No Time To Blog? How To Write Online Content Faster

5 Tips To Help You Write Online Content Faster

When you write online content, you’re creating the currency for your online business. Content attracts new clients, helps get you write online contentnoticed on search engine results pages, and helps build a loyal following. But website content writing takes time to create!

Although you should never rush when you write online content, there are some ways to ensure you create it as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you’re struggling to keep your blog updated or write online content for your website, these 5 time saving tips will help.

How To Write Online Content Faster

1. Don’t Constantly Edit

The first time you draft a new piece of content, let the words flow without editing as you go. Write your entire first draft before you look for any spelling mistakes or potential changes. Most people tend to edit as they go along, and again at the end. This is a waste of time and will often halt the creative “flow”. Your writing will flow better if you write online content that is easy to read. Don’t try using big words on your audience to impress them. They’re more impressed with a good flow that doesn’t make them pause to go to an online dictionary to find out the meaning of a word.

2. Eliminate Distractions

When you know it’s time to write your content, make a point to eliminate distractions. This might seem obvious, but are you really doing it? Many people tend to keep their Facebook, Twitter, email, and so on open on their browser while they’re writing. Even if you don’t check them, notification sounds affect our concentration. Find a quiet place where you can concentrate, and only have sites that are relevant to your post’s research open on your Internet browser when you write. If necessary, install a browser plugin that blocks distracting sites (there are many free options available).

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3. Make A Plan

Do some basic planning before you begin writing. While some writers are talented enough to write fluently as they go along, others may get stuck halfway and have a hard time continuing. Before you write your content, type out a basic outline listing each basic point from beginning to end. Use this draft as your guide, and improvise if you need to along the way.

4. Write Shorter Content

If possible, keep your content shorter. This doesn’t mean deliberately writing short posts that don’t provide any value. Instead, it means creating great content is saying what you need to say but in as few words as possible. As long as your readers can get what they need to your post, and feel as though you’re delivering value, then there’s no difference between a 500 or 1000-word post! Many readers will lose interest anyway when you don’t keep to the point!

5. Batch Your Content

Lastly, remember that you will simply get faster with practice, and especially when you “batch” your content creation process to create many posts at once. If you know that you have a number of blog pasts to write, you can be tempted to switch between one post and another. But you will be much more effective if you focus your attention on one task at a time. Aim to touch each post, article, video or whatever only once and finish it. By batching your tasks you can achieve more.

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