6 Tips For Podcast Content Ideas (& Why You Should Plan Your Content)

How Can You Create Podcast Content?

When creating a podcast, the most difficult thing for most people is coming up with good podcast content on a consistent schedule. You can have a great voice, lots of followers and listeners and bags of confidence, but without the content to accompany it, your podcasts will fail.

Your podcast won’t deeply connect with everyone that listens to it. Some people will listen to one of your podcast episodes for a couple of minutes, then tune off and never return. That’s OK. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

But, with the right podcast content, what you can do is connect deeply with people who are looking for the information you’re talking about. These are people who identify with your voice and your message. They are much more involved emotionally when they hear your voice in a podcast, rather than reading that very same information in a blog post.

6 Tips for Coming Up With Podcast Content Ideas

podcast content

Podcasts connect with your audience more than text.

A podcast episode can be enjoyed whenever your prospect has some free time or is on the move. This means that person listens to your podcast when he or she has intentionally created the time to do so. Their focus is on your message and this dramatically improves the possibility that you create a real connection with that person.

When you hear someone saying things you agree with, or mentioning that they have encountered the same problems you have, you begin to like and trust that person. Subconsciously, you connect better with an individual when you hear that person talk, rather than when you read something he or she wrote. This is why podcasts have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years.

When creating podcast content, you need to start thinking about the type of things that you want to talk about. It should be something which interests you, but there are many different ideas that you can use.

1. Make It Personal 

Talk about a personal story or experience. If you’re making a video podcast, do something daring such as a bungee jump or skydive and record the whole experience.

2. Be Topical

Many successful podcast formats are about what’s currently happening in their particular niche. Read the news and create podcast content about topics that are relevant to you and your audience. Use your own opinion to either promote your viewpoints or back up your opinions on what’s new. Remember that a podcast is like having your own radio show, but to a targeted audience who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

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3. Interviews

Don’t see everybody as just competition who can’t help you in any way. It’s better to make friends with the people who have similar or related podcast content to you. You can both work together promoting each other’s podcast. You can interview them for your podcast and they can interview you for theirs. That way, you both get exposure to new audiences. You can even interview your friends, family or local celebrities in your podcast. Bringing somebody else into the mix, even if it’s not anybody famous, can make your audio recordings more interesting.

4. How To Guides

Create some useful how-to guides on topics and tasks which people generally find difficult or boring. You can also create helpful checklists or cheatsheets that can accompany the podcast. These can be uploaded into the podcast notes and emailed to people who request them. It’s also a great way to build your email list.

5. Everyday Life

Look around you when you go out. Did something funny or unusual happen that you can talk about? Can you relate something that happened back to the niche of your podcast?

6. Ask Your Audience 

As your audience grows, don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they would like you to talk about in your future episodes. This gives you questions that are relevant to your audience, can help you come up with podcast content ideas, and shows your audience that you really care what they think and feel.

Planning Your Podcast Content

Without a solid plan for your next podcast, it’s difficult to stay on track. You don’t want your listeners to lose interest half way through the podcast. Also, since you will be creating a series of recordings, the most important thing is that people come back for the next one.

Planning your podcast content will also save you lots of time. Rather than panicking and wondering what you can talk about next or how you’re going to wrap it up and conclude, you’ll have a plan written out that you can follow.

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People want to hear what others have to say, especially when the voice they’re listening to solves a big problem, answers a nagging question, or reveals characteristics the listener can identify with. The majority of your competitors most likely don’t have a podcast and probably have no idea how to create one. This provides a golden opportunity to you as this is the perfect time to get involved with this unique marketing approach.

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