by web traffic stats, mostly because of the sheer volume of data available. But if you break it down it and work your way through it bit by bit, it becomes more manageable.  While there are many highly specialized website visitor tracking statistics that can be used for more in-depth web traffic analysis, basic monitoring and tracking of your online business will provide you valuable information on your website visitors and your website performance.

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Why Is Content Marketing Important For Online Business?

Why Is Content Marketing Important For Online Business?

Content marketing, also known as attraction marketing,  is the concept of producing and content marketingdistributing relevant and useful subject material to appeal to, acquire, and connect with a specific target audience.

Put simply, it is the skill of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Rather than trying to sell your products or services, you provide your prospective buyer with information and knowledge. The basis of content marketing is that if you provide consistent and beneficial information to potential buyers, they will inevitably become loyal and regular customers.

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home business website

10 Reasons Why Your Work From Home Business Website Is Failing

Is Your Work From Home Business Website Failing?

If you’ve got a work from home business website, it should be helping your business, not work from home business websiteholding it back. Online business is booming and there are many people with an entrepreneurial flair looking to supplement their income, or replace it, with a legitimate work from home business based on the internet.  Your website is key to allowing your business to grow. Your competition is online and, most importantly, so are your customers.

Is your work from home business website upto scratch? Check that it’s not failing because of one or more of the following:

1. Poor Navigation

Your website’s visitors need to know how to find information. Without good navigation, that’s nearly impossible. Make sure that you divide your content in your home business website into sections that visitors can identify easily. Also, letting users search for specific content helps.

2.  No New Content On The Website

Old content will affect the success of your work from home business website. When visitors only see content that is months or even years old , they’ll often assume that you’ve gone out of business. Stale content can also negatively affect your search engine ranking. That makes it harder for people to find your website if don’t already know your address. Update your content frequently so people know you’re in business and provide fresh and relevant information for your visitors to read, see and share.

3. Making It Difficult To Get Answers Or Contact

Your website should have a page that tries to answer frequently asked questions, as this will save you time and give visitors a better experience. You should also make your contact information easy to find. Your website can’t answer every question so give your buyers a simple way to call, email, or write to you.

4.  Trying To Do Everything Yourself?

You might have the best work from home business ideas, but that doesn’t mean you know how to make a good video, create effective images or publish great content for your website that will keep visitors coming back. A lot of work from home business website owners mistakenly think that they can do everything on their own. Skills like website design, search engine optimisation, marketing, copy writing etc, are things that you will have to learn or outsource to others.

5. Poor Shopping Cart

If you sell items directly from your work from home business website, you’ll need a shopping cart systems that works perfectly if you want to be considered as a legitimate work from home business. Buyers won’t tolerate poor shopping carts that don’t meet their expectations. With all the worries of online computer fraud, people will not buy something from a website that does not seem completely legitimate.

6. Over Crowded Pages

A work from home business website stuffed with random pictures, unexplained links and badly worded text looks unprofessional and visitors have no idea what they’re looking at. Would you rather buy from an online store with an attractive, easy to use website or one that looks like a mess? Remember, simpler is better.

7. Including Music

If you don’t have a video, you should not have audio. People don’t need or want your website to blast out your favourite song when they land on your homepage. If you must have audio, allow your visitors to mute it, otherwise, they’ll leave your website as quickly as possible.

8. Slow Loading Content

The faster computers get, the less patience people have. The average person will give your page about 7 seconds to load and after that, they’re gone to one of your competitors. Use simple images and text that load quickly. Also, have your your work from home business website hosted on server that guarantees fast load times.

9.  Not Using Web Analytic Tools

Without web analytics, you don’t know how people are using your website or where they are coming from. An excellent free tool for your work from home online business  is â€˜Google Analytics’. It provides you with all the information you will need about your website visitors.

10. Having Dead Links

Dead links take your website visitors to places on the internet that don’t exist. When a visitor clicks on a link you have provided for other information, make sure that link actually goes to the right place. This includes links both within your website and outside your website. Dead links tell visitors that your home business is disorganized and that you don’t check what you are doing. Check your links often and remove or update dead ones.

more help for your work from home business website

Sometimes, the steps to creating a work from home business website can be completely overwhelming. There can seem like there is an endless list of tasks and things that need to be done with home business opportunities and sometimes you just don’t know where to start.  For help in getting your work from home business website really moving in the right direction, check out this FREE 7 Day Marketing Bootcamp.

