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You’re Not A Robot And Neither Are Your Online Customers

Why Have A Relationship Strategy With Your Online Customers?

When you start an internet business you don’t really have time to think about building a online customersrelationship your online customers. You’re working hard to find the right strategy that will provide the fastest, easiest way to make the most money in the shortest possible time-frame.

But your online customers aren’t robots. And neither are you! You may think that your customers come to your website without emotion to buy something once at the best possible price and then they’ll be gone. It’s all very clear-cut and impersonal.

Yes, you can make money being impersonal and using a wise business model. You can make a little bit here and there. But it’s not enough to sustain you. So in the end you wind up losing more money than you get in return. Here are 8 reasons why building a relationship marketing strategy with your online audience will help your business.

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Make Your Online Business Successful By Providing Value

Make Your Online Business Successful

The key element that will make your online business successful is providing value to your prospects and customers.

Providing high quality content that is valuable demonstrates that you are a source of useful information. When you position yourself as a trusted adviser it will help to build trust, loyalty and credibility with your prospects and customers. And that will directly translate to increased customer retention and more sales. So how do you deliver value?

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Solo Ad Marketing -Part 2

Solo Ad Marketing (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article series, we explained solo ad marketing.  As every online marketer solo ad marketingknows, it is vital to build a list of potential customers and buying customers to whom you can sell your products and services. To sell your products and services, you need to drive these customers to your website and one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is with solo ad marketing. For a more detailed explanation of how a solo ad marketing works, please refer to Part 1 of this article.

There are two ways that you can send out solo ad traffic:

  1. Solo ad marketing via an independent online marketer (see part 1)
  2. Solo ad marketing via an Ezine publishe

Solo ad marketing via an Ezine publisher

Ezines are basically online newsletters or magazines sent to subscribers by email.  There are small ezines with a few hundred subscribers to large eznies with hundreds of thousands subscribers and there are topics on just about everything.

The great thing about solo ad advertising with ezines is that you can reach a large number of people who you already know have an interest in your product or service. The ezine publisher will send out your solo ad advertising independently of the ezine itself.

Using ezines is a really simple way to send out a solo ad advertising campaign to a target audience. You simply find the right ezine that is related to your product or service, write your copy, pay for the solo ad marketing campaign and the publisher will send it out to their subscriber list. And you know in advance they are interested in what you offer! Basically, you are using the ezine publisher’s list to boost your own list. The publisher already has a list of many subscribers and when he sends out your message to his entire list,  the publisher is, in effect, endorsing you and your business to his subscribers.

As there are so many ezines available, before you buy your solo ad campaign, you have to check that the ezine is right for you. To do this,  visit the publisher’s website and look at past editions of their ezine. Also, subscribe to their mailing list and read a few issues. If the ezine is aimed at your target audience it should be relevant to you and if it is not, why should it be relevant to your potential customers?  You have to sure that it is a quality publication that subscribers will look forward to receiving as your solo ad will be seen to come from the publication – not you.

With any solo ad, whether it is sent via an independent online marketer’s list or via an ezine subscriber list,  you must ensure that your ad is well written with clear benefits. Remember the objective of your solo ad marketing campaign  is to get the reader to click the link within your text, go to your website or landing page and provide you with their name and email so that they can be added to your prospect list.


Finding your way through the sheer number of ezines available online for your solo ad marketing campaign can take up a lot of time. If you want to save time and find proven lists — and get great discounts too — you need to be a member of the Directory of Ezines.

They have done all the research, negotiated the best prices and made finding super solo ads easy. In addition to the ezine directory, which provides all the information you will need from ezine name, subjects covered, circulation, costs, contact details etc, the DOE provides non-ezine advertising resources, a learning centre covering important online  marketing topics and one-on-one personal consulting with DOE owner and industry ‘guru’ Charlie Page.

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What is Solo Ad Marketing? (Part 1)

What is Solo Ad Marketing? (Part 1)

Every online business, to make money online, needs a mailing list of potential customers solo ad marketingwho will buy from them.

Building a list is hard work and it takes time to drive targeted traffic to your website.

One of the most effective ways to build your list of potential customers for your online business and drive traffic to your website is with solo ad marketing.

A solo ad (sometimes called a solo blast) is where your selling message is emailed by a  solo ad vendor to a predetermined number of people on the vendor’s list who have already expressed an interest in your market. Your message is sent on its own, without any other messages or advertising, hence the name solo ad marketing.

Solo ad advertising contains information about your product and service and has a link to your website or landing page. If the reader considers your message beneficial to them, they will click the link to find out more information. To receive more information, you ask the reader to provide their name and email address into a form on your website or landing page so that you can send it to them. Once they enter their information, they have given you permission to send them relevant information and this person is now a prospect on your list.

The advantages of solo ad marketing

The primary advantage of solo ad marketing is that it is the only message that a reader sees and, because the email has been sent by somebody (ie, the vendor) who the reader  knows and trusts, the email will have a much greater chance of being opened.

Solo ad marketing can cost more than other forms of online advertising, but if you have proven ad copy and if your website does convert visitors into prospects, solo ad marketing provides a very good return on your investment.

A solo ad is normally in a text format, just like a regular email, and because it is only sent to people who are interested in what you have to offer, you are communicating to an audience who are more likely to buy from you, or at the very least, have an interest in what you have to sell. For example, if your website sells golf accessories, you may have some success if you advertise with a sports or leisure magazine. However, your return on investment will be higher if you know that your message is going to people who are specifically interested in golf and golf alone.

