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10 Reasons Why Your Work From Home Business Website Is Failing

Is Your Work From Home Business Website Failing?

If you’ve got a work from home business website, it should be helping your business, not work from home business websiteholding it back. Online business is booming and there are many people with an entrepreneurial flair looking to supplement their income, or replace it, with a legitimate work from home business based on the internet.  Your website is key to allowing your business to grow. Your competition is online and, most importantly, so are your customers.

Is your work from home business website upto scratch? Check that it’s not failing because of one or more of the following:

1. Poor Navigation

Your website’s visitors need to know how to find information. Without good navigation, that’s nearly impossible. Make sure that you divide your content in your home business website into sections that visitors can identify easily. Also, letting users search for specific content helps.

2.  No New Content On The Website

Old content will affect the success of your work from home business website. When visitors only see content that is months or even years old , they’ll often assume that you’ve gone out of business. Stale content can also negatively affect your search engine ranking. That makes it harder for people to find your website if don’t already know your address. Update your content frequently so people know you’re in business and provide fresh and relevant information for your visitors to read, see and share.

3. Making It Difficult To Get Answers Or Contact

Your website should have a page that tries to answer frequently asked questions, as this will save you time and give visitors a better experience. You should also make your contact information easy to find. Your website can’t answer every question so give your buyers a simple way to call, email, or write to you.

4.  Trying To Do Everything Yourself?

You might have the best work from home business ideas, but that doesn’t mean you know how to make a good video, create effective images or publish great content for your website that will keep visitors coming back. A lot of work from home business website owners mistakenly think that they can do everything on their own. Skills like website design, search engine optimisation, marketing, copy writing etc, are things that you will have to learn or outsource to others.

5. Poor Shopping Cart

If you sell items directly from your work from home business website, you’ll need a shopping cart systems that works perfectly if you want to be considered as a legitimate work from home business. Buyers won’t tolerate poor shopping carts that don’t meet their expectations. With all the worries of online computer fraud, people will not buy something from a website that does not seem completely legitimate.

6. Over Crowded Pages

A work from home business website stuffed with random pictures, unexplained links and badly worded text looks unprofessional and visitors have no idea what they’re looking at. Would you rather buy from an online store with an attractive, easy to use website or one that looks like a mess? Remember, simpler is better.

7. Including Music

If you don’t have a video, you should not have audio. People don’t need or want your website to blast out your favourite song when they land on your homepage. If you must have audio, allow your visitors to mute it, otherwise, they’ll leave your website as quickly as possible.

8. Slow Loading Content

The faster computers get, the less patience people have. The average person will give your page about 7 seconds to load and after that, they’re gone to one of your competitors. Use simple images and text that load quickly. Also, have your your work from home business website hosted on server that guarantees fast load times.

9.  Not Using Web Analytic Tools

Without web analytics, you don’t know how people are using your website or where they are coming from. An excellent free tool for your work from home online business  is ‘Google Analytics’. It provides you with all the information you will need about your website visitors.

10. Having Dead Links

Dead links take your website visitors to places on the internet that don’t exist. When a visitor clicks on a link you have provided for other information, make sure that link actually goes to the right place. This includes links both within your website and outside your website. Dead links tell visitors that your home business is disorganized and that you don’t check what you are doing. Check your links often and remove or update dead ones.

more help for your work from home business website

Sometimes, the steps to creating a work from home business website can be completely overwhelming. There can seem like there is an endless list of tasks and things that need to be done with home business opportunities and sometimes you just don’t know where to start.  For help in getting your work from home business website really moving in the right direction, check out this FREE 7 Day Marketing Bootcamp.

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