How To Turn Website Visitors Into Buyers

5 Tips To Turn Website Visitors Into Buyers

The reason that you’ll turn website visitors into buyers is the same regardless of the size of the yourTurn Website Visitors Into Buyers online business. Whether you’re running an online business from home or if you’re Amazon, it’s about the psychology of online shopping more than about the product or price.

The internet is both huge and personal at the same time. Your prospects shape the internet with their interests, searches, desires and purchases. Trends on the internet are people-driven. Your website may have the potential to be seen all over the world, but, if you want turn website visitors into buyers, it needs to be tightly focused to appeal to your best prospects.

The ABCDE of Buying

To convert visitors into buyers you not only need to know ‘who’  your product  or service appeals to but also why’ it appeals to that market. Follow the ABCDE of buying and keep that focus with your online business.

  • Acquire – the drive to have more than your neighbours or colleagues.
  • Better – the drive for the newest or improved version of the item.
  • Convenience – the desire to have something to make your life easier.
  • Distraction – a way to forget the mundane aspects of life.
  • Envy – the desire to create envy among others because you have the first, best or most exclusive product.

5 Tips To Help Turn Website Visitors Into Buyers

Think about the people and businesses you buy from. You buy from people and businesses you know. You buy from people and companies that you like because that have created a good impression. You buy from people and companies that you trust and represent credibility and authority.  Your customers buy for the same reasons. They buy from companies that they know, like and trust.

1. Easy Navigation

It sounds so simple, yet many websites are a navigational disaster. When a visitor can’t find what they need quickly and easily, they leave. You have to make prospects feel comfortable when they visit your website or landing page. Remember who your target audience are and what they’re looking for. You can’t create a one-size-fits-all website, so make sure you don’t confuse prospects by trying to sell everything to everybody.

Ideally your website will be designed to facilitate a visitor’s experience. Not only should they be able to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, you also want to guide them to achieve your goals. For example, if you’re an affiliate marketer you want to guide your prospects to the second and third tier pages where your affiliate links and ads are placed.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research supports easy navigation. Your visitors and prospects find your site with keywords. That means those same keywords need to be present on your site and easy to find. They not only need to be part of the content, they should also be part of the navigation. Research your keywords to support your customers and prospects. Include them in the navigation flow.

Additionally, keyword research helps you provide the most valuable and beneficial content possible. When you know what your prospects are looking for, you can provide it. Providing top quality content will set you apart from the majority of your competition.

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3.  Analytics

Analytics provide valuable inside information. They help you track where your customers go on your website. They also tell you:

  • How long people stay on a single web page
  • What keywords they use to find your website
  • How they found your website
  • What time did they stay on your website
  • How many visitors return to your website

This information is invaluable. Get into the habit of checking your website analytics regularly. Create content and navigation systems that support your findings. And take the initiative to test and track your results. For example, if you add a new feature on your website like a survey, test and track where on your website it receives the most attention.

4. Impulse Buys

Think about the items that you throw into your grocery basket when you are near the checkout. These are impulse buys and retailers know that this is the last chance to get you to buy things before you leave the store. To help turn website visitors into buyers put bonus products at the end of your web page articles or blog posts. These are the online version of the impulse buy. You might resist the major product only to be hooked by the extra offers.

5. Be Consistent And Be Yourself

Consistency establishes a strong brand. If you keep chopping and changing your personality, tone and delivery style from communication to communication, your prospects and customers can become confused. However, if you’re consistently thoughtful, funny, controversial, or serious then your brand will get stronger. This includes social networking interactions, email, articles and content, video and interviews.

There’s only one of  you in the universe. Even if you think you are “normal” or “average”, you’re uniquely different from everyone else on the planet. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be who you are. Communicate the way you do with your friends. There are a lot of people out there will connect with you connect with you and want to buy from you because of who you are. You can’t make that connection if you’re not honest about your personality, likes, dislikes and other personality traits.

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There are millions of websites. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Know your audience. Research your keywords. Create a navigation structure that supports your customers and your business goals. Visitors are people with needs. Show them you can help them and they will love you and buy! Getting visitors to your website is one thing but it’s another thing getting visitors to your website who are genuinely interested in your products and services. To find out more on how to turn website visitors into buyers this Free Traffic Mini Course reveals a proven method for reaching your ideal customers.

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