There are two ways that you can send out solo ad traffic:

  1. Solo ad marketing via an independent online marketer 
  2. Solo ad marketing via an Ezine publisher

This first article deals with solo ad marketing via an independent online marketer who already has a big list of subscribers. Part 2 is about solo ad marketing via an Ezine publisher.

There are many online marketers whom have a large list of subscribers and, for a fee, will send your message to a section of their list. You will not know the names of the people who will receive your message. You purchase your solo ad based on the number of people that the list owner will send the message to and that can range from 50 people upto a few thousand.

When purchasing a solo ad from an online marketer with a big list you will obviously pay more for your message to be sent to more people. Often a list owner will guarantee a set number of ‘clicks’. This means that they will send out your message to a pre-determined number of people and guarantee that these people will open your email message and ‘click’ on the link to your website or landing page.

It is important that you have your own ‘click tracking’ software to track the number of clicks you receive from your solo ad marketing campaign.

It is always worth contacting the list owner prior to purchasing a solo ad marketing campaign to ensure that their list will be receptive to your offer and when they will be able to send it out. Unless you have established a good relationship with the list owner you may have to wait a week or two before your solo ad is sent out and you may not have the option of the exact day that it is sent. Also, some list owners will write the solo ad copy, so make sure that they fully aware of the benefits of your product or service.

Do ‘shop around’ as there many list sellers who charge different prices for sending out the same number of solo ads. You do get what you pay for, so sometimes websites that offer free solo ads mailing lists are not necessarily the best way to promote your online business. Always check for testimonials from others who have purchased from the list owner.


A good starting point for internet marketing solo ads is via Udimi. It is one of the best solo ad sites where you can buy good value solo ad marketing mailings from reputable list owners, who all have reputation scores from others that have used them. As your list grows you can even sell your own solos from the website.

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No mailing list of your own? No problem!

How to build a list for your online business

Tired of hearing that you need a mailing list of your own to succeed online?

I can’t blame you. After all, building a list is hard work and takes time!

Well here’s the good news – You do not need a list of your own to succeed online because you can use other people’s lists right now! Even better – we’re talking about a highly targeted list that is proven responsive.

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And you can advertise anything you want to sell: Ebooks, Information products, Health products, eBay products, Clothing, Jewellery, Memberships, Business opportunities – anything!

You name it and you can sell it using this proven method.

Build your own mailing list

You can even build your own list using this method! This is super effective for affiliates and business opportunity marketers!

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The Power of Ezine Advertising

The Power of Ezine Advertising

Firstly, what is an ezine? An ezine is an online newsletter or magazine that is delivered to subscribers via email.

The power of ezine advertisingezine advertising is that it is highly targeted which means that you can directly reach your target audience with an advertisement in an appropriate ezine. People who like cooking read recipe and cooking ezines, people who are interested in health matters read health-related ezines, people who want to make money online read business opportunity or internet marketing ezines, and so on.

The secret to success with ezine advertising is to match the content of the ezine to your offer. This means that if an ezine has a large readership it does not necessarily follow that it will appeal to your target audience. It might sound great that a particular ezine has tens of thousands of readers, but if you are trying to sell a product that has no relevance to those readers, you will waste your money.

You are better to buy an advertisement in a smaller, more targeted, ezine which will get you better results and cost you less.

People who read ezines are doing so because they requested it, and have a high level of interest in what the ezine contains. This is why ezine advertising is the ultimate niche-marketing tool as you can reach people who are already interested in your product or service.

Another powerful factor about ezines is that they are delivered by email. Email is now, and will remain, the most powerful form of marketing on the internet. Also, ezine advertising is never classed as spam because the people who read ezines have opted in to those publications. The only people who receive an particular ezine are the people who requested it.

The 3 common types of ezine advertising

Solo ads

A solo ad is actually an email sent to the list of subscribers of the ezine. When you buy a solo ad, your ad is the only thing the reader sees, hence the name, “solo”. While these ads cost more, a solo ad is your best choice for ezine advertising if you have proven ad copy and if your website or landing page converts well.

Sponsor ads

Sponsor ads can be found in the middle or at the top of ezines. You often will not be the only sponsor ad on the page, so make sure your ad stands out for maximum effect and attention. Sponsor ads cost less than solo ads, but are more than classified ads. You will also have more space than a classified ad so you can include include more text and details.

When you buy a sponsor ad, check exactly where the ad will be placed before you buy. Also look at the ezine to see if their sponsor ads jump out at you. A sponsor ad must be noticed in order to work.

Classified ads

A typical classified ad is a text ad, usually between 3 to 5 lines long and generally grouped with other ads in a particular section. Classified ezine advertising is like the classified ads in your local newspaper.

The Internet is the greatest advertising medium ever created but because there are so many people online trying to sell products the market is crowded and super-competitive.

In this environment you need a competitive advantage. You need a way of promoting almost any product quickly and cheaply. Ezine advertising can provide that for you.

how to use The Power of Ezine Advertising

The key to successful ezine advertising is finding ezines that match your product, placing ads in them, evaluating the results, and fine-tuning a process of ezine advertising that is specific to you, your budget and your product.

If you want to save time, money and effort with a proven ezine advertising service you need to be a member of the Directory of Ezines (DOE).

They have done all the research, negotiated the best prices and provide all the information you will need from ezine name, subjects covered, circulation, costs, contact details etc. The DOE also provides non-ezine advertising resources, a learning centre covering important online marketing topics and one-on-one personal consulting with DOE owner and industry ‘guru’ Charlie Page.

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