What Is Online Marketing & What Are Its Pros and Cons?

What Is Online Marketing And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

If you get asked “What is Online Marketing?” is there really an easy way to answer it? If you look at marketing in general, it’s the process of creating exchange between a business and its potential customers.

It’s about focusing on your target customer and meeting the needs of that customer. It includes a number of disciplines such as advertising, sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution of products. It’s the art of finding the right people to buy your product or service with the help of proper planning, research and intuition.

Online marketing is basically marketing your product or service through the internet. There are many options available to use online marketing. So, when we’re looking at answering the ‘What Is Online Marketing?’ question, the challenge lies in deciding what type of strategies to choose in order to get the best results.

What Is Online Marketing & What Are Its Pros and Cons?

The advantage of online marketing is that you can reach a huge number of potential what is online marketingcustomers for a lot less money rather than traditional media. Every time a prospect is browsing through the internet and they see a captivating advertisement or link to your website they will click on it to find out what you have to offer. So the trick here is to ensure that all of your messages are focused on attracting and appealing to your customer.

The Disadvantage Of Marketing Online 

The main disadvantage of marketing online is that a customer or client cannot really judge what you have to offer as it may not be as it appears through the internet. The internet can be an impersonal environment and it’s easy for unethical businesses to hide behind a website. They don’t know if you’re trustworthy. They don’t know who you are are or if you know what you’re talking about. Your first impression is generally your last impression when it relates to selling your products or services online. So make the best of it when you start.

6 Internet Marketing Strategies

There are several options available to use internet marketing to promote your services or products online. Some of the effective marketing tactics you can use promote your products and services online are as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one the best internet marketing techniques to attract free internet traffic. This technique used to improve the organic listing, or search engine listings, within the search engines results pages. It makes your products and services visible for people searching the internet using particular keyword terms. It may not be suitable for those who want quick results, but will pay off in the long term.

2. Blog Marketing

Blog-marketing is a great option when it comes to online marketing, because blogging is an effective way to expand your business, attract more clients, and maintain relationships with your current customers.  Blog traffic has been growing steadily for several years. Consumers like reading and viewing information from ‘regular everyday people’ rather than hard hitting sales pitches that are found on corporate websites.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising 

Pay Per Click (or PPC) is a way of buying targeted website traffic on a search engine. These are sponsored listings that you see whenever you make a search. There will be a charge whenever a visitor clicks on any of your ads. There will first be a bidding process. The highest bidder for the price per click is generally listed first in the search engine result. With this kind of advertising, you can still basically control your campaign as you get to create your own ad. You will also manage the target audience and still stay within the bounds of your budget. Most of the providers of PPC advertising will allow you to set your daily budget and specify the target market, either by topic, industry or geographical location.

4. Email Marketing

Success with email marketing is based upon having a list of prospective customers who have given you permission to email them about your products or service. Research shows that 67% of marketers around the world rated email as one of the best online marketing strategies. On any day of the week, your customers may or may not visit your website, blog or one of your social media pages. But with few exceptions, customers check their email every day, often several times during the day, if not the hour! You need to get your messages into their inbox!

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another technique that provides you an opportunity to sell your products and services on the internet. As a business or product owner you pay a commission for any sales that are generated by an affiliate. These sales people are called an affiliates because they are associated with your product but are not directly part of your business. The major attraction to product creators is that they can get their affiliates to do their marketing for them and pay nothing if the affiliate does not sell anything.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media gives online marketers a voice and provides a way for them to communicate with peers, customers and potential buyers. It personalizes the “brand” of your product and helps you to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational manner. It’s a more personal, friendly way to promote your product or service and to persuade people into buying it. The only disadvantage of using social media in marketing is that it must update it regularly in order to keep the momentum and attention you need for it to be successful.

Free Crash Course – What Is Online Marketing?

There is no doubt that having a proven strategy for online marketing is an important for businesses today. Offline marketing is great, but it’s not enough these days. You need to have an online presence if you’re going to remain competitive and if you want to reach the highest possible number of customers. As you can see from above, knowing how and what is online marketing can vary from business to business. This Free Internet Marketing Training reveals the proven steps for running a profitable online business even if this is all completely new to you.

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