10 Tactics To Get More Emails For Marketing

How Do You Get More Emails For Marketing?

Most people in today’s technological world use email to some extent in the daily workings of their business and personal life.  Email marketing is one of the most effective methods that has ever been invented.

The top priority for every business, whether online or offline, is to continually build a list of emails for marketing. But email marketing tactics change and grow as time and technology move forward. You can no longer just hope or expect people to join your email list. Here are 10 tactics to help you get more emails for marketing.

10 Tactics To Get More Emails For Marketing

1. Add Content Upgrades

Emails For Marketing

Do you continually add to your collection of emails?

A content upgrade is a free offering of additional information that goes with the content the viewer is currently consuming. You can add content upgrades to any type of content you want to. You may want to add a link within the content, as well as after the content, and maybe even remarket the upgrade to them by installing the Facebook pixel and setting up a remarketing advertisement.

2. Add a Sign-Up Gate

If you already offer a tremendous amount of content and have a high number of repeat visitors who aren’t on your list yet, add a lightbox pop-up form like Sumo List Builder that gates your content. However, don’t make it required. Offer a “No Thank You” option so that you don’t make your repeat visitors angry.

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3. Don’t Make Your Audience Work Too Hard 

If you require too many steps for your audience to get your freebie or sign up for your email list, that may turn them off. However, don’t allow this fear to prevent you from asking the right questions to weed out the ‘wheel kickers’ who just want a freebie. It depends on your particular audience more than the standard practice. But, in general, you want to make it as simple as possible for the audience.

4. Make Your Opt-In Forms Obvious

Don’t be shy about asking people to sign up for your email list. After all, you offer an incredible amount of content for free to your audience to help them with their problems. There’s nothing wrong with wanting them to get onto your email list so that you can help them even more. Put your sign-up forms on the home page of your website, make them pop up in a lightbox, and make the buttons large and attractive.

5. Target Your Super-Niches 

Within every single niche are super-niches that you can target using extra content upgrades as mentioned earlier. But don’t forget to target some of your content upgrades toward the super-niches within your audience. For example, if your niche is eating a low-fat, plant-based diet and your audience is stay-at-home moms, there will be a lot of ways to target them even closer.

6. Tell Your Audience What to Expect

You have a lot of reassuring to do when you ask someone to sign up for your list. You need to let them know what to expect from you. If you’ve not explained very well, go back and fix your forms and welcome message so that they know what they’re getting.

7. Upgrade Action Words on Your Opt-In Forms

If your opt-in forms still say “sign up” or “newsletter,” go change them right now. Come up with some better action words to use to get your audience to act. Tell them what to do, why they need to do it, and how it will solve their problem.

8. Cross Promote

Once people have joined your email list as a subscriber, be sure to let them know where else they can locate you on the internet. This includes your website or blog and your social media pages. It should be easy for them to connect with you in multiple places. This will increase trust as they get to know you and your brand outside of the email inbox.

9. Giveaways and Discounts

You can build your list by using it for the addition of incentives for your current list members. Offering a free gift or discount on their next purchase in relation to the number of referrals they provide may be just the right approach. This type of offer can also be passed down to any new member signing up for email updates. This is just another great way to get more emails for marketing so that more people become aware of what you have to offer them.

10. Test Everything

When you want to improve anything, you need to consider first what results you want and then compare it to the results you get. When you get the results you want, keep doing it. If you’re not getting the right results, find something else to change and improve.

What Next After You’ve Got Emails For Marketing?

An email marketing strategy is an effective and cost-efficient way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers.  It can achieve awesome results for the smart marketer. But one email on it’s own will rarely deliver you the result you want.

On average, a prospect needs to see your messages 7 to 8 times before they trust you enough to buy something. Email is the perfect way to deliver these messages with a structured marketing funnel. To learn more, download my free Marketing Funnel Checklist that outlines the how to do email marketing so you achieve the intended result with lots of prospects and lots of sales.

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