Your Audience Wants To Watch Videos On Your Website

They Want Videos On Your Website (So Give Them What They Want)

Think about the last time you stumbled across a blog post that was recorded in video, and also written. Though the message was the same in text and video, the video probably resonated with you on a much deeper level. You may have even watched the video rather than taking the time to read the written blog post. You’re not alone.

As opposed to just text and/or images, video “speaks” to your audience. This is why why video marketing is so powerful. People can see and hear who you are, what you have to say, how your product works, and they are engaged better for video than through a simple blog post or picture.

Everyone loves videos, and your audience wants to watch videos on your website. So give them what they want.

Why Put Videos On Your Website?

Videos On Your Website

Don’t ignore the benefits of videos on your website.

There’s no doubt that online videos are not just a wave of the future for business owners, but it’s effective here and now. The following stats on video marketing prove how important it is to use video to develop a real connection with your prospects and customers.

  • People are 550% more likely to remember content with video than content with just text. (LifeLearn)
  • The Social Science Research Network tells us that 2 out of every 3 people are visual learners. This means you have a much better chance of reaching your audience with video than with only a text-based marketing message.
  • The Fast Company website reports that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This means you can get your message across quickly with video, and is probably the reason why videos 60 seconds in length or shorter are the most popular.
  • The HubSpot website reveals that 400% more consumers would rather watch a video than read about the same content.
  •  When you add the word “video” to your email subject line, you improve open rates by 19%, and click through rates by an impressive 65%.

The takeaway here is simple. Your audience wants videos on your website, so give them what they want.

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What Tools Do You Need? 

A lot of online business owners worry that since they don’t have thousands of dollars of video recording and editing equipment, they can’t get started. This is a mistake. The cameras on many smart phones these days are more than capable for recording video. A lot of mega-successful video marketing campaigns were the product of nothing more
than an iPhone or Android phone camera and good content.

Remember that content is everything. The most professional looking video, with great audio and lighting, engaging music and paid talent, probably won’t do much for your business if your content is poor.

Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade your video marketing tools so you can release the highest quality content. For the time being, just get started.

I Don’t Want To Be On Camera!

A lot of people are concerned about how they will look on video. But you don’t even need to show your face on video to leverage the benefits of video content.

You can use screen capture software to make your video. This is a great way to start developing a video marketing strategy. Software like JingFree Screen Video Recorder and Screencast-O-Matic are free ways to capture screen shots. You can record your voice through your computer microphone. Your computer records whatever you do on your monitor. This is a simple and free way to make videos and works great when you’re explaining a how-to process.

You can also turn slide-shows into a video. PowerPoint, ProShow Gold, PhotoStage and KeyNote for Mac make creating slideshow presentations of still images simple. You can use the built-in microphone on your computer to record audio.

How To Add A Video To A Website

To put videos on your website, you’ll need somewhere to host those videos so that they can be shown online. One of the best video hosting sites is YouTube. Using YouTube itself is free. You can spend money on production or promotion, but the tool is free for anyone to use. This makes the barrier to entry extremely low and gives every business the opportunity to take advantage of video.

When you use YouTube to host videos, you save an enormous amount of money on bandwidth and secure hosting services. It will be impossible to use shared hosting when you host your own videos, so using YouTube for hosting is a winner right out of the box. Also, you won’t not have to worry about whether or not your audience can view your videos on multiple devices. Your audience will not have to download anything. They’ll just be able to watch how they like watching.

Here’s how to embed video on WordPress websites:

  1. Create the video with your smart phone or computer.
  2. Upload the video to YouTube
  3. Make the video live and click on the ‘share button’ below the video
  4. Click on ‘Embed’ and copy the code that appears
  5. Go to your WordPress website page and click on the ‘Text’ tab in the top right corner of your content panel
  6. Copy/paste the Youtube embed code where you want the video to appear on your page and click update to save the changes.

How Videos On Your Website Can Fail

When you put videos on your website you do want to promote your business or product in some way. But, you’re not making a commercial. You’re making a video that provides information to your audience, as well as perhaps incentive to want to buy from you. Promote for less than 10 or 20 seconds at the end of the video, but make the rest of the video non-promotional.

People love watching short videos from one to three minutes long. Videos that are too long are boring. Even if your topic is interesting, making long videos will turn-off your audience. People are in a hurry to get the information they need and don’t have time to sit around forever waiting for you to get to the point. If you want people to engage with you, make your videos short and to the point. Your audience is still the same, so create videos for that audience and stay on track even though it’s a new form of content.

Get Great Videos On Your Website In Minutes

Video marketing is an absolute must for the online entrepreneur. Search engines understand more people are watching videos rather than reading blog posts and text-based messages. They are starting to rank webpages accordingly. But many online entrepreneurs still ignore video. They think it’s too time consuming and laborious because of the editing, aspect ratios and file formats to fiddle with.

But now it’s easy to create professional high-quality marketing videos – and you don’t even need to appear on camera. Try out this video marketing software for free and get videos on your website faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible.

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