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Can Twitter Benefit Your Online Home Business?

Can Twitter Benefit Your Online Home Business?

Free Twitter Profits Report

Keeping it brief. That is what Twitter is all about. Keeping it short and simple is Twitter’s motto. Twitter is a social network program combined with a mini weblog program which allows twitterers (calling them twits does not sound right!) to distribute short bits of information called tweets to others and thus allows other people to read your tweets. To do this, one twitterer has to follow another and get on each other’s network. Twitterers can retweet something tweeted to them.

Twitter has been used as a web marketing strategy to increase website traffic and create curiosity about something and it can work for your online home business.

Tweets are text based and only allow 140 characters for each tweet. Tweets are delivered to the people on the twitter’s list. Tweets can be sent via mobile phone or the internet.

Twitter traffic is generated when the followers are interested in what you are talking about or your ‘niche market’. Twitter has forced marketers to find techniques to seize the reader’s attention in 140 characters or less. Tweets generally will always will include a web address that enables the reader to click the link and be taken to the tweeters website. This could be a link to your home business website!

Exactly the same occurs if one of the readers retweets, or resend, the tweet to their own list of readers – that is your message exposed to even more people.

Twitter Traffic

Twitter traffic is produced by the ones that are interested in whatever you have got to offer with your hoem business. You are finding your niche market while you continue to include readers with the same interest. As your messages are retweeted, you will additionally pick up converts from that group that didn’t know that they were curious about your home business before they discovered it.

Like any type of marketing, it does take a serious effort to create Twitter traffic as well as keep it coming. One tweet won’t generate traffic but numerous tweets will commence the traffic-generating to your benefit. The information should be appropriate, interesting and appealing.

On the home page of your home business website simply include a Twitter link. In any advertising always include a Twitter hyperlink and when publishing the web page, also include a Twitter link. One of the greatest aspects of Twitter is that tweets can be produced whenever you want from any location with your mobile phone. When you have an idea about anything you think your followers will find interesting as you’re watching TV, for instance, take out your mobile phone and tweet away. Should you wake up in the middle of the night with a tweet of a lifetime, you don’t have to get out of bed to get the job done. Pick up your mobile and off you go.

Twitter currently has over 500 million active users generating over 340 million tweets daily. Twitter has a super-advanced search that makes it easy to locate people who may help your business grow. Then those people will know people and so on. It is an endless cycle that is sure to help increase your business.

How to Start Your Own Online Home Business

Setting up your own online business can be hard work. But the SFM system gives you everything you need to make money online with a state-of-the-art marketing system, daily cutting edge training, your own website(s), practical videos and reports, products and sales funnels, an interactive global community of like minded entrepreneurs and even a call centre to close sales for you. Find out more here


How to Improve Your Home Based Business Website

How to Improve Your Home Based Business Website

If you have a  home based business website where you are selling products and home based business websiteservices online, it is worth keeping a note of the basic principles to help increase your website traffic and search engine rankings. This will then help to improve your sales!

Firstly, make sure that your home based business website contains useful content and sells products or services that will benefit your customers. This sounds obvious, but if your website does not really offer anything of value to a clearly targeted audience, then you will not make much money online.


Keywords are the phrases or text that your potential customers will type into search engines when they are looking for information about the type of products or services that you offer on your  home based business website. For example when someone searches for “Top Home-Based Business Websites” they want to find information that is related to that search.

Insert primary and secondary keywords within the first 25 words in the content of your website pages and spread them evenly throughout your website.

Primary keywords and phrases are generally found in the most important areas of a website’s search engine optimisation, such as headers, footers and throughout the page.

Basically, these are search words that have a solid relationship to your market and correspond with what your online business offers. Main keywords and phrases usually have a lot of competition as they are relevant to competitors within the same industry. Secondary keywords and phrases normally do not have the same competition level and can be used to enhance your search engine optimisation.

For example, if your business is about travel, then an obvious primary keyword and key term might be ‘flights’. Just imagine how many businesses promoting flights there are on the internet and it’s easy to see why the competition is great.

A secondary keyword and key term or term will be related to the main and may be something like ‘low cost flights’ or ‘flights from London to Spain’

Research and use the right keywords and phrases to attract your target customers. There are a number of keyword research tools for search engine optimisation, Pay Per Click advertising, Rank Tracking and Site Analysis. Two very useful research tools for your home based business website are:

Google AdWordshttps://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool


Website Design 

What ever type of web-based business ideas you have, remember to keep your website design simple so that visitors can navigate easily between the pages and find what they are looking for. If the website is confusing and complicated, they will leave and not come back.

Monitor what your competitors are doing online. Check out  the design, navigation, content, keywords of their websites. You may pick up tips on how to improve your work from home website.

Make your customer visit easy. Ensure that you have an opt-in form on your website to capture their email address and provide them with lots of value in the form of newsletters, free reports, relevant information etc.

Analyse Your Website Traffic

Use reports and logs from your web hosting company to see where your traffic is coming from. Analyse your visitor location and their incoming sources whether search engines or links from other sites and the keywords they used to find you.

You can demonstrate your expertise by writing and submitting articles for your website to article directories so that you are perceived as an expert in your field.

If you are selling products online, make sure to use a use simple payment and shipment system to make your customer’s experience fast and easy. Also ensure you keep track of what is selling and what is not!

Remember to regularly update your website. Treat it as a dynamic, ever-changing sales tool and location, just like a real store in which your customers would come in and browse around.

How to Improve Your Home Based Business Website

When you are setting up a home based business website you need a solid business model, a clear direction, training and determination. The Six Figure Mentors system is one of the top home-based business sites providing everything you need for creating a web based business from home, including:

  • Powerful potential money generating income streams with quality affiliate products, residual income streams, and high ticket items.
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to start your own web-based home businesses
  • A state of the-art marketing system which includes your own website, blogging platform, a pre-written email series, practical videos and reports, sales funnels and even a call centre to close sales for you.
  • Cutting edge marketing and online business training plus access to an interactive global community where there are always other members online to help you.

If you’re looking for home based business to start or you want to know how to improve your existing home based business website, check out this free 7 day marketing bootcamp.


search engine optimisation tips

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Your Online Business

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

When setting up your own online business, one of your first priorities is to set up a search engine optimisation tipswebsite. Then, you will need to drive traffic it. If you have no traffic, you will have no online business.

Here are some simple search engine optimisation tips to help drive visitor traffic to your website.

This article on basic search engine optimisation tips starts with the process of choosing the most appropriate keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that these keywords rank your site highly in search engines. This means that when someone searches for specific phrases, your website is at the top, or at least on the first page, of the search engine results.

Keywords are the phrases or text that you want for search engines to find and then to provide to people who have searched for that keyword on the internet. For example when someone searches for “search engine optimisation tips” they want to find information that is related to that search.

SEO optimization techniques involve fine tuning the content of your site with the HTML and Meta tags. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) are the elements which form the building blocks of all websites that allow items such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes, images and objects to appear on a website. Meta tags, in the context of SEO, are not seen by website users and their purpose is to provide data to search engines.

Currently, the most popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, Ask and AOL Search.

Search Engine Techniques

Search engines keep their methods and ranking algorithms, or search formulas, secret in an effort to get the best search results and to deter spam pages from clogging those results. Algorithms can differ so widely that a webpage that ranks first in a particular search engine could rank at one hundred in another search engine.

When you set up your online business a simple link from a well established website will get the search engines to visit your new site and begin to check its contents. It can take a few days, or even longer, for all the main search engine to start indexing your new website.

SEO Top Tips

SEO basics for your index/home page could read something like this (after your logo or header graphic):

  • A heading tag that includes a keyword(s) or keyword phrases. A heading tag is bigger and bolder text than normal body text, so a search engine places more importance on it because you emphasize it.
  • Insert paragraphs of text that describe the benefits of your online business including several of your top keywords and keyword phrases. Be sure to make it read in sentences that makes sense to your visitors.
  • Use smaller keyword related sub-headings within the text.
  • Hyper link keywords to relevant external pages and internal pages.
  • Do not over-stuff your text with keywords. The accepted search engine optimization guide for a keyword density is between 2% and 5%, to get recognised by the search engines.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation important?

SEO basics are important as they bring visitors to your online business website. When a potential customer types something for search (eg, online business tips), the search engine will instantly sift through the millions of pages it has indexed and present the user with the results that match the topic.

The searched matches are also ranked, so that the most relevant ones come first.

Remember that a prospective customer to your online business will probably only look at the first few listings in the search results, so it does matter where your website appears in the search engine ranking and why you need to have good SEO optimization techniques for your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Your Online Business

Let me introduce you to a WordPress plugin that has taken many websites from nowhere to first page ranking with its unbeatable search engine optimisation tips.

SEOPressor is a tool that is used by people all over the world to provide on-page SEO top tips. Simply put, this is a program is a build in search engine optimization guide for your website that can definitely elevate your website reach out on the Internet. The simple logic here is that if your website can reach out to more people, it will have more business, and that’s exactly what SEOPressor helps you achieve

SEOPressor is one of the best search engine optimisation plugins available and is being used by over 200,000+ WordPress websites. To see how SEOPressor can give you all the search engine optimisation tips you’ll ever need, watch this video

Your Website and Keyword Density Analysis

Your Website and Keyword Density Analysis

If you have an online business, it is important that search engines can find you website and keyword density analysispoint visitors to it. A potential visitor may well visit your website by typing in a word or set of words into the search engine – and these words are called keywords.

For example when someone searches for “keyword density analysis” (as you may have to get to this page)  they want to find information that is related to these words – not just a set of random websites.

When writing a page for your website, you have to ensure that you have a sufficient numbers of keywords for a search engine to be able to find you and this is where your keyword density analysis comes into play. It is a way of analysing the number of times a selected keyword or phrase appears on your web page.

But beware, keywords should not be over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places. If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will probably be rejected as an artificial site or spam site.

You can check the relevance of your keywords a free keyword density tool like Google Keyword Tools and WordTracker. A lot of the hard work can be done for you automatically too, with WordPress plug-ins such as SEOPressor (but more on that later).

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Your Home Business Website Plan

Your Home Business Website Plan

Building a home business website can be a bit of a daunting task. But if you follow a basic plan, Home business websiteit does not have to be an impossible task and you can be up and running with your own online home business in no time.

Plan Your Website

Before you even have a website, you must have an idea and a focus for your home business. Why do you want a website? What are your plans and goals for the site? Sit down and draw out a map of possible pages and ideas for your site. Include your site’s purpose –whether it is to sell more product or make the public more aware of your issue — whatever it may be. Build your site from a strong foundation (your goals) and you’ll have a better, more solid site.

Contact Information in a Clear Location

If a customer doesn’t see this information, they can’t contact you. Make sure you have ‘Contact Me’ button or link at the top of your website. Even if people are not going to use it,  just the presence of this information comforts wary customers.

Check for Broken Links

On all the best home business websites, every links goes somewhere. Do you enjoy clicking on a link only to get a ‘Page Not Found’ error? No one likes them. Check your site statistics at least once a month (if not more) to make sure you don’t have any bad or broken links.

Keep it Updated

A sure turn-off to a potential customer is the presence of old information. If it’s July and your website is announcing the ‘new’ products available in February, your site just lost major credibility. Make sure your information is up-to-date. Consider adding a ‘What’s New’ button or a Home Business Blog.

Avoid Too Many Font Styles and Colours

Too many fonts and colours looks bad, disorganised and unappealing. Different colours may attract the eye for a short time, but constant flashing or otherwise bright fonts (and graphics!) become annoying. Beware, this is a sure-fire way to scare people away from your site!

Slow Loading Pages

While personal and hobby sites may normally be slow, there should be no reason for your home business website to be slow loading. Today’s internet surfer won’t wait long for information from your site – there are too many others with the same thing! Make sure your pages load quickly. If the server is slow, consider a different host. If your webpages are full of large graphics, consider a page/site redesign.

Watch Out for Leading-Edge Technology

While the internet is all about new and fancy stuff, don’t be the first to do it. While it may ‘look cool’ to you, you ultimately need to decide if it actually enhances your user’s experience. Do the flashy cartoons make your customer more likely to buy from you? Probably not. How many of your customers have to install a plug-in just to correctly see your page? Do they have to upgrade their browser to contact you? Not good. Wait until the technology is either more of a standard or gone – you’ll save face with potential and future customers.

BUILDING a Home Business Website from SCRATCH

A lot of people who want to start a home business website get completely overwhelmed with all the jargon and seemingly endless list of tasks and things that you need to do to get a home business actually working and generating income.

Successful home business opportunities need a solid business model, clear direction and training. For simple, step-by-step instructions on how to build a home business check out this FREE 7 Day Online Bushiness Bootcamp Course. 

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