Can Your Business Spot Its Target Market?

Have You Identified Your Target Market?

Did you know that zebras can teach you a lot about finding your target market? Zebras target marketinstinctively know that when they hang out in groups, interestingly called dazzles, their stripes blend together. This makes it hard to pick them apart as individuals by prey animals like lions. The black and white stripes of their bodies come together to create a confusing target that appears as one large individual to a lion.

However, when a lion focuses on just one individual zebra, it’s much easier for him to catch his target. Small fish use the same strategy too. Smaller saltwater fish are often brightly colored, in eye-catching patterns and designs. Small freshwater fish have iridescent, shimmering scales which create confusing patterns of light when they dart about, traveling in schools.

In both cases, the prey animal understands that hanging out in a large group makes it harder for predators to single them out. You can use these target market examples from the animal kingdom to identify your prospective customers.

How Can Your Business Identify Its Target Market?

Instead of focusing on a huge market, for example weight loss, use a market segmentation strategy. This where you target your marketing to a smaller, specific subset of that large group. This could mean that your marketing efforts and resources are targeted towards post-pregnancy moms, or a similar, smaller specific group.

Also remember to communicate to your market as if you are speaking to an individual rather than a group, just as a animal predator is successful when he picks out a single target.

Your Customer Avatar

To identify your target market you need a very clear and distinct picture of your prospect. This picture of your perfect prospect is known as your customer avatar. Think about who is your perfect customer? What does he or she look and act like? How old are they, where do they live,  what are their likes and dislikes?  Make a note of all of the qualities that make that individual your dream customer. This is the person you’re on the prowl for when you hunt for sales.

Target marketing means every bit of focus is on this type of person. Rather than, for example, everybody who is looking to lose weight. When you focus on a smaller target market as opposed to a general market at large, it is easier to connect with an individual. Always remember you are selling to one individual at a time, not a group. Target your marketing to a smaller subset of a larger group and your marketing efforts have a much better chance of giving you the results you want.

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Should You Ever Change Your Target Market?

Sometimes you may need to change the focus or target market of your business. This could happen if you’ve spent a lot of time and money and you’e not getting the results you’re looking for. This could mean simply taking a long hard look at why your marketing isn’t successful. Perhaps your target market prefers receiving emails and ignores offline advertisements. Or, they may be very responsive to online videos but don’t like reading a lot of text.

If your marketing efforts are not providing results, you may be reaching out to your target market in the wrong way.

When Your Target Market Is Wrong

Sometimes, even when you have done loads of research, you end up marketing to the wrong group of people. For example, you may have done research and found that the term “tropical fish care” gets a lot of monthly searches online. You discover that there’s very little competition for that search term. So, you build a website, create some content, write an e-book, and paid for targeted traffic.

You start to market to the low competition target you have identified, i.e, people interested in how to take care of their tropical fish. However, even though you see you’re getting a lot of traffic to your articles, sales page and other marketing pieces, you don’t make many sales.

This is when you need to take a hard look at your target market.

Different Types Of Target Markets

Not all target markets are the same. Someone searching for the term “tropical fish care” may just be looking for free information. They may not be willing to pay for anything. However, if you have knowledge in this area, you could target a keyword term like “where can I buy tropical fish online” which identifies a target market further along in the buying cycle. These are people who have expressed a serious interest in spending money.

Therefore, they’ll be easier to market to, delivering a better return on investment than someone who is just browsing the internet looking for free information. Sometimes your target market is just fine, and you simply need to change your approach and marketing methods. At other times, if you’re not achieving the success you’re looking for after a lot of time and effort, it may be your target market that needs changing, and not your marketing itself.

Find Profitable Niches Within Your Target Market

When you know how to identify your target market, you can qualify your prospects before you even start to market to them. Your business can’t appeal to everyone, so you need a target market strategy. You want to use the right keywords on your website, content, blogs and articles so that your target market sees you as the go-to business to buy the products and services they want. To help you find those find those gold nugget opportunities that exist in your marketplace download a FREE copy of Market Samurai. You’ll soon be able to identify a high-profit, low-competition target market with devastating accuracy.

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