How To Write Good Sales Copy For Your Online Home Business

Writing Good Sales Copy For Your Online Home Business

When you have an online home business, learning to write good sales copy isn’t Online Home Business something you can pick up by reading a quick tutorial. It takes practice.

Although you probably won’t turn into a world-famous copywriter overnight, there are a few tips you can use to increase the response from your emails, adverts, blog posts or articles

It does not matter if you are a multi-national business or a small work from home online business, the first thing you have to know is that the headline is (almost) everything.  If your headline is terrible – or worse – boring, most people won’t even read any more.  A headline needs to be exciting, enticing, and intriguing. After all, what is so special about the products and services of your online home business?

Does Your Headline Grab Attention?

There are many online home business ideas out there and so your headline needs to grab the attention of your reader quickly. It might have shock value, ask a compelling question, or be the beginning of an extremely interesting story. For example:  “How I Was Able To Start A Home Business Online With One  Simple Idea”.

This makes the reader want to know more – how did you start with a simple idea and go to have a profitable online home business?  Good sales copy usually tells a story that the audience can connect with. But good copy doesn’t tell a fictional story, though.  You certainly don’t want your online home business to run into any trouble with the authorities with something to prove.  Good copy gives people a reason to keep reading.  If you tell an interesting, compelling story that’s somehow related to the product or service of your business and how it will affect them, it will naturally appeal to your visitor.

What’s In It For Me?

Every single paragraph should lead into the next paragraph, drawing the reader further and further into why the products or services of your online home business can benefit them.  Consumers usually buy based on emotion, and then they justify their purchase with logic.  They rarely buy based on logic alone.

People don’t buy a product because of the features – they buy because of the benefits it will provide to them, the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) factor.  If you’re selling a car, you can’t tell the buyer that it has heated leather seats, ABS brakes, and a superior sound system.

They are sold on the fact that their neighbours and colleagues at work will be envious, girls will flock to them, and they’ll feel like the king of the world whenever they drive it.  Then they’ll buy the car based on the fantasy just given them, and they’ll use logic to justify their purchase later.

Copy Writing Tips For Online Home Business Ideas

Within each article or blog post that you write for your online home business, you’ll want to have a main headline, numerous sub-headlines sprinkled throughout, and aside from the written storyline, you’ll want to add sections of benefit-driven bullet points that break up the text.

When you’re sending emails, don’t forget the call to action at the end and a Post Script (PS) or two that sums up your text in case your readers are skimmers who hate to read. It’s always a good idea to check out some of the emails from well known and successful online home business entrepreneurs and emulate their style and approach. Bookmark it for your “swipe file,” where you borrow ideas (not content) from the original author and use it on your own target audience.

Success For Your Online Home Business

Success in business is mostly about marketing, especially online. Great marketing and sales copy can sell an average product but poor marketing with rubbish sales copy cannot sell a great product. To learn how to get your online home business on the right road to success, check out this FREE Online Home Business Course.